Sunday, 20 May 2007

Clever little darlings!

I thought I would show you what my little ones have been up to and I think you will agree they have done really well!
This is the dog that "Dorothy" stitched at The Fat Quarters when it was polling day. It is from a pattern by Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched. She and I made it into a cushion when we went back to The Fat Quarters last Saturday- her first time of using the electric sewing machine (which died a few days later - no connection!!!)

When "Daisy" and "Fred" saw it when we came back they decided that they wanted to do sewing too.

"Daisy" is sewing a flower (appropriately!!)

And this is what "Fred" is doing. He has never sewn before and calls the needle a "pin", the thread "string" and the stitches "bumps"! I'm really impressed with what he has done as he is only 4 and I only helped him by re-threading the needle (quite a few times!!!) He absolutely loves sewing and annoyed his big sisters by refusing to play with them because he wanted to get on with it!

And isn't he just absolutely gorgeous (or am I biased!!!!!)

I have been learning too:
This is the quilt I have decided to make as I want to learn how to "piece" blocks rather than my usual applique. I found the pattern in Australian Homespun 8.4 and the pattern is by Blackbird Designs.

I took it along to The Fat Quarters on thursday for my sewing group and Kim showed me how to make my very first star block

so I am quite pleased with myself and very excited as I have managed to order the sampler fabric used in the original design from America and it should be here soon. I just love any fabric that has writing or alphabets on - maybe it is a legacy of all my years of research!

P.S Monday 1pm IT'S HERE!

all beautifully tied with a ribbon.
These are all the new fabrics for the quilt (so far)

This has cheered me up as I've just spent a miserable morning shopping (unsuccessfully) for new work clothes. I even came to the conclusion that I hate clothes shopping more than I hate housework!

It confirms why I like fabric shopping so much more - new fabrics never make you feel fat and awkward and there are no unflattering mirrors in patchwork shops!!!


Juliann in WA said...

You all have been busy. Your new quilt is going to be beautiful!

Thimbleanna said...

You are certainly not biased -- Fred is indeed adorable! The children's projects are adorable too -- it looks like you are all having a wonderful time! They're obviously being taught by the master! ;-)

May Britt said...

How fun your children are doing stitchery. And they do pretty work too. Your housequilt is going to be beautiful. I got the book Home sweet home by Blackbird design and I want to make some houses from it.

The Fat Quarters said...

Hi Lucy
The photographs do the cushion justice, it is lovely. How is the machine? have you done any more stars on your quilt.
We have been inspired by your Blog and we now have one aswell you can link it from our website.
See you soon.
Kim The Fat Quarters

anne bebbington said...

Your star block looks super - a natural progression from applique - well done

katie said...

Hello! How funny that you found me via Australia! I live near Hexham...and work in Newcastle - where are you? email me!

caroline said...

Your children are so talented - I love their work.

Nicky said...

Lucy, your son is so sweet! I have taught kids to sew before and i find that after they get the hang of which side to stitch on i tie the thread to the needle with a knot so that this avoids so much re-threading! It is certainly useful when you are teaching lots of kids at once, but if you tie it too early and they are still at the tangling stage that can also be frustrating!
Your BBD quilt looks like it will be georgeous! Good luck with it, I definately have it on my to do list!

Lynn Delahunty said...

How wonderful all your children enjoy stitching!! I admire you for teaching them. And your son is gorgeous! I too have the little dog stitchery (love your cushion you made) and am currently stitching it for my son,who loves puppies. I am going to make it into a little hanging with his name on and put it on his befroom door. Love that Blackbird quilt - will look for the pattern in my Homespun mags when I get home from work tonight!
Happy stitching for all your family!

weirdbunny said...

Your patchwork is so neat, it lines up beautifully, did you hand sew or use the machine. I can only hand sew patchwork, so it's perfect for doing infront of the telly.

Your children have done so well with their sewing !!! Re- threading the needle for then I find is more frustrating that untieing the knots !

karenv said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Your children are all very talented - great cushions!

Melly said...

What a great job kids!!!! Absolutely fabulous - maybe I should try my 4 year old out?? I love all of your designs! So cute!

Ally said...

Very clever little darlings, as I am very biased being their aunty!

Thought I would spend time (of course time I never have) visiting your blog too.

Well done it looks great.

julie said...

Wow, your kids have talent! And you're right - your boy is gorgeous! I'm blown away by your quilting - it's a completely mysterious art to me but something I'd love to learn to do one day!

She'sSewPretty said...

All of your children are adorable. What a sweet little boy. Tell him I love his ladybug!