Friday, 11 July 2008

It's all Lesley and Patti's fault....... and Michaela's too and then there's April as well

My sewing mojo seems to have upped and gone lately which is not a good state of affairs when I have a craft fair in a week and no stock for it.

But it's not my fault.

No, not at all.

It's Lesley's fault for explaining "rippling" to me and getting me hooked on this particular form of crochet.

And then Patti's fault for lending me this book

with this gorgeous blanket pattern in it.

What was I supposed to do? Resist temptation? No, not me!

So in all that time when I should have been sewing I have been rippling instead

which is all very pretty and lovely but isn't going to pay any bills.

But then again if I keep going it might just keep us warm in the winter.

Then again, I reckon young Michaela should take part of the blame for the lack of sewing going on in the Locket household.

It was her after all who got me onto the jam making which meant I had to follow her example and make fresh scones (my new addiction) to go with them.

But then I would have to lay some of the blame at April's door for sharing this recipe with us

I may now have some yummy biscuits to welcome the little Lockets home but what about those orders???

At least my conscience is clear - it wasn't my fault I was led astray by these bad women!


trashalou said...

They really are very bad women, Locket, I agree.

Am loving the rippley blankety thing and think it is just as well housework holds no interest for you as I fear Miss SnootyKnickers Turner may not approve!

French Knots said...

Poor you, all those naughty girls making you as bad as them!
Lovin the crochet, much better than housework but don't get scone crumbs on it!

Lesley said...

Hands up - I'm guilty as charged yer honour! If it's any consolation I think I may have become reinfected with the urge to ripple as a direct result of your lovely pictures!!
Then again....I feel I have a quilting obsession developing :)


silverpebble said...

Ooh, I've got a crocheted blanket like that (I didn't make it). Now I know what the technique is called. That's some clever yarn action.

Bad craft ladies to tempt you in this terrible fashion.

No colic tonight, hurray, I can blog for a few mins! And....relax. Maybe tomorrow I can make something Russian. Maybe!

periwinkle said...

definately led astray :-) lovely ripples though
lisa x

Gina said...

They are very bad women indeed! But look at those lovely ripples... I want to learn how to make ripples like that!
Gina xx

Jodie said...

You should ahve listened to your mum Miss lucy when she said not to hang out with the naughty girls - they are a bad influence...and see...she was right!

Jo in Tas said...

Wow, love this technique! I think you're very lucky to have some friends that can teach you that. Don't think of them as leading you astray but developing your skills.

quiltdude said...

Bad women they may be, but your new skills are fantastic so I think they should be praised for leading onto new endeavors.
The crafty mojo has not gone it's just taken a new direction!
X Clare

Annie said...

oh lucy i've wanted to learn that ripple crotchet - i'm off to check the pattern

Simone said...

It is good to diversify from time to time!

wonderwoman said...

hey, life's too short to worry about being led astray!

love the ripple effect - have never tried crochet before but might be tempted now to give it a go!

Patti said...

Love the ripple dearie.

Fabbo colours.

You keep on being led astray - who knows where you might end up?

Michaela said...

Hey now, hang on everyone. I'm not remotely bad, I'm the goodest person I know. Honest.

But not to fear, Mrs Locket has called me 'young', so I will forgive her anything.

Katy said...

BAD and possibly EVIL women!!!! But that rippling makes me weak at the knees!!!

Kitty said...

I love that rippling. But I'm scared to learn it - then nothing will get done, and it'll be ALL YOUR FAULT!!

Off to check out that biscuit recipe now!


April said...

Sorry Lucy - i will accept my share of blame! Am sending positive sewing vibes your way!! Hope that helps

By the way the rippling looks great!!

Glad you liked the cookies though!

April xx

Jennie said...

what horrible friends you have... making you do nice things!!!

dottycookie said...

OMG, chocolate dotty cookies!!!!

I have managed to resist the ripple so far, but not for ling, I fear ...

Sal said...

Your crochet is lovely.
I love being led astray;-)

Ally said...

Being led astray - it's what you live for!


Ally x

JuicyFig said...

well, when tempation is all around, I find the best thing to do is just give in!!!


Suzie Sews said...

Lovely work, can I get to do this ripple effect...I keep day one day...