Friday, 6 June 2008

The next generation

In anticipation of Fred's 6th birthday tomorrow I thought I would share one of his birthday presents with you - the first in a series of stories written specially for him by big sister Dorothy...........

Fred's Space Adventure!

Fred had always wanted to be an astronaut and now he could! The whole adventure started when Fred, Mummy and Daddy went to a space launch.

“Can I go on one of the rockets?” asked Fred.

“Of course you can Fred,” Daddy replied “But don’t go on the 624ZT it’s going to set off soon!” But Fred didn’t hear the last bit he had already ran off!

Unfortunately Fred went on the 624ZT. He put on the suit, buckled himself in and pretended to be an astronaut. Suddenly Fred heard the cry: 5…4…3…2…1…BLAST OFF! Then Fred found himself blasting off in to space!

When Fred finally landed, he found himself on a brand new planet! Fred just couldn’t believe his eyes! He got out his digital camera and started to take photos of everything he saw.

Then Fred saw something VERY strange. Something that humans have wondered about for years. Fred saw an alien!

The alien had five eyes- three on antennae and two on his face, eight legs, a curvy mouth, millions of twiggy arms and slimy green skin!

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!” Fred screamed and ran. But unfortunately for Fred he fell down a hole! He screamed again. Then something came down the hole, it was a twig! Fred grabbed hold of the twig and pulled himself out of the hole. Fred stood up and realised that it wasn’t a twig it was the alien’s arm!

“GobbylafongGib. Sudolagisabelashu?” said the alien.

“What?!” asked Fred puzzled.

“Oh, sorry! I was talking in Globglob there. I said that my name was Gib and asked you who you where.” replied the alien.

“Oh right my name’s Fred and I come from Earth,” replied Fred”

Suddenly there was a beeping sound, Gib pulled out a device which looked like a plastic ear on string and started to talk in Globglob to someone on the other end. Gib put away the plastic ear, which Fred later found out was called an “I can ‘ear you device” and told Fred that he was taking him to the king of all aliens.

The king looked exactly like Gib but then all aliens did. The king told Fred that he would let him go as long as he didn’t tell anyone about them.

“But can I tell my Mummy and Daddy?” asked Fred “It’s just they’ll want to know where I’ve been.”

The king rolled his five eyes. “Of course you can tell your Mummy and Daddy!” he replied “Oh and by the way you can call this planet anything you want.”

“I know!” shouted Fred “Planet McKelvey! After my surname!”

Later on Fred got in to the 624ZT and got ready to go.

“5…4…3…2…1…BLAST OFF!” shouted Gib and Fred blasted off in to space.

“Bye Gib! Bye planet McKelvey! See you soon!”

That evening Fred told Mummy and Daddy about Gib and planet McKelvey. But of course like all parents they didn’t believe a word!


How cool is that?????

More home made present news tomorrow hopefully (if I get them finished!) - and of course the eagerly awaited Charlie P creation - I can't wait for Fred to see that!

In other news I am pleased to say that 6 of my mini quilts have safely arrived in their new homes - I will upload some pictures soon.

Off now to have some quality time with good old Mr Locket - we are going to have coffee and book browse in peace at Borders this morning before coming back to organise everything for Fred's party tonight and birthday tomorrow!

Have a good day!

Lucy x


eileen said...

Very cute story! And wonderful illustrations. You have an artist there for sure. The birthday weekend is going to be such fun!
Have a nice morning at the bookstore. Can't wait to see all the new mini quilts :)

quiltdude said...

How sweet is that story? What a lovely pressie to treasure for years. Can't wait to see the gifts inspired by Charlie P.
Enjoy your book browsing.
Clare x

Lesley said...

What a fantastic story and great illustrations - clever Dorothy!!!

I hope the party goes well and that you enjoy your pre-party date with Mr Locket - just hope your rather excited mini- quilt induced squealing hasn't sent him scurrying back to work!


Simone said...

What a great story. She had me gripped. I am glad the aliens were friendly. I am looking forward to seeing more quilts up on that wall. Have a fun birthday weekend!

Charlie P said...

What a brilliant story! I particularly like the inclusion of the "I can 'ear you device"! Genius.

Good luck with preparations for Fred's birthday, I expect your green house-guest will be getting excited too ;)

Hope you and Mr.L enjoy your coffee, I'm off to see if I can spot your quilts on other blogs...

p.s. you've accidentally (I presume) changed Fred's name near the bottom!

Kitty said...

Wow - what a great story from Dorothy. Planet McKelvey sounds like a friendly place!

Hope the party goes really well, and that young Fred has a very VERY happy birthday! x

Thimbleanna said...

Very cool indeed! I especially love that last line about parents not believing a word -- very cute!!!

periwinkle said...

that is just excellent, I think you've got yourself an authoress in the making. Love the ' I can ear you ' Happy Birthday Fred
Lisa x

April said...

What a fantastic story!

April xx

Kaz said...

Aaaww great story and pictures. I love it when they write them.

Happy Birthday Fred for tomorrow. No doubt you have a very excited boy on your hands tonight!!


Jane said...

Well done Dorothy, your story was brilliant. I hope Fred likes it and has a fantastic birthday tomorrow Love Jane x

wonderwoman said...

what a sweet story! i just wanted to thank you for your kind comments and encouragement. i must admit that when i started i didn't think it was so involved but am having fun so far.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fab story, you obviously have lots of my genes! (Dot I mean). Peter and Emma will like it too. I will get them to read it l8r.

Peter just off to Sweatbox (what a name) and Em and I are waiting for Granny and Grandpa to arrive for the weekend. John is on his was back from Italy.

Got to go now - G & G just arrived.

Have a good time with Fred's birthday tomorrow.


Ally x

em said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY fred 4 2morrow
that was a great story dot fred will love it
g+g r here now and mums takeing ped 2 sb(sweatbox)
talk 2 u soon em x

granny chickens said...

well done Dot, that is a splended story.
Lots of love from granny chickens.xx

dottydesigns said...

Happy birthday fred have a good day tomorrow x

silverpebble said...

Dorothy's story and the illustrations are pure magic and so funny - love the bit about the twig that was an arm and the 'ear device - brilliant.

Every one of your quilts is a smasher - loving the rotund gardening bottom....

Good booky date at Borders? Hope Fred's party goes with a swing. Have a lovely weekend.

Gina said...

What a brilliant story - I laughed so much at the "I can 'ear you device." Hope you've had a good day with Mr L today and that Fred's party goes well tonight. And of course... HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRED!!!!

est said...

a very adventure creative story indeed!!!! good job little lockets!! :)

JuicyFig said...

Wonderful! brill story, lovely illustrations - what could be nicer?

ps - the alien language seamed fairly familliar - sure I spoke it once after a particularly good night out! hehehe