Saturday, 5 July 2008

A thank you post

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my last post - it is so nice to have such caring friends. I will be trying to reply to each of you in the next couple of days.

I've been feeling quite a bit brighter - partly because I am beginning to attack my "to-do-list".

I am busy making a boy "betty bunny" - not sure what he is going to be called yet, and have cut out two more Dilberts - only these are called


and Lilbert

I have also stitched the central panel for Rachel's mini quilt and have started my Russian Doll swap present for Emma.

I have a craft fair coming up in two weeks at a local kindergarten which will be a fantastic place to showcase some of my "made from children's clothes" toys - although I have set myself a totally unrealistic target of things to display and things to sell. I just have to accept that I am being unrealistic and not get too down when I don't manage to do everything.

With this craft fair in mind I got some lovely fabrics this week - firstly from The Fat Quarters where I took my friend so she could choose the fabrics for her son's dinosaur herself (see Philbert above)
I think these ones would be great for a wallet

and I expect you can guess what I plan to make with this!

And these came from this ebay shop

I love these Michael Miller retro prints but I wish the designs were smaller so I could use them on wallets as I'd intended. I think they will have to become parts of bags or pencil rolls instead.

I also bought this fab pattern

because I thought it would be a good one to have for little people.

I've spent most of today's crafty time turning and stuffing doll and bunny limbs (my very least favourite part of too making) but I took some time out to make jam with all the strawberries that I keep bringing home from the allotment - I got another 4lbs yesterday too!

I used Michaela's instructions - and she is right, it was so easy and so quick and I now have 4 jars and two little pots of the most delicious jam for the grand price of 70p for the sugar as the strawberries were free.

Following Michaela's instructions to the letter I then had to make some scones (not something I have ever really done) and although they were disappointingly flat they tasted scrummy!

And I'm getting excited now as it is not long until the conclusion of Dr Who!!! Please don't let them take David Tennant away! He is so fantastic - practically fizzing with glee and such fun to watch!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend - ideally a much drier one than we are having too!


Kitty said...

I read that Mr Tennant is already booked for the Christmas Special - so he can't be 'regenerated' can he? We are all set to watch later this evening!

So glad you're feeling a bit perkier - those fabrics are gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished Dilberts.

Keep taking care of yourself. x

dottydesigns said...

glad you are feeling more cheery, hope you stay that way. Love those fabrics especially the map one. xx

nicolette said...

Glad to see you’re cheered up and busy making all kinds of UKilberts (UK Dilberts!). Sang Sang is great for little ones indeed.

kathleen said...

I too was eagerly awaiting the outcome of Dr. Who. I had already decided I was NOT going to watch the next series if David Tennant wasn't in it. I thought it was quite good, but I don't think any of this series rivalled series two. Not all that keen on Catherine Tate...
I am also preparing for a fair tomorrow and I was very pleased that staples did printing so I could get my poster done. Hey, I may not sell anything but I'm gonna make damned sure my stall looks pretty.

trashalou said...

oh Locket, I am nearly crying I am laughing so hard. Your scones. I love your scones. They are so fabulously unsconey. I'm not intending to be cold and heartless but Locket? They are sooooooo funny!!!

Lesley said...

Look at you making jam and scones!!!!!!!!

Most impressed with your surge of domestic goddessness!

Sorry to say we had fellow chicken fanciers round for the evening so bloggage of the you know what will not be until much later tomorrow - and we are going to to witness the 'Birdman of Bognor' event Worthing...'cos Bognor's pier is broken!!

Most impressed with levels of craftiness occurring in Locketville and have map-fabric envy, so thanks!!


Leanne said...

Trashy needs to see my scones then she would really laugh mine aren't even edible. You have been very busy. I wonder how far behind you Oz is in the Dr Who stacks.

Ayama-chan said...

Mr Tennet is going to leave Dr Who?? NOOOOOOOOO!!! Miss my Saturday Who evenings (when it is being broadcast) in Australia... Oh well, might need pay tv here in tropical Asia.

Wow 70p strawberry jam. Yum. Shame the poor little plants hate humidity. Surely I couldn't kill a strawberry vine (little one yes, but me??)... I could see weeds in your allotment photos last post, just lots of yummy homegrown veggies.

Glad to read that you are feeling a lot more :Der (missed a post). The fabrics look fab, like the dinos and love the map fabric. Will you be putting a wallet in your etsy store??

Good luck with the Kindy stall.

Thimbleanna said...

Your fabrics all look beautiful Lucy! I swear, I just don't know how you get all your sewing done! You're amazing!!!

periwinkle said...

glad to hear you are feeling a bit more chipper :-), the weather has been a mare hasnt it/ how about Bertie Bunny keeping with the Bert theme.... love the MM fabrics too
lisa x

Michaela said...

Well done on the jam front! I'm with trashy, I love your scones (I actually thought they were scotch pancakes - if that's not too terrible to say!)

As to Doctor Who, this whole series has been spoilt by Catherine Tate. I hope she goes and David Tennant stays. Bring back Billie Piper I say. I've recorded last weeks and this weeks so still haven't seen them yet. I suspect a couple of hours knitting behind the sofa later on today!

periwinkle said...

glad to hear you are feeling a bit more chipper :-), the weather has been a mare hasnt it/ how about Bertie Bunny keeping with the Bert theme.... love the MM fabrics too
lisa x

Gina said...

So pleased you are sounding more like your usual self. Fabulous fabrics and wonderful jam... but the scones???? Drop scones maybe? Or pancakes? Biscuits? I'm so relieved they tasted good but like trashy... I did have to laugh and think they are fantastic! Mrs Locket you are a star!

Rachelmp said...

Glad you are feeling sparkier Lucy! Have fun making and organising for the kinder fair. Have a look at the sock monkey fabric on scrapbag link from my blog! I loved your scones too (smiling)!

Miaou said...

LOL, I seem to be seeing polka dots everywhere I look today! I love the map fabric too.

I think that behind every happy crafter there is some hardship and sadness, that's the way of life I guess - but it's all part of what and who we are and shapes us both personally and creatively. Sometimes it's hard to share the sad as well as the happy but cathartic too! Glad you are feeling better.

(long-time lurker, first-time poster, as Bart Simpson would say)

April said...

OH wow - Doctor Who was incredible!!!

April xx

Sal said...

I still don't know how you fit it all in! You must have an amazing amount of energy!

silverpebble said...

Oof, David Tennant. I think he ought to eat a couple of pies (or maybe a few of your scones) but apart from that he's utterly delicious.

Ignore Trash and Gina - your scones are magic - they're Locket scones (in manner of welshcakes or similar).

I haven't started any Russian crafting yet (maybe Tuesday).

Really very glad you're feeling a bit brighter.

quiltdude said...

Strawberry jam, yummy, yum, yum.
Glad to hear you're a little happier, and now you know Dr. Who is safe you'll be even happier.
XX Clare

JuliaB said...

I was sorry to read that you were feeling a bit down, but glad that you are feeling a little better now and getting to grips with your to do list. x

Jennie said...

OOH Dr Who was very good. I really enjoyed it!! Hope you did too.
The fabrics are gorgeous! I'm so jealous.
Glad you are feeling more chipper! :D

Rhonda said...

Well, I wouldn't worry about the fair that's coming up...judging from your post, you can get alot done in a short period of time. You know us women can multi-task all over the problems. We're just built that way. So do what you can and be happy with it! You go girl!

May Kristin said...

Glad to hear you have cheered up a little! Continue to do things that pleases you! Your scones and jam looks yummy! Take care!

Annie said...

Hi Lucy, sorry to hear from Ric Rac today that you have been feeling down. I have been SOOOoooo busy with my holidays that I haven't even been blogging!! I loved the look of your strawberry jam. You know my advice to you - one thing at a time - then another. I am in the throws of re-organising and painting my sewing room, so lots of tidying.

Carin said...

I love your Dilberts! They are simply adorable. I am glad you are feeling better. HUGS!!

Jane said...

Home made Strwberry jam and scones - delicious, The fabric looks lovely and i'm sure you will find the perfect use for it. Good luck with your sewing for the craft stall. Jane x

dottycookie said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better - but now then, what's all this aboyut David Tennant? That's the first time I've ever heard of his charms referred to as 'glee' ;-)