Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Rainy Tuesday

It always amazes me how much the weather can affect my mood. When it is sunny or bright I naturally feel optimistic, when it is grey and rainy I feel grey and dispirited too. I know that is pretty obvious and a fairly universal reaction to the weather but I wish there was an easy way to change it!

So today it is raining. The children are all at school and the house is very quiet but still messy and I feel flat.

But you don't really want to know that so I have decided to do a positive blog and see if it lifts my mood - you never know, I might even put some music on and make a cup of tea too!

As always I have a gazillionty projects on the go at the moment. It is my little baby Fred's 6th birthday on Saturday (I can't believe he is going to be so grown up!) so I have my usual collection of birthday presents to make for him - sorry no pictures just in case he spots them. I also have some orders for bunnies and dolls to be getting on with (and I really should get on with them!) and loads of little bits of stitching and crochet that I am playing with.

The latest quilt swap news is that Est of My Cuppa Charms over in Malaysia has been the first to receive one of my mini-quilts so I can show you what I made her

this little quilt is made up of 2 inch squares with tiny hearts appliqued on - I just love these 30s colours but don't look too closely because I'm sure my seams don't match up properly!

Hopefully Jodie, Lissa and Lina will receive theirs in the next couple of days as I sent them at the same time as Est's.

I have another 5 nearly finished for posting this week so dotted around this post are some sneaky peeks for Katy, Lesley, Annie, Michaela and Val - I hope you like them but I'm not saying whose is whose yet!

And in the last couple of days I have started two more. One for Rachel and finally one for my official swap partner Leanne (sorry for the delay!!)

This should hopefully mean that I am nearly half way through my mammoth challenge to make 22 mini quilts (I must be insane!)

I really must be insane as I have also signed up to Katy's Russian Doll Swap - can't wait to see who my partner is!

Oh and don't forget about the 11 PIF gifts I need to make and send.......................!

But I will leave you today with something I am very very proud of

Beautifully stitched by my beautiful Dorothy - this is the very first time she has tried blanket stitch, chain stitch and fly stitch - hasn't she done brilliantly?


Marie said...

I totally agree about the weather. It's depressing. What happened to the sun?? On the other hand, at least you're at home, where the crafty projects live.... I'm in work and have to content myself with reading about other people's craftiness :) See, there's always someone worse off than you ;)

Fab stitching on the little purse. Very cute, what a great job.

Wishing you a little sunshine for this afternoon.....


tintocktap said...

What is it about rainy days? We're having a grumpy Mummy and baby day here today, both of us with colds.
I'm completely in awe of your mini quilts - they look gorgeous. I've been saying for a couple of years that I really need to learn quilting. I wonder when/if I'll ever find the time to actually do it?

Simone said...

Well done Dorothy - you are taking after your Mum for talent. Well done Mum too on the enormous set of tasks you have set yourself. I am fed up today. I got out the sewing machine for the first time in years, practiced with the tension etc on paper, got disheartened and packed it away again. Time for some lunch now methinks!

Kitty said...

It has been chucking it down here since yesterday evening ... hasn't stopped for a minute :-( So depressing.

Dorothy is going to be a star at stitching - that's a wonderful purse. I wonder from where she gets that talent? ;-) x

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Like Mother, Like Daughter as the saying goes, watch out Lucy, you may have to take a back seat. The only good thing this weather is for is staying in and stitching.

Janet McKinney said...

I love the quilts you have made - well done
Janet McKinney

Charlie P said...

Oh dear, get some Tom Jones on- that always cheers me up (embarrassingly enough)!
I love Est's mini quilt (definitely not wonky!), the colours are so pretty.
I'm incredibly impressed by Dorothy's stitching too, it's very neat. I still struggle with chain stitch but it looks like she has no problems at all :)

Hope the weather gets less grey and wet. Knowing Tyne and Wear I can't see that happening anytime soon but it does mean one good thing- welly weather!

Annie said...

Lucy, I hope you are feeling better a little bit by now. I know that down in the dumps feeling, but I would just LOVE to be at home while the kids were at school. That sounded like heaven to me. Perhaps just a few too many things on the go, and feeling overwhelmed. It will pass. I got an excited email from Jodie tonight saying that your mini quilt arrived. Can't wait to see it tomorrow.

trashalou said...

I am just sooooo tired - I am completely done with this weather! Hang on! I've lived in Engerland far too long - I sound like a native!

Beautiful work on the part of Miss Dorothy there and v. cute pic of young Fredders.

Must go now, eyes drooping.....

corry said...

The bird purse is absolute fabulous, well done Dorothy!
Lucy I believe I missed out a bit on reading your blog.....but 22 miniquilts??? Wow, that's a lot!! I scroll down and love the ones you made so far and also the recieved ones are so pretty hanging on your wall!
You're a busy girl, Lucy!

silverpebble said...

Blimey, how many mini quilts can one woman possibly make?

That little embroidered bird purse is so lovely - the fly stitch makes perfect little feathers. Clever lass.

I recommend 'Monkey Man' by the Specials, 'Shine', Take That 'Valerie' Amy Winehouse, 'LDN' Lily Allen for cheering you up - all on iTunes. Miss P is addicted to 'Monkey Man' at the moment and calls it 'her song'. Good bottom wiggling for a rainy day.

Juliann in WA said...

I love that bluebird! Well done Dorothy! Hope you get a peek at the sunshine today.

secret said...

your family is soooooooo crafty!

Kaz said...

Dorothy has done a fantastic job of that purse, I can sense a Dorothy etsy sale coming on!!

I'm with you with the weather, as I tend to want to clean my flat when the sun is shining and veg on the sofa when it's manky, like it is today. Can you guess where I am?

That hearty quilt is gorgeous, can't wait to see the whole versions of those sneaky peeks.


dottycookie said...

Well done Dorothy - a clever girl, like her mum!

I am sick and tired of this weather too - I dropped Tiny Small off for her much-longed for (her, not me!) first session at playgroup and trudged home through the rain feeling so fed up I nearly went back and scooped her up!

Oh, and Lucy - all the mini quilts look lovely but I haven't finished yours yet, eeeeeek!

the pesky bombolino said...

Oh Dorothy, that is so beautiful, you must look after it, I'm sure your Mum will treasure it forever x

Dyan said...

Beautiful mini quilts. I keep promising myself that'll I'll make my first quilt this year and yours was such an inspiration.
Lots of Hugs,

quiltdude said...

Hope your smile has returned even thought the sun has not!! What you need now is the postman to bring lots of parcels all with free things inside, that would bring you up again.
When I'm under the weather (literally under that grey cloud) I like to put on a girlie film, grab some knitting and chocolate and just switch off, nearly always works.
XX Clare

Gina said...

I hope that lovely post cheered you up (this weather is enough to get anyone down!)That little purse is gorgeous - a very clever Dorothy indeed - no wonder you are proud. Lovely sneeky peeks of the mini quilts!

eileen said...

I don't know about you, but that blog sure brightened my rainy day! Thanks Lucy :)

AnnieB said...

I'm fed up too - but you have cheered me somewhat with a view of that gorgeous quilt you made Est - I love 30s fabrics and that is teh perfect way to use them. Also cheering is Dorothy's lovely purse. She's gonna be very good that girl (she already beats me into a tin hat!)

Thimbleanna said...

Ah dear Lucy -- you ARE mad with all those projects -- what a fun girl you are! Love Dorothy's little birdy project -- just wonderful! It's rainy here today too and very depressing -- but mostly because my blog is worse than ever and now they've even shut down my e-mail. Soon it will be time for my daily call to customer un-support -- sure wish the sun would come out!

Lesley said...

Yucky stinky rain here too and to add insult to injury it resulted in a very bad hair day!!

Oooh those sneaky peaks are grogeous and I'm sort of hoping they're all for me!

Dorothy's purse is gorgeous and her stitching is beautiful! Maybe you should get her to help you with that mahoosive list of yours :)


p.s. v v cute baby Fred :)

Lina said...

Brilliant stitchery Dorothy! PS the weather TOTALLY controls my mood too!

Jen said...

The purse is lovely. Imagine in years to come when she looks back on that. Hope the weather picks up soon. Your blog is lovely.

Sal said...

No wonder Dorothy is so talented!!
Hope you get better weather today ;-)

est said...

i love the quilt!! especially all the 30s fabrics!!

periwinkle said...

I totally agree with you about the weather affecting your mood. You really are a glutton for punishment taking on another swap Mrs Locket.. maybe you should get Dorothy to do it as her work is excellent.Thank you for the good luck wishes - so far so good!
Lisa x

Rachael Rabbit said...

My husband says the weather does the same to him - but I'm the opposite - I love dark and dingy weather - I love nothing more than sitting at home, cosy and comfy - feeling very lucky to be alive and lucky to have a roof over my head as the grey drizzely weather goes on ... am I odd?

Monkee Maker said...

Lovely stitchery going on over here, Mrs L, both yours and Dots. If she's caught the sewing bug so young, JUST THINK how many mini quilts she'll be able to rattle out when she's your age!

Hope Fred has a fab day on Saturday.


Ally said...

Yes, I also totally agree - you are officially insane.

Love Dot's sewing though.

Nice and sunny down here today.


Your big sis Ally
(missing from blogland for a long time!)

Rachelmp said...

Beautiful bird purse by Dorothy - very cute! And happy, happy birthday to Fred on Saturday - a 6 year old! I'm getting one of those at the end of August...

Ruth said...

Wow, that truly is lovely! Well done Dorothy!