Thursday, 3 July 2008

A cheer me up post

I'm sorry I haven't blogged for a bit - life has just been getting on top of me lately and it is hard to write the happy, crafty post that I want to do when I am feeling rather flat.

There is nothing majorly wrong in my life - Mr Locket is very stressed at work and the current economic climate is beginning to pinch so I am trying to get as many orders done as possible - which is having the knock on effect of making my "to-do-lists" rather overwhelming, and the house seems to be falling to pieces around us, the garden hasn't been touched for months and the weeds are having a merry old time at the allotment - all of which is fairly stressful. But whilst this is going on in the background some seriously bad things have been happening to a couple of very good friends which is really getting me down.

Sorry - I didn't know whether to mention any of this but then I couldn't bring myself to write a happy bouncy post without any reference to the crappity bits.

That's the miserable bit over and done with - on to the reasons to be cheerful..................

First and foremost - my mini quilt from Est - 100% designed to make me happy!

Isn't it gorgeous? It arrived on Monday and I have been feeling guilty about not blogging it before now - I love it so much and it really works - every time I look at it I smile!

Est also included these gorgeous buttons

and these beautiful flowers - so pretty! I'm trying to think of something really special to put them on!and everything came so beautifully wrapped with Est's little handmade stamps printed on the paper

Thank you so much Est - I can't believe you thought your quilt was primitive - it is absolutely charming - but then again I KNEW it would be - your work is always so beautiful and happy - I love it!

My other lovely post on Monday was Rosalie Quinlan's book hot of the presses and sent to me by Rachel
it really is a gorgeous book - definitely worth getting hold of!

And finally, although the allotment is weedy it is still managing to be productive - look how many strawberries I picked yesterday

the mug is there for scale (and because it is rather pretty and only cost me £1 in Matalan yesterday) and the cornflowers are there - just because!

P.S. I've just weighed the strawberries and if some naughty little Lockets hadn't pinched the odd one or two there would have been over 4lbs!


Lesley said...

Sending you a big (((HUG))) Locket!!! Sorry you're having a crappity time but I'm glad you blogged about it.

There's a very nice house for sale over the road from me - move in and I'll cheer you up!

Your mini-quilt from Est is just beautiful and bound to raise a smile even on the dreariest of days!

Good luck with the to-do list :)


Jodie said...

Okey dokey, I'll attempt to cheer you up (thats what your title said).
I'll send you a wee tiny cagey parcel first thing tomorrow morning ! and I'll think of you lots and hope its all getting better in locket-land.

eileen said...

That sunshiny quilt is enough to cheer up anyone!

And your berries look SCRUMMY. Hard to resist taking one.

Hope all the stress melts away soon.

the vicious chicken said...

So sorry you're feeling glum, Lucy - but hooray that there are some cheery things going on for you, too :o) That mini quilt really is beautiful, and the new book and the strawberries both look like they might be very welcome distractions!

Hope you feel cheerier soon, and big hugs in the meantime :o)

Leanne said...

Sending hugs from OZ I'm sorry your at a bit of a low at the moment. I always look forward to reading about what is happening in the Locket family hopefully thinks get back to normal soon. Love your sunshine quilt. You had better cheer up soon before Jodie sends you that little gift LOL

French Knots said...

Sometimes life seems a bit of an uphill struggle, strawberries are a bowlful of sunshine.
The book looks fabby, that's on my wish lift for sure!

Rachelmp said...

Oh Lucy, I hope things turn the corner soon. Its no fun worring about money and weeds and houses and such (says the one with the still untiled kitchen after 13 months...)Your mini quilt and those strawberries and Jodies birdcage on the way, lovely x Rachel

Charlie P said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you're having a crappity time :( Although I find it hard to believe that you can still feel so down with such a fabulous quilt! I really love Est's happy sun :D

Jane said...

Your sunshine quilt from Est is beautiful and your strawberries look delicious. Sorry life's being rotten at the moment, hope things get better soon. Hugs and love Jane x

Patti said...

Cheer up girlie!

Sorry to hear you're feeling down.

Your quilt is lovely (well done est)

Eat up some of those yummy looking strawbs - p'raps with a sneaky bottle of cava ('fraid we can't stretch to champagne at the mo)


Simone said...

I am sorry you are feeling down Lucy. I'm feeling a little down today because of personal things going on too. If it's any consolation your blog really brightens my day and many other people's too I'm sure. I hope that things brighten up soon for you. Thank you so much for the stitchery advice. I have actually made a good start on it!

Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

Hi Lucy,

Sending over a BIG BIG HUG.

Barbara x

(Haven't blogged for ages - due to lots of crappity.)

anne bebbington said...

Sorry to hears things are getting to you - my remedy:

Go in the bathroom, lock the door, run a warm fragrant bubble bath with your favourite smellies, soak in it while eating a luscious choc-ice

Decadent but what a treat!!! Guaranteed to make you feel better :o)

Gina said...

Sorry you're feeling a bit down in the dumps Lucy. Lovely mini quilt and strawberries so hope that's helping. Sending happy thoughts your way!
Gina xxx

trashalou said...

Aaaah crap Locket! Sometimes the waves reach to high, huh. Suggest waxing your surfboard extra thick and Hang Ten through the tricky bots.

dottydesigns said...

hope you feel happier soon. I'll send Daisy to you to cheer you up!you won't be sad then. lots of love x

Jennie said...

*hugs and hoping it gets better/easier for you soon*

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, Miss Lucy! I hope things cheer up for you over there -- it's summer after all and hopefully the sun is shining. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that adorable little quilt from Est -- your wall is going to be so fantastic! Take a sunny day and spend some happy time at the allotment. I wish I were there -- I'd help you week!

Working Mom Knits said...

I had a craptastic day Monday so I feel for you : )

ps: if you haven't had the chance, go over and take a peek at my blog - I'm having a prize draw and one prize is so very YOU dahling!

quiltdude said...

Ah Lucy, so sorry to hear you're low, why do the ups and downs of life have to go to extreems sometimes? I sending lots of happy thoughts your way.
Love the sunshine quilt, I think you should put it next to your sewing machine for now to help keep you smiling.
"Gift" has arrived here too, I can't stop looking through it.
Take care honey, speak soon.
c#Clare x

Lina said...

Sending hugs and cheeriness from Canada. Lina x

est said...

oops for the 'craps'. hope everything going to be settle soon.. you can count on us to de-stress! just hop in here and blah out!:)

julia said...

Sorry to hear life's a bit stressful at the moment. The economic climate is a bit worrying at the moment, I agree.
Forget the weeds, they really don't matter, there's always next year, and the housework should always be the last thing done on your to-do list anyhow!
Love the mini quilts, hope yu're feeling a bit chirpier soon.
Julia x

syko kajsa said...

Hugs from me too! I dare to say that I know how you feel. We are two owners of small businesses trying to make ends meet with the two kids at home. I am happy to be an optimist, but at times it is very stressful. And very messy corners here too...

I am sure everything will be alright, if you have made it this far you will most certainly make it through this time too!

April said...

Oh Lucy, hope things pick up for you soon and you stop being so stressed.

Feel free to rant, moan etc as much as you like - it is very theraputic and we are all happy to listen and try to help.

Take care sweetie


April xx

Lorraine said...

Good on you for sharing! It is hard to write lovely happy things when you feel like crying! cheer up chicky.....just take a look at that gorgeous book by Rosalie!! It is fabulous and that smiley quilt is too cute....take care of some chocolate...LOL..maybe dip the strawberries in some chocolate...!

periwinkle said...

hope you feel less crappity soon, just keep looking at your gorgeous quilt
lisa x

wonderwoman said...

sorry you are feeling crappy and hope things look up soon - mind you i bet you can't help but smile when you see that lovely little quilt, what a dazzler! i think its things like that, made for you, which make life that little bit more special, especially when you are feeling down - there's nothing like good friends to cheer you up.

Sal said...

Big hugs from me in 'not so sunny' Devon! (Love the word 'Crappity'.)

Kaz said...

Sorry things have been not-so-good lately, here's hoping it will improve all round ASAP. It's horrible when the bad outweighs the good.

Lovely quilt and gifty things you got there.

Kitty said...

Cornflowers are my most favourite flowers - it's lovely to see some. I had lots in my old garden - I miss them :-(

Est's mini quilt is wonderful - really lovely.

Well done on the strawberries - will you eat them like that, or make jam?

And finally ... c'mere (((((Locket))))). Crubbish happens to us all sooner or later, and to those about whom we care very much. I hope things improve for you and those close to you. Blogging about it is ok you now, crikey I've done it enough!

Take care. xxx

Garden girl said...

oh well done you on the strawbs (beautiful cornflowers as well-are they from your allotment as well?) i keep meaning to grow more flowers down at our plot-maybe next year! hope you have a lovely weekend despite all the poo stuff.x

silverpebble said...

Sorry things are tough at the moment. Work stress combined with the tough economics is enough but with friends in trouble too that's really hard.

Hope the strawberries brought a smile, and that quilt is lovely


nicolette said...

I hope the gifts and the book Gifts will cheer you up! Take care!

marian said...

It's always good to share and don't you feel better for it :))wouldn't be a guy for quids LOL!!!! Bless 'em....Must tell you I was oh so lucky to go to Rosalie's book was MAGIC and of course I had to blog about it!! Don't you just love 'Gift' so many yummy things to make...which reminds me I better get on with the russian doll much to do so little time but you know all about that :))But first things first..a nice hot cuppa...I feel much better already, don't you :)) xx

dottycookie said...

Awwww, I'm sorry I have been out of touch and only just am reading and posting - but big hugs to you, Lucy. I had a fairly cr*p week last week too. Hope it's better for us all this week!