Friday, 25 July 2008

The Beach, a Blanket and a pair of Bunnies

Today has definitely been the best day of the holidays so far - and the children all agree! After Dot's final Manga art lesson at the local library we zipped through the Tyne Tunnel and met Quiltdude and the young Quilties at the beach.

Now the little Lockets and the young Quilties had never met each other before but they slotted together like old friends and had the most wonderful afternoon splashing in the sea

and burying each other in the sand

while Clare and I chatted and built and smashed sandcastles.

We all had so much fun and we hope to meet up again very soon. Clare's girls are all absolutely lovely and the little Lockets really enjoyed their company - I'm going to be using them as good examples whenever mine turn yucky!

So how do you complete the perfect day at the beach?

Well with delicious ice cream of course..............................

and a trip to the bestest ever wool shop - Ring-a-Rosie. Barbara said she could smell the suncream the moment we walked through the door - then again there were 9 of us! I hope there wasn't too much sand on the carpet Barbara!

I bought these two balls of wool for my blanket - Oh I do love a good ripple! And here it is

I have been busily crocheting at the library while Dot does her art class and Daisy and Fred read/draw/write/entertain themselves. I was aware that I might look rather unusual crocheting away in the corner but I thought it was quite a homely, mumsy image until the lovely librarian said I looked like I was waiting for an execution! Apparently women in the French Revolution were encouraged to bring their knitting along to the show at the guillotine!

Well that shattered my image well and truly!

So obviously I need to restore the happy homely image and how better than with a pair of lovestruck bunnies?

May I introduce you to Alfie

a new bunny on the block for a new baby boy

But don't let his tender age fool you.............................

he soon had eyes for a certain young lady bunny by the name of Wendy Wabbit

(Wendy is rather special as she has been made from Dorothy and Daisy's clothes including the dress Dot wore for her first birthday and the dresses they both wore for their dedication service (a bit like a christening but not quite!) - she's quite psychedelic but I love her anyway!!!)

Naturally they kept a modest distance at first - Wendy was being quite coy

but it wasn't long before they were tentatively holding hands..........................

what a good job Alfie has gone to live a few streets away!


Esther said...

what a lovely day you had at the beach? I took my daughter along with my parents to the beach yesterday - although the sun was a bit betten then than today. It looks lovey where you are - where is that?

Gina said...

Oh how I wish I could have been on that beach with you today - it looks divine! Your ripple blanket looks wonderful - I'm determined to start mine soon (once I learn how to do it!)The bunnies are gorgeous too!
Enjoy your weekend.
Gina xxx

Sal said...

I love the blanket..and your bunnies are just wonderful ;-)

Patti said...

Mais oui! Nous sommes les tricotuesuessueusuueus

(please excuse the spellings - I have no children and therefore have been drinking!!!)

Looks like you had a lovely day.

and, ahem , bought some wool perchance?

le pimpernel scarlet

silverpebble said...

Hurray! - it looks as though you had a great time - what a fab antidote to any lurking stresses. Really magic photos of the Lockets and Quilties.

That blanket is a stunner and Wendy rabbit's garb couldn't be more special really.

Jennie said...

Loving the bunnies (I did put a reply on my blog about towelling but the best thing to do is just let it drop everywhere then spend about a week hoovering it all up).
The beach looks lovely. The pics of our day out to our beach which I'll be putting on my next post are so dull. Your ripple blanket is looking beautiful!!

periwinkle said...

Your ripple is looking great - looks like you definately had a great day at the beach
lisa x

Kitty said...

It sounds like the Lockets and the Quilties had a wonderful day. Lovely pictures - thank you for sharing.

Love those bunnies. Thank goodness they've been separated! :-O

That rippling is coming on brilliantly - I shall have to learn how to do it.


quiltdude said...

Aaaawww, do we have to go home?
Thanks for a brilliant afternoon, we all had a great time and the ice cream and wool shop visit just rounded this of nicely.
Bunny are very cute but a good job they are being separated, you know how fast bunnies multiply!!!
Have a great weekend.
XX clare

Jodie said...

That ripple looks fantastic - delicious summer colours! You could crochet in my library anytime lucy!

willywagtail said...

If we all sat around with our handicrafts maybe we could start a new fashion. I was taking my crochet out for a while and now have people who want/ need to know how to do it. Keep it up I say. ;)Cherrie

Lesley said...

So glad your day at the beach went well Locket. I'm planning to have a similar day with naughty Trashy very soon!

I may have to Google Bournemouth Wool Shops so we end the day in style!

Your ripple blanket is fabtastic. Are you being a grown up and using proper wool or is it an acrylic dream like mine??
Anyhow the colours are wonderful and you are making great progress and I need to make another one...thanks for that!

Wendy Wabbit and Alfie are beautiful. I really love the way you've made Wendy - very clever :)


trashalou said...

I have done cross stitch in the library while waiting for PrC-Dub to finish up some course or other. Apparently it is less threatening than la tricoteuss (sp?) You should introduce your librarian to the zen aspects of crafting, it works so well the old crones never seemed to notice the blood spattering their lovely ripple blankets!

dottydesigns said...

I love that ripple blanket, if only I could crochet, I'd love to have one of those for my camper Daisy. the beach looked fab too. X

monda-loves said...

I'd love a day at the beach - it didn't look like there were too many people there either which i imagine was really nice. I must say that I love your ripple blanket. I wish I had the patience (and skills) to make something like this - I fear I'm far too lazy and impatient though.

I hope the no pressure crafting is going well for you :o)


wonderwoman said...

i love your bunnies, they are so cute! and the blanket looks great.
a day at the beach and a visit to a wool shop, life doesn't get much better.

Thimbleanna said...

Lucy, you're SO darn funny! I trust the bunnies were supervised the whole time they were holding hands! You're really coming along on the ripple -- it's beautiful. And HOW FUN to have a blog meetup with the children -- I'll bet they thing this blog business is the best thing ever. Love the cute beach pics!

Alison Boon said...

I fell in love with alfie straight away, what a darling bunny he is. Shame he has already been given a home. Good to see that there is some summer weather happening.

Jenny said...

Gorgeous fun beach photos and that blanket is just fabulous-great colours.

eileen said...

Wow. I never knew that about the guillotine! Hilarious! But yes.. your bunnies are a much cuter image. Adorable. And love the beach pictures! So warm and sunny. Wish I could be there.