Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The list is getting shorter!!!!

Good news! The list is getting shorter!

I have finished the mini quilts for Trashy, Kate and Anne and will be putting them in the post on Friday by which time I should have finished Leanne's as well. Rachel's is on hold because I am unhappy with it - I think I may have to start again with a different plan :o(

I have also finished the top priority for this week which was one of my Betty Bunnies for a first birthday this weekend. The little birthday girl has a very sensible mother who really appreciates my work! I made her this quilt when she was about 6 months old using all her first baby clothes and the spare curtain from her bedroom

then I made this doll for a Christening present from one of her relatives

this doll for Christmas using one of her special dresses

and this Christening bunny

and this Christening doll

for two of her little friends - again using their clothing

I really, really can't say how much I LOVE making toys for little people using the clothes they used to wear - it just makes me so happy! So I was delighted when her mum asked me to make her a bunny using this dress

and these dungarees for its clothes

The clothes are from NEXT and are really lovely quality needlecord - probably far too good to be cut up, but a wonderful momento of the little girl's early days. I was especially pleased to get the dress as I had been coveting the green version on another friend's 18 month old but had been told to keep my scissors to myself as it needed to be passed on to her little cousin!

And here is what I made

a happy Betty Bunny with her very own quilt (made out of the scraps of clothes I had left from the bunny and the baby quilt) to match her little owner's!

I'm particularly pleased with the dress as it has retained some of the original details including the hem, embroidery, back button plackets and the false pockets on either side.

When I showed my friend the bunny and the quilt (which is a birthday present for her little girl from me) she seemed really pleased.

Another person who took rather a shine to Miss Bunny was young Master Magnus

In fact, he liked her so much that he really didn't want to let her go................................

which is a shame really as he is heading off to Canada at the end of the week and Miss Bunny will be happily residing in North East England - maybe they can email each other?


Kitty said...

Blinkin' brilliant work, Locket! I can quite see how toys wearing tiddler's clothes would bring a tear to the eye. I've kept some of the smalls' little things - ones with which I couldn't bear to part.

Well done on rocketing through that list! Would you like to do mine next? :-D


the vicious chicken said...

That's brilliant, Lucy - you're a very talented sewist! I love how you use children's clothes to dress the very special toys you make... and the little blanket you made for the bunny was a lovely touch, too :o)

periwinkle said...

well done you, the bunny is just great and I think it's a lovely idea for the little quilt
lisa x

trashalou said...

WOW Locket! That is a seriously fabulous bunny. Are yo taking orders?

marit said...

You're one clever lady- everything looks faboulous!

Kaz said...

Oh Lucy that is one fab set of birthday gifts you've made there and what a brill idea to use baby clothes.

You've excelled yourself so have a pat on the back (or how about a glass of vino) to celebrate.


dottydesigns said...

aww I LOVE Magnus.
can't he come and live with me, he looks like he gives the best hugs in the world. pretty please? x p.s. he'd be good friends with monkee and I'm sure he'd like to travel in a campervan!!

monda-loves said...

Mrs Locket, you astound me with your ability to create such lovely things in such short spaces of time. I love the new bunny you made, very sweet, and totally in the spirit of 'recycled her pocket' too. Fab :o)


Levin (and Emily) said...

i love the bunny you made - i love the idea of using old baby clothes. if only i had my time over again! perhaps i should make emily a quilt using her current clothes!!

Carol VR said...

I love those sewn monkeys you've been showcasing. I'd be curious to know where I could obtain the pattern.

Jodie said...

Dear Ms locket, It has come to our attention that you no longer have the ability to sleep. Concerned crafters everywhere are extremely jealous of your productivity and right this moment are massing against you , to hold you down and tell you to STOP! (or at least pause a little every now and then so we can keep up)!

est said...

WOW!! lucy you are so superwoman to have shorten the list on such a short time!!! keep it up!! and your quilt is on the way! :)

nicolette said...

How many hours do you have in a day? It’s amazing how many projects you’re working on! I love all that you’ve made out of the children’s clothes. Wonderful stuff Lucy!!

Lesley said...

Fabulous work Locket!!What a very lucky little girl to have all those very special Lucy Locket creations!
Betty Bunny is gorgeous and the mini-quil is such a lovely idea - no wonder her Mum cried!!

Enjoy your day at the allotment :) xxxx

Gina said...

This is amazing work Lucy. I love the way you incorporate the baby clothes - just fabulous! Pleased your list is getting shorter too. Mine seems to be increasing - along with the piles of dirty washing while I wait for my new machine to be delivered!

French Knots said...

So much Locket loveliness! I don't know which is the most scrummy - the quilt, the bunny..what a super sewer!x

Leanne said...

You are very clever Lucy I really love the quilt.... How cute a magnus /bunny hug on the stairs.

JuicyFig said...

oooh, they are all so lovely!

I sooo wanted to collect 18 years of cloths for my daughter a quilt, and never got around to it!


Michaela said...

I want them all! They are so very beautiful - but please send Mr Magus to me. He really doesn't want to go to Canada I'm sure!

April said...

They are soo gorgeous!! I love them

I would love one of those bunnies for my girl C... but first I'd have to find all the right clothes

April xx

Katy said...

bloomin heck lady - you've been busy. I don't think you sleep. They are truly amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

you could just have a baby in order to have the quilt - it's so lovely. on second thoughts ... i'll just have the quilt! i love the dollies and bunny too but think that the monkey should keep his paws off bunny. she looks too innocent for any rumpy pumpy.

Chloe said...

Such a lovely idea using up the child's clothes.
That quilt is beautiful.

Ickle Pickle said...

Wow, you must run on diesel, how busy have you been :) They are all utterly gorgeous :)

silverpebble said...

Gorgeous bunny and her wardrobe is inspired. Such a lovely memento. That little quilt is a really magic keepsake too. So clever.

Mama de Saga said...

The Bunny is adorable and with the quilt, what a treasure! I love how the bunny's dress turned out.
Beautiful work!