Sunday, 27 July 2008


It is going to be Dorothy Locket's 11th birthday in a few weeks time and for once I am completely stuck for ideas for what to get her apart from books (as always!!!) so any tips would be very gratefully received!

But FAR MORE IMPORTANTLY it will be my birthday a week after hers!!!!

Now my birthday is a wonderful opportunity for me to stock up with even more crafty goodness in the form of books and supplies because basically I end up doing the choosing for Mr Locket, my parents and my in-laws (it's a tough job but someone's got to do it)

This is where you guys come in....................

what I'd like you to do is share you most favourite craft books with me - the ones I really NEED to get - I may well have some of them already but I'm sure there are loads more that I simply HAVE to have!

(these are some (!) of the lovely books I already have - I know, there are loads, but when can you ever have enough craft books?)

For instance, is Amy Butler's In Stitches worth buying?

Should I get Apples for Jam?

What about Doodle Stitching? Which is the best Japanese book or magazine? Is it worth getting that cute retro children's sewing book whose name I have forgotten?

Or should I save all my money and buy a Gocco printer? Or do I need to be confident at drawing first?

What do you reckon?

I should be buying some decent clothes but I'm too fat for that and craft books NEVER make you feel fat do they?!!!


wonderwoman said...

hi lucy - most of the books you have got i have too! one of my favs is 'quick quilts to make in a weekend' by rosemary wilkinson - the other you might like, especially as your children are younger than mine, is 'childhood treasures' by catherine zoob. i'm afraid i can't think of anything for your 11 yr old - except maybe a riding lesson - but that could be the slippery slope! will put my thinking hat on, although that might take a while as its soo hot!x

Greedy Nan said...

Hi. You can never have too many books, especially when they're mostly in the attic and you can't get to them when you need them which means you just have to buy another ... I have two of the Theresa Kiros books and love the pictures. Sarah Raven's cook book is also very good and 'doable'. I've just borrowed the Susan Cropper crochet book from the library and have had the knitting one too. That might have to be a double purchase - great pictures and designs in both even if you never get round to doing them. Clothes I tend to leave in the shops - I hate those trick mirrors they always have. For your 11 year-old what about asking her what she'd like - you may well be surprised at her reply.

Kerry said...

I have recently obtained the new material obsession book. It is an absolutely beautiful book full of georgeous quilts. You would want to make them all. It also has a useful how to section which I have found helpful already. As for the eleven year old, my daughter would like clothes, music, makeup or jewelery, or all else fails, they always like to have money to spend in the shops and she could choose for herself.

silverpebble said...

Oh dear, can't really help on the craft book side - I don't really have very many. I do have a Kaffe Fassett book of tapestries but it's not for doing (although it could be knowing your skills) it's for looking - pure eye candy.

Don't know if you know about this little ebay shop : might be worth a look for pressies.

Not sure about Dot - what about a spot of nail varnish and a tiny bit of makeup and a little mirror in a hand-made bag?

trashalou said...

Oh Locket, eleven so soon? How about an MP3 player for her? Ooh! Thinking of books, Pr C-Dub got the first in a great new series yesterday 'The Lightening Thief' Richard Riordan. All about Greek Gods, mysteries and modern people.

As for books, did you buy that lovely one I got earlier in the year? Can't remember what it was called and it is upstairs and we are watching 'Jason & the Argonuats' so not going to get it.So there!

What about you? Other than books, what do you want?!?

I didn't love 'Apples for Jam' or 'Snow on the Blackcurrants' or whatever they are called.

Rachelmp said...

I would go with any of the Red Brolly books, of course! How about an Australian Mag subscription? Good luck with the books for Dot too. I think Ayden has read every book out for his age and I am stuck now. Looking forward to seeing how others review the craft books out there.

Jackie said...

Oh I AGREE! Clothes shopping ..yuk.
Fabric shopping yum!

Kitty said...

If you're going to get into quilting, Mum says you can't do better than the books by Lynne Edwards. She has them all, and I can vouch that they are just lovely to look through, let alone follow!

Hope Dorothy has a wonderful birthday. We got No.1 a mobile phone for that birthday as from September she'll be going out and about on her own a lot more. She loves it.


Thimbleanna said...

Haha Lucy -- I'm with you -- I'd much rather have a craft book any day than new clothes!

I've been wanting Apples for Jam myself. I LOVE my Ina Garten cookbooks, so that's a thought. You might likd In Stitches, but I wasn't all that impressed with it -- most of the patterns are available elsewhere. I got it for the detailed wallet/purse in the back that of course I haven't made yet. We're all so different -- what one person loves, another one doesn't!

Is there maybe a tool or gadget you'd like for your quilting? A new ruler? Those gloves for machine quilting (I finally just got a pair to try -- wonder if I'll like them?) Or how 'bout just a gift certificate so you can go pick out some yummy fabrics?

Sorry to be so verbose LOL! For Dot, would she maybe like one of those little felted bags that I have on my website? My little nieces loved them -- actually, my sister carries hers with her a LOT!

Hope you've had a good weekend!

ClaireP said...

OH! that looks like you have a lovely pile already. I've picked bend-the-rules back off my shelf recently!

The crafters companion is one of the first craft books i ever bought and i just love it! it's what got me into blogging! other recent faves include plush-o-rama (full of crazy plush ideas that my nephews love!), doodle stitching and i got AB's in stitches with my birthday cash a few months ago - the book is very pretty and i love just looking though all the projects trying to decide what to make first once i have some time - i'd been toying whether to get it or not after looking several times in the bookshop! I think I'm addictd to buying craft books...!

Sal said...

I absolutely love, 'Thrift to Fantasy' but it's hard to find!

I've just bought, 'Vintage Fabric Style' which is lovely.

Don't forget that this book is coming out in Sept..

'Sew Fabulous Fabric'

It's by Ginny and Alice, of The Flour Loft (see link on my blog)


dottydesigns said...

Get the gocco printer, you don't have to be good at drawing, and when you draw a picture and then gocco print it , it somehow looks better. And it's such good fun, i love mine.x

Lesley said...

Well - you've got most of my books covered!! I'd go for the Gocco printer - except that's not fair 'cos I don't have one and I live too far away to borrow yours!!!

A girl can never have too many pants - how about that?

....or fabric just for you to make things just for you?


lyndyloo said...

Hi Lucy I agree with wonderwoman - one of my all time favourite books is Childhood Treasures by Caroline Zoob (i love all her stuff). My daughter has just turned 11 and she is in to her craft (don't know where she got that from) and one of the best pressies has been a cuttlebug, other suggestions are the Miss Buttons kit from or an Isobel Allende book. If you have trouble getting Thrift to Fantasy let me know as it is readily available in NZ, given that Rosemary is a NZer. Good luck L

Jen said...

Suprise - You've been Tagged. Pop in to my blog to see what you need to do next (only if you want to).

Gina said...

I'm with Lesley - can't think of any books you don't have so get the gokko printer!

Michaela said...

I bought In Stitches from a friend's recommendation. I tried making something from it and gave up - so much faffing about (but then I prefer knitting to sewing). Lots of pattern pieces and stuff that I'd never make (a fur-lined sleeping bag for a cat? I don't think so!!!)

My most used crafty book is Nicky Epstein's Knitted Embellishments. It's now starting to look very used.

I also love Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature, such a beautiful book and I've made lots from that too.

Usborne do a good range of crafty books for children, but they may be a bit young for Dorothy. Never heard of Apples for Jam, but it sounds like a good book to me! I'd get it!

dottycookie said...

Apples For Jam - two big thumbs up from here. The writing is gorgeous, and the fact that the recipes are also yummy is a bonus! Might not help with the fitting-into-clothes bit; or at least it hasn't done me any favours !

tantehilde said...

I don't have an idea what books you really really need, simply because I think I don't have any english craftbook...
But this is a very interesting post for me, I'm gonna read all comments and see what book I will need haha!

Simone said...

I liked Apples for Jam and Falling Cloudberries by the same author. I wasn't keen on Doodle Stitching and felt it was more for beginners. How about trying a book on stumpwork or silk ribbon embroidery - if not for you then for your little locket?! The Gocco printer sounds great but I thought they'd stopped making them!

Chloe said...

Gocco and ermmm.....Gocco and possibly a Gocco and then maybe you need a Gocco ;)

twiggypeasticks said...

Doodle Stitching is great but I'd plump for Sublime Stitching if you haven't already got it. Oh and Doodle Stitching go on, it's your birthday treat !!!
PS for your little Lockets birthday, I'd TRY to arrange a special day out with just the two of you ending with a crafty shopping trip :)

silverpebble said...

Had another thought for Dot, Lucy. Has she read 'Wolf Brother' by Michele Paver? There are 5 books so far in the series and the sixth due out in September. They're aimed at early teens but Mr P and I love them!

Vanessa said...

Not sure about what books to buy, I am just starting to gather my collection together. The Apples for Jam looks great every time I view it in Waterstones.

As for the Gocco printer I say go for it if you can find one. I have been looking for one for the last couple of weeks and I can not find one any where. None on Ebay/etsy or any where else. If you know something I don't, please let me know!

Vanessa x

Monkee Maker said...

I'm with the Gocco brigade. I wouldn't have a clue what to do with one, but from what I've seen of other peoples creations, they look brill!

I hope that whatever you decide to go for, both you and Dot have fabulous birthdays!


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

I think holding a book in your hands makes anyone look works for me at least.

est said...

go for gocco lucy!!! it's so fabulous!! i don't have one :( but i see so many goccoed wonders in blogland! i saw some notice that they would be a stop in producing the machine in japan. so it would be great if you have the extra to splurge on this now :)

and not forgetting fabrics!!!! hmm.. yummy!! lol

saraeden said...

Hi there Lucy , i got me sorry i mean Shezzie stitch and sparkle by Charlotte Liddle !!
Its great for well sparkly thinks !!
Material obsession : contemporary quilts looks a good book but i havent bought it yet .. i am waiting for payday ! If i had the spare money i would buy a gocco !!

Sara x

Annie said...

Get a gocco - you have lots of yummy books. I found a great gift for my 11 year old at the craft show last wkd. Her birthday is next . . . it's like a knitting nancy, but it knits beads. It was really cool.

The Jen said...

Craft books are ALWAYS the right size. I try to buy mine used on alibris dot com. I think the addiction to buying inspiring books is almost as bad as the addiction to fabric (& supplies). hehe. ~jen~

Suzie Sews said...

alabama is fab

mellyandrosie said...

How about some craft books to make some simple clothes??? I went clothes shopping the other week and got so depressed due to my size so decided to go home and make some wrap around skirts out off all of those hordes of patchwork fabric I have. You can make them to size and they are never too tight - hee-hee!! A quick spruce to my sad wardrobe! Any craft book is great in my thinking, they are all inspirational! It would be nice if we could make your dream come true for your birthday and come visit!!! I wish!!! =)

katelnorth said...

I'm not going to suggest any books for you - probably couldn't think of anything original anyway :) but just commiserating with what to get the 11YO - mine is 11 in Sept, and all she really wants is a Nintendo DS (which she is not getting - though possibly for Christmas) so it's going to be challenging to think of something. A new watch is on the list - and books, of course - but not much else - I'll have to watch and see what you come up with!

JuicyFig said...

You love birthdays for the same reason as I do - although I went to borders last year with all my birthday book vouchers, bought lots of crafty books, and got a £60 parking fine when I got back to the car! booooo

I think the books that give me the most inspiration have to be Kaffe Fassetts patchwork books, just for the colours, simple patterns, and fabulous photography and locations he uses - the first one he did 'Glorious Patchwork' is my fav, before he started his own fabric range...


jennyflower said...

Kumiko Sudo is an amazing Japanese textiles fiddler type. I have several of her books and love them all, she is mostly a hand sewer though so if you are a machine-only gal it may not suit.

Jennie said...

you must get 'Apples for Jam' immediately! Just for the pictures.
I do like Jane Cumberbatch, but her books are more homemaker stuff than crafting.
Oh just do what I do, go on amazon, look at the nine million craft books then add them to your wish list (some of mine on my wish list I spied in your pile of books so I'll just be popping over to yours to sneak a peak)!
Happy birthday to both your girls!! I hope you have a wonderful wonderful time :D

Jennie said...

oh oh oh I just remembered, I have on order from Amazon the new book by Mandy Shaw called 'quick quilts plus' (The hardback version is called 'quilt yourself gorgeous). You can search inside it on the Amazon site and have a peak!! She also did a Teddy bear book called 'Bear Necessities' which I have and love.
Her shop is on my site it's called Dandelion designs if you get a sec to check it out.

nicolette said...

You should consider to buy a Gocco! I bought one, not had time to make anything. I’ve seen sooo many wonderful gocco-prints in blogland.
you can buy a gocco in Leslie’s etsyshop,
She lives in Japan and has all the supplies as well!

I’m often very disappointed in crafting books really. Most of the time there is one lovely pattern in a book. So I prefer to buy separate patterns from things I really love.
Some books are just great to have for inspiration, like Kaffe Fassett ’s books.

Cheryl said...

Well pincuhsions are on my mine right now and I have two favs....Pretty Little Pincushions, and Warm Fuzzies by betz white! I with you on the clothes thing - I would much prefer to buy fabric!!

Carin said...

Lucy my favorite patchwork books are by "Quilt in a Day"
I think this post has given me more books to look at. I have to check out this "Apples for Jam" book.
I hate clothes shopping too.

For your 11 year old an mp3 player would be nice, DD loves books too (Has she read the Anne McKaffry dragon books)Does she like any crafts? maybe a cute knitting or crochet book and the needles/hooks and some wool? Good luck. :O)

French Knots said...

I got Doodle Stitches but felt it was rather disapointing, Sublime Stitching was more exciting but both are really aimed at beginners covering how to do all the stitches and so on.SS has lots of cool transfers though so is worth the money.
I'm coveting The Alabama Stitch book and have been wafting my wish list under my husband's nose prior to my birthday!
We gave our daughter an MP3 ( pink naturally!) for her birthday the other week and it has gone down very well.

JuliaB said...

Hi Lucy. I think you definately have enough books (I borrow from the library too which saves a heap of money!), so I think you should definately go for a "new toy" type present. Happy Birthday !!