Tuesday, 10 June 2008

They came from a land down under

Well sorry for making you all wait so long to see my wonderful goodies but unfortunately Mr Locket had the car yesterday and the camera was in the glove compartment and then when I was ready to take pics today the battery was flat!!! I wasn't trying to be particularly mean, honest!

So finally here are my goodies from the land down under

First up is my quilt from Annie

I just love Aunty Cookie's cookie people and that music fabric is beautiful - and what I just noticed today when I was photographing it is that Annie has made the music staves join up so they run smoothly across the quilt - she's a clever thing!

Annie sent me all these gorgeous fabrics including some ladybird gingham which will be great to make things for the Little Lockets and some more Aunty Cookie peeps!

and she also included this gorgeous rose and a beautiful embroidered and beaded heart

Thank you so much Annie - I love every bit of my parcel from you and especially my quilt - it is FABULOUS!!!!!

Next up in this amazing parcel was my quilt from Jodie - when we had talked about what I might make for her and vice versa I said I would just like something that her "Ric-Rac humour" - and I think I got it don't you???

This quilt just makes me laugh so much - I love it - and it is so Jodie!

And then Jodie also sent me some wonderful Aunty Cookie fabric - I hadn't realised I had sent those "I ADORE Aunty Cookie fabric" vibes so loudly - I was squealing with excitement as I opened each parcel from these wonderful girls (because guess what Rachel sent me too!)

look I even got the knitting one I longed for! But I'm not sure if the skipping child is AC or not?

and then there were these beautiful charm squares too!

and two of Jodie's cards - I am even more amused than ever about the tape measure one after Jodie's tape measure purse tutorial where she tells us to get some tape measures from our "tape measure collection"!

Thank you so much Jodie - I love everything!

Finally there was my parcel from Rachel with the most beautifully embroidered stitchery!

You have to look at it closely because Rachel's stitches are tiny weeny and so very very neat - I am in awe of how well she does it and those colours are gorgeous!

Look at the label on the back too

it's good enough to be on the front! How do I get to see both sides at once????

And as I mentioned before, Rachel also sent me some Aunty Cookie peeps - and this one has my absolute favourite that just makes me laugh every time I think about it

"Who you callin' a fat quarter?"

And she included these lovely blocks that I can't wait to use - especially the little tiny ones which are the same size as the squares around my stitchery from her.

Thank you so much Rachel - you are a complete star!

So my Ballarat pals have sent me the most incredible parcel don't you think? And I will leave you with Jodie's quilt label

because I agree with it - as far as I am concerned this has been the most "incredible Lucy Locket mini quilt swap"!!!!

And come back next time to see my goodies from Lesley and the wonderful quilt that arrived yesterday from Lina! I love the post!


marit said...

WOW! You're one lucky lady! Love the quilts. ALL of them!!! (about time you posted a new picture of your wall...?)

Charlie P said...

Not ONLY have you acquired three quilts which are ALL absolutely beautiful, you've managed to get yourself a nice stash of Aunty Cookie fabric too. Lucky Lucy :)

Lesley said...

Being original here - WOW!!! What wonderful quilts - they are all absolutely gorgeous and I can hardly begin to imagine how excited youmust have been to open that parcel!!

Fabulous fabric goodies too - those Aunty Cookies are amazing!

JuliaB said...

Fabulous. I am still in a state of complete awe over your bravery in taking on the production of 22 quilts, mini or not!! amazing!

quiltdude said...

Lucy, your newest mini quilts are just bloomin fabulous. Now I understand why you are making 22 to send back because I want one from everyone too.
And all that Aunty Cookie fabric to boot, you so deserve it all.
X Clare

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow Lucy!!! You're getting some fabulous quilts and goodies there. Very well deserved I might add. And how lucky that you've received that knitting fabric -- I've lusted after it myself LOL!

wonderwoman said...

oh my god! what some wonderful quilts - you are one lucky girl! they are all fantastic but the stitchery one was to die for - what an amazing gift! you'll have to get one of those glass frames and then you can see both sides!

Jodie said...

Hey Lucy, So glad that you liked your quilt and you deserve each and every thread of those goodies. You are the queen of swap organisation and like everyone else I am now dying to see a wall update.

Annie said...

Oh Lucy, I'm glad they all arrived safely. I enjoyed opening all the parcels with you and loved it all too. I'm so happy you squealed with delight, as that's what I did when I saw the one you sent Jodie. Happy sewing with your new fabric.

Blossom said...

wow...what gorgeous quilts!!!!
and so many lovely goodies too.....

eileen said...

I just loved seeing all your goodies!

Rachelmp said...

I'm glad they have arrived Lucy! I can't wait to see them on the wall. Enjoy your extra fabrics and show us what you have made! x Rachel

Eve said...

Again, Not original...WOOOOOW, I love them. Have just been looking at those Auntie Cookie fabric elsewhere...want some..not sure what for, but want some.
Lucky girl to have received such wonderful quilt AND fabric too

periwinkle said...

Lovely quilts and goodies, is your wall going to be big enough?
Lisa x

Gina said...

Speechless! Such amazing bloggy talent and lovliness in the quilts and goodies. I can just imagine your excitment!

Patti said...

What wonderful wonderful quilts.

Have you finished all of yours yet?

trashalou said...

Oh Locket. :-( I am slinking off to cry.

Jenny said...

You are certainly a lucky duck!!!They are gorgeous quilts and lots of goodies too-no wonder you were squealing! Can't wait to see that wall of quilty goodness!

Chookyblue...... said...

such lovely mini quilts from the girls............

Katy said...

those gals down under know how to create beautiful things, don't they?!
Wow wow wow!!!

I love aunty cookie too, in fact I love all the aussie fabric designers. How come they got to be so clever? Must be the sunshine...

(btw. the skipping fabric is sprout design...DON'T look for them on the internet, you will end up broke...I've warned you)

Kitty said...

Oh my word - such wonderful talent on display here. You are a very lucky blogger (mind you, I've seen the things you've been sending and they are also gorgeous!)


silverpebble said...

So so beautiful - genuine little works of art - and none of them would exist without your swap - how fantastic! How many mini quilts total have resulted from the swap?

Never heard of Aunty Cookie before but she's clearly a fine lady.

upstateLisa said...

You sure are a lucky lady? Do you know how Jodie 'wrote' that little bubble on the quilt and the face and hands... are they machine sewn? It looks that way! WOW to everything!!!

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely quilts, lovely stuff, lucky lady :)
Twiggy x

tillyboo said...

What an amazing achievement ! Some beautiful quilts made and received. I've just been onto the Flickr photostream and it all looks might impressive. Well done !!!

Rachael Rabbit said...

Wow - you must want to run to the post box each morning to see what has arrived next ... I LOVE Rachel's label - what amazing detail!

X em X said...

maybe ur right from what u said on de fone!!!
the mini quilts are just right for u. hav u had any quilts wid buttons on yet?
the fabric looks great together

hav fun dot, hope u enjoy it.

lots of luv em xx

soz half of that waz in txt speak

Sal said...

Wow ...who's a lucky thing then?!! Wonderful stuff! ;-)