Monday, 7 May 2007

Dolls Story/Allotment

(Minnie does the sewing)

After visiting Melly and Me today I was inspired to find some old photos the children and I took last year so they could write "Dolls Story" (although it was never actually written!) - all but one of the dolls are from Rosalie Quinlan patterns so I must dedicate the first part of this post to her - keep up the good work Rosie I LOVE your designs!! I always try to make the children something for their birthdays so we do have quite a few rag dolls and quilts, and cushions, and blankets, and wall-hangings, and bags etc - and each year there are more!!

This is Minnie (because she is very small and because my wonderful and much missed Granny's middle name was Minnie - she would have been 102 this weekend!)

This is No.1 daughter's "Jemima" made for her 3rd Birthday
much loved and very useful when she is poorly!

Again a doll - "Becky" - for No.1 daughter - this time for her 8th birthday but wearing clothes made from a dress she was given for her 3rd birthday!

Now these dolls are definitely MINE - and I love them!

This one is "Adam-Friend" made for my littlest one's 3rd birthday
and named after his best friend at nursery - I didn't make the doggy though!

Finally we have Lolly - made for No.2 daughter's 5th birthday
ready to go on holiday with Becky.

We have spent the weekend at the allotment and it has been windy/sunny/rainy/warm and cold all at once! I planted out some climbing beans but the wind has pretty much killed them off so that was a bit silly of me but I did manage to pick this fantastic (!) bunch of radishes with my lovely clean hands!


Nadine said...

Cute, cute dolls, as well as a lovely featherweight !
Your radishes are yummy (we like them cut on fresh soft cheese, here), and your hands are beautiful and respectable, as all hands that work the ground to grow so many good veggies and fruit. You have my heartful, sincere admiration....

Kathy Wagner said...

I love all your little dolls...what wonderful keepsakes!
I don't think I have ever made a doll before...can you believe it?!?! I have missed out!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous dolls! so glad your kids love them. Thanks for your lovely comments on our blog. I look forward to reading your posts each time.

Nadine said...

Hi, Lucy !
I couldn't answer your mail, as you're set on "no-reply", so I'm doing it here..... "Featherweight" is the name given to those wonderful Singer sewing machines, like the one you show. I guess they date from the 1930/40's and are very much valued. Many of them are still working so good. Most quilters love sewing with them. These cute little pieces of art are cherished by their owners, and are of great value in antique shops... Sooo, enjoy yours and cherish it !

Hugs & smiles,

Anne Heidi said...

You've made some really lovely dolls! I like the idea of using outgrown clothing to make wonderful keepsakes! The radishes look good! We can't even think abouttrying to grow anything for another month... (that's life in the Norwegian mountains I guess LOL)

Leigh said...

Oh Jemima, she brings back happy memories from when my children were little.
You do lovely work :-)

Leigh said...

Thanks for the comment. Like Nadine I'm replying here as I can't email you. Sounds like your friends and mine would get along well :-) Hope your little boy feels better soon.

weirdbunny said...

YOur dolls are just perfect !! I love becky best. I've just got up, and you've got a clock on your blog how cool is that. So yeah it's 9.45 of something. The woodcutter took the kids to school for me. Feeling better noow though after a good sleep.
The book five people you meet in Heavan was okay, a quick read sort of book, but it was lacking in substance. I did enjoy it though, worth a read - love Julia x