Saturday, 21 June 2008

Return of the Little Locket and More Minis

So, yes, she came back - and Mr Locket and I were very very pleased to see her!

So were the other little Lockets
(don't worry, I'm not going to go all "perfect family" on you - it wasn't long before they were all arguing!)

and her bedroom looked fantastic by the time I had finished with it - such a shame about the rest of the house though!

Dorothy has the smallest room in the house and it really is tiny but it is my favourite of all our rooms and I keep telling her that I am having it for a sewing room when she goes to University! I mean, who wouldn't love a room that has built in bookshelves like this..............

Dorothy is an incredible reader and has probably read more of the classic childrens' literature - Little Women, Heidi, Black Beauty, The Secret Garden, What Katy Did Next etc by the age of 10 than I have ever read - and the modern literature she reads is really impressive too. I just love lying on her bed looking up at her books and reading all the titles.

In mini-quilt swap news I can now show you the 9 of mine that have safely arrived at their new homes

Top Row: Annie, Lesley, Michaela
2nd Row: Katy, Lina, Est
3rd Row: Lissa, Jodie, Val

I now have 4 more in progress including this one for Kate

and this one for Trashy

which only leaves another 10 to start from scratch!

I spent a while this afternoon writing scarily complicated tables of all the things I need to make - commisions, mini-quilts, PIF gifts, presents and my Russian Doll Swap - I am now feeling rather panicked! I'm not quite sure how I am going to get it all done! And then there's the chaos and mess masquerading as our house and our jungle-like front and back gardens - not to mention the allotment - and at some point I really need to get a job - anyone got any good ideas?????


Lesley said...

You don't need a job - you need a fantastic book deal to enable you to carry on with what you're doing!!

So glad Dot is home safe and sound and you can tell her from me I have a severe case of bedroom envy - her bed is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Have a lovely weekend and I'll nag you through your list so don't worry will all get done :)

Fab mini-quilt montage by the way.


Charlie P said...

I have bedroom envy! Beautiful bed and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her built in bookshelves. There's just something about whole walls of books that is really appealing.
Great quilt montage. I have to say, my favourite is Jodie's. I just love the colours and the idea behind it.
Good luck with all the sewing etc! My mum sent me some job links which included being a guinea pig in medical experiments :s ...but I don't suppose you'd fancy that.

trashalou said...


Gina said...

What a lovely welcome home for Dot and I think her bedroom looks fantastic! It probably won't help a bit but I have just written a list of all my jobs and I feel like hiding in a hole - plus I've got Open Studios in three weeks and I can't actually see my dining room under all the clutter and mess and that is where I usually exhibit everything! Plus I'm working three days next week... so you're not alone!!!!

Simone said...

I am glad that your little Locket is back safe and sound. You can breathe a sigh of relief now. 10 more quilts to make? That will be a doddle for you!

Michaela said...

1. Delegate
2. Win lottery
3. Buy goat to clear front and back garden
4. Make sure it's a cashmere type goat
4. Comb lovely cashmere from goat
5. Learn how to spin
6. Remember all the mini quilts that you'd forgotten about and panic because you love your new found skill of spinning so much that nothing else has got done.

See, I'm just so much help aren't I?

quinn said...

My suggestion? Pour a glass of wine and relax on your (grown-up) daughter's bed, and enjoy gazing at your (I mean "her") bookshelves! ;)

Sarahs Home said...

Glad to hear that Miss Locket is home safe and sound and had a great time. It is nice when children enjoy books and are encouraged to do so.
Cant help with the job I am afraid, I guess the only advice I could give is to do something that you really really want to do..

Sarah x

Jodie said...

Lucy - you don't have time for a job!

Dyan said...

The shelves are amazing. I'd love shelves like that. As it is, my little library of books is becoming too big for my bookshelf. Take your list one step at a time so you don't feel too overwhelmed. And about the job - well, look at all the good you have now just being able to create freely.
P.S. - the mini quilts are such sweet. Love them.

periwinkle said...

You can relax now she's home, her room might be tiny but its lovely. That is a long list of things to do but I'm sure you will manage :-)
lisa x

anne bebbington said...

Yes isn't it amazing how little time it actually takes when one returns before they start up with the squabbles - same in our house on Friday when Lou returned from the IOW - as for your 'to do' list - panic not - just knock them off one at a time - you'll come to the end eventually :o)

Kitty said...

So glad Dot is home - did she have a wonderful time? Her room is stunning.

What you need Locket, is a wife to sort out all those 'doings' for you ;-)


Lorraine said...

Ha are going to have her room when she goes to can't cope without her for a week....she will have to go to a uni where she can still live at her room......and all the books....and your mini quilts are delightful...glad Dorothy made it back into the fold ok....always a wrench when they first start little solo flights away from the nest....

X em X said...

wow dot's bedroom looks really great/different.
did dot hav a good time away?
the quilts look really cool. which wall are they on?
luv em xx
P.S. did i tell you i finshed the crossing of ingo about 1 or 2 weeks ago. it was really great, there waz more about the dad, he....
thanks 4 it, at least it was on time!! joking

Sal said...

Ah, but did you know that going to Uni does not mean they stay away for good...there are still the holidays! And they are quite long holidays too!! Methinks you need to rethink that one! ;-)

katelnorth said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, a mini quilt for me in progress :)

I agree about Dorothy's bedroom - it's fab.

Jenny said...

Glad your daughter is back safe and sound. Those quilts are so lovely:)

dottycookie said...

What a lovely room - wish I had one like that. I'm glad Dot is home dafely, and I bet she had a fun time!

And as for a job - there aren't enough hours in the day ;-)

(I am very excited today as I have actually started sewing your quilt - steady!)

eileen said...

Dorothy's room is so dreamy. I bet you had a lovely time cleaning it while she was away for a week.

You'll get used to her leaving and coming back. Mine is 27, and still doing it. :)

Katy said...

welcome home little locket!!!!!

I am incredibly jealous of those bookshelves (and probably the books too!!!)

silverpebble said...

Dot's room looks like something out of Country Living - a room to die for - didn't see it before but it's stunning now.

Lovely sneak previews of even more quilts. All those little quilts look beautiful together.

It's time for a bit of Russian Doll action this week hopefully...

Thimbleanna said...

What a great homecoming for Dot -- she must feel very loved. I love the picture of the smaller Lockets giving her a big hug. And what a fantastic bedroom -- gosh, if I ever come to visit, can I just sit with you on her bed and admire those books? I love all those books you've mentioned.

You're so lucky your kids love books -- both hubby and I are readers, but we couldn't get our boys very interested. They just wanted me to do all their reading to them! Lovely, lovely quilts Miss Lucy -- now you must take a breather -- get those little Ladybugs to help you and take a bit of time off -- then you'll be refreshed for another round!

nicky said...

Love those minis! They are amazing. I have no ideas on the job but i reccomend you cross teaching off the list. There will be inadequate time left for crafting, take it from me.