Friday, 13 June 2008

Lovely Linaloo, lovely Lesley and Lucky Locket

As you have all been saying I am a very lucky Locket!

On Saturday, just as Fred was opening his presents, the Postie appeared with a parcel for ME from Lesley full of the most fantastic goodies!

She sent me a share of some gorgeous fabric that she had recently bought

and when I saw the bird one I was sooooooooooooooooo excited because I have been coveting this in various Etsy shops for ages - and amazingly (considering I speak to the poor girl so often) Lesley didn't even know I wanted it! I have plans to make it into a new messenger style bag with denim and pockets and things so I can use it and see it every day.

and then there were these gorgeous buttons

so pretty!

and then - if you can find it amongst my seriously mahoosive bunch of keys - there was this lovely key ring (which matches the pretty purse Lesley sent me a while ago that I use to carry my sewing around)

and finally, possibly even more excitingly, look at all these keyring blanks ready for me to customise to my heart's content!

Lesley also included a card thanking me for arranging the mini-quilt swap and for being her "very lovely and very silly friend" - thank you so much Lesley - the feeling is entirely reciprocated!

On Monday another exciting parcel arrived, this time all the way from Linaloo in Canada.

When I first mentioned doing a mini-quilt swap Lina said she would probably not be able to play but would be interested in doing a mini-mini-quilt swap directly with me. So in effect Lina is probably responsible for the whole extended Lucy Locket mini-Mini Quilt Swap - thanks Lina, it was a fantastic idea!!!

So I was obviously very excited to see what she had made - and it is gorgeous!

I just love those birds and the tree and the circles and how the birds ARE circles (with a little bit added) - it's just so deceptively simple and so very clever. And the colours are so happy and spring like - it's perfect!

Lina also included this wonderful embroidered fabric and a really pretty bookmark.

I immediately started planning a mini quilt in my mind using one of the embroidered flowers in the middle and then building it up log-cabin style with different cream and white fabrics with pearl buttons and cream embroidery etc - so if any of my swapees fancy a quilt like that then just let me know!!!

Thank you so much for my wonderful parcel Lina, and once again, thank you for sparking the initial idea of my mini-Mini-Quilt swap!

On Sunday I was idly wandering around Lesley's etsy shop and I wondered why on earth no one had bought her beautiful pink and grey felt purse. Then I looked at it more closely and saw the gorgeous lining fabric and was even more confused.

Finally it dawned on me - the reason no one had bought it yet was because they were kindly leaving it in the shop for ME to buy - obvious when you think about it!!!!

So I did.

(image borrowed from Lesley because my photo was rubbish!)

But, instead of fitting neatly through my letter box, the parcel from Lesley was sent back to the depot.

Why was that? It was only a little purse - my letter box isn't that small.

So I duly trotted off to the sorting office yesterday once I had regained the car from Mr Locket (fancy needing it for work!)

And look what was (very unsuccesfully) hiding behind the purse in my parcel

all of these gorgeous balls of crochet yarn! Lesley knows that even though I am only a newbie-crochet-er, I have discovered that I only really like crocheting toys in smooth or mercerised yarn rather than fluffy wool.

I think it is a control-freak thing - I like the knotty shapes that crochet makes (and no, that doesn't mean I've done it all wrong!) and mercerised cottons and smooth yarns show that off whereas soft and potentially fluff-able wool ends up getting, well, fluffy so you can't see the "pattern".

Anyway, I digress. Lesley found the yarn at a very good bargain price and knew how much I would like it so snapped it up! What a fabulous friend she is!

And finally, because I do listen to you all, I will leave you with some photos of the Should-Be-Famous-Lucy-Locket-Quilt-Wall

the only problem is that the display is getting so big it's really hard to photograph as it is in the hall and I can't get far enough away to fit all the quilts in - so I will leave you with a few photos and will go and have a re-think about where I am going to display these wonderful creations!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Lucy x


Krafty Keely said...

Lucy your wall looks fab I am sure it is the best dressed wall in the house.

dottydesigns said...

It's funny I was thinking about your quilt wall today, and wondering how it was progressing, it looks fabulous. i LOVE that birdie fabric, it's gorgeous. X

marit said...

Love that wall of quilts!

twiggypeasticks said...

Ohhh I love looking at all the loveliness on your blog. Your quilt wall is fantastic, and what a lovely bunch of parcels, I bet you look forward to seeing your postman :)
Twiggy x

monda-loves said...

all manner of lovely eye candy here Lucy. Your quilt from Lina is especially lovely, and I totally have fabric envy of the lovely bird fabric Lesley sent you.


Karol-Ann said...

Wow! What a wonderful wall of wicked wallhangings!

the pesky bombolino said...

Your quilt wall is so very beautiful, I bet your friends and family are impressed!

Jodie said...

You are such a tease- I was forcing myself to read everthing and not just skip to the pics to see if "The wall" was there.
It is just ! I am experiencing some very unnattractive feelings at the minute, envy, jealousy.....

quinn said...

when you envisioned your wonderful wall-o-quilts, did you imagine anything near as marvelous as the way it's growing?
All the quilters must be enjoying the "exhibition" as well! wish I could have joined in, but time was not on my I'll just appreciate the display!

Lissa Jane said...

woohoo @ quilt wall.. looking good lucypoo..
the fabric Linaloo sent you, I have a shirt made out of that! I was looking at the fabric thinking I have that fabric, and thought, no I dont buy textured fabric.. but had the ol' aha moment! wore the shirt yesterday! LOL

have a wonderful weekend...


Sarahs Home said...

Lucy the wall is looking wonderful. A belated Happy Birthday to your little ones, glad to see they enjoyed their birthdays. How is the Ladybird Club doing? I hope they are still earning their badges.
Sarah x

trashalou said...

Locket! Look at the loveliness (sp??).

Michaela said...

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! (To coin a phrase!) What a brilliant wall, oh I so wish it had been my idea, I love your wall. And I love the idea of a white quilt with beads and log cabins, so yes please, I'd love one of those.

Oh, I've already got my quilt, so requesting 2 is a bit greedy yes? (But they would so nice together!!!!!)

Simone said...

I love the bird fabric too! Everybody should have a quilt gallery in their house!

Lesley said...

Your quilt wall is looking fabulous Lucy and like Michaela I wish it had been my idea!!

So glad you like your goodies and I can't wait to see what clever things you do with them :)


April said...

Those mini quilts are amazing.

Your wall looks fabulous

April xx

Kitty said...

That quilt wall is so gorgeous! As for your parcels - wow - so much loveliness (and I agree that Lesley is loveliness all on her own). x

anne bebbington said...

Lucy - if you haven't got a scheme planned for my mini-quilt yet I'd love a cream and white mini made as you described - sounds lovely

wonderwoman said...

wow - your wall looks great - what a lucky girl - the fabric you received is lovely - i have a fat quarter with chooks on - if you would like it let me know and i'll pop it in the post.

French Knots said...

Your quilt wall is looking AMAZING!!

quiltdude said...

You're quilt wall is looking good enough for royalty now. I'm so going to have to find a way to come visit your house.
And then I'll steal some of the goodies people have been sending you......not really, but I wouldn't mind just touching them for a while. (I know all you crafty people out there understand the need to stroke fabric and yarn, I'm not nuts)

Sal said...

Your wall of quilts is fabulous!;-)

Charlie P said...

Oh wow Lucy, the quilt wall just keeps getting better and better! I love that birdy fabric Lesley sent you and the mini quilt from Lina is beautiful. I love the quilted circles and of course the birds :)

Lina said...

Love the wall Lucy, it looks amazing and is so well deserved. What an amazing bunch of blogging mates you have!

Thimbleanna said...

How fun Lucy! Don't you just love your new quilt wall? And do the little Lockets like it? What a fun thing to be able to show their friends when they come over -- quilts from all over the world. BTW, can you give me swap quilt guidelines?

Cele said...

The quilt wall looks Great. Love the new flower purse :)

Annie said...

Oh Lucy, the quilt wall is looking FANTASTIC!!!!! I loved reading all your news and I especially loved that bird fabric too. Lucy Lucy indeed.

upstateLisa said...

I love all the quilts on your wall. I have to start hanging mine. How do you hang them????
I looove Lina's gift to you! very cute!

Monkee Maker said...

Wow, masses of gorgeousness in this post!

Your wall of quilts is looking stunning, you must be chuffed.

And equally chuffed with that pretty flower purse. Well, of course I wanted it when I saw it in Lesley's shop, but as I currently have about 18 purses languishing round the house, I thought I'd leave it for you. So your theory is right.


tintocktap said...

Wow - just caught up with your quilt wall photos - fantastic! I want one too - a whole wall of quilts, not just a single quilt. Once again I say it, I really must give quilting a go. Any book recommendations for a beginning quilter?