Monday, 14 July 2008

A thank you and some apologies!

First of all a HUGE thank you to Jodie who sent me a parcel to cheer me up after my "cheer me up post"

my very own mini Gocco'd bird cage

Jodie it's fab - and definitely cheers me up!

I just think these little birdies are so clever - I want a Gocco machine more than ever now!

As I have mentioned before I have a craft fair coming up on Saturday so I have a list a thousand miles long and no real crafting mojo to go with it. I spent this Saturday tidying my sewing area and then most of Sunday cutting out new wallets and a new idea - "Wendy Wabbit" - but you will have to wait until the next post to meet her.

This leads me into my apologies.

First of all I must apologise to all of you who have left me such lovely comments lately - I really want to be the kind of blogger that replies to each and every one of you and I have times when I almost seem to be able to do it - but then I get stuck when it comes to the "no-reply" comments and the bottom line is that I have been so busy lately that I am just not getting the time to reply individually - I'm really sorry, especially to all the new visitors who have been popping in recently. I appreciate each and every comment so please don't think my silence is from lack of enthusiasm!

Secondly - I am going to have to put my swaps, PIFs and gifts on hold for a couple of weeks until I get on top of my orders and stuff for the craft fair. I have lots more mini quilts in various stages of construction and have started my Russian Doll Swap gift but they are all going to have to wait for a bit - I'm really sorry.

Thirdly I have to apologise for a drop in the amount of blogs I am getting to read and comment on at the moment - again it is down to the fact that I am just running out of time.

We popped to the allotment yesterday evening and it took ages just to pick the strawberries (not that I'm complaining - we must have brought home about 5lbs) but even more excitingly we got our first potatoes!

Oh they were so scrummy - the ones we ate last night were International Kidney (Jersey Royals) and they were delicious! The only problem was that I couldn't remember where I had planted each variety so I ended up digging about 4 different varieties - some of which should have stayed in the ground for another couple of months!

Frustratingly I haven't managed to do any sewing today but I did have some crafty fun because I went shopping! First of all to the big craft supply warehouse near me to get the interfacing, stuffing, zips and fleece that I need for my orders and craft stall and then to Ring a Rosie's to buy my mother-in-law's birthday present

Aren't these wools gorgeous? I hope she likes them - if I get time I will make her a special knitting bag too.

So even though most of my shopping was for craft supplies that I needed or presents for other people I did have fun and while I was out I spotted these two beautiful pieces of pottery in the window of a charity shop - I have a selection of this style of Torquay Ware, I'll have to show you some time.

this gorgeous egg cup has a chip in but it's so pretty I don't care

and I think this spotty mini jug just speaks for itself really! An extra fun thing about this is that it has "Gretna Green" on the back - not that I am planning on eloping!

So how much did they cost? Only 99p each!!!

And I will leave you with proof that I have done a little bit of sewing

a purse to match an as-yet-un-made wallet inspired by all my strawberry picking and jam making!


Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

Hi Lucy

Sorry I missed you today - twice!!
Up to the eyes at the moment - just want to scream. Arrrrggggggghhhh. There, thats better.
I think the reason for the lack of sewing is that you're stuffed with all that scrummy looking food and you can't move! Ha Ha. :)

Barbara xx

Gina said...

Don't get too stressed out Lucy! I think it is impossible to read all the blogs or reply to all the comments without getting totally bogged down so I'm quite sure everyone understands.
Gina xxx

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Lucy! Take some time and breathe and enjoy your little lockets! We all understand -- that's the hard thing about blogging -- as time goes by you "meet" more and more people and it just gets impossible to keep up! It's good to see that you're having fun at the allotment too!

Patti said...

I hope you have that lovely wool and little spotty jug under lock and key. I am seriously coveting them still.

Good luck with all your sewing.

And remember blogging is supposed to be fun. It's not a duty.

Though you MUST keep blogging so we can all keep an eye on what you get up to.

monda-loves said...

Isn't Jodie lovely - I'm so glad we became mini quilt swap buddies (thanks again Mrs Pocket).

I'm sending you some crafty mojo - to help you make lots more for your craft stall at the weekend. I sent in on express delivery - it should be with you any time now :o)


trashalou said...

Well Locket, you can be sure I shall be taking personal offence that you haven't actually been emailing me directly hourly. You know it is something I count on!

However... as you seem to be using your time for the greater good (and as I am already in posesession of my mini-quilt) I shall let you off the hook. For now.

Lina said...

Ah Lucy, it all gets a bit hectic and overwhelming sometimes doesn't it? No need to apologise - everyone understands, we're just glad you're still posting!

marit said...

When I first started reading blogs, and commenting, I never expected anyone to actually reply! That was just a bonus! So don't feel sorry for not being able to "follow up" on everything- relax and have fun,and blog when you have time:-)
Good luck on your fair!

periwinkle said...

you'll get there in the end - don't worry about replying, I think everyone knows that you normally do. I know the warehouse you mean but have never been, does it sell fabric too - is it worth a visit?
lisa x

wonderwoman said...

hi lucy, there's absolutely no need to apologise, as everyone has said, we never have enough time to do it all, even though we try to!
i'd like to say thanks for all the lovely comments you have made to me, as a beginner blogger i was not expecting any at all, but everyone is so kind and helpful.
good luck with the craft fairs. x

Lesley said...

Now listen here Locket - there really is no need for you to apologise AT ALL! Ok?

You are doing so much it exhausts me!! I hope you get on really well with the rest of your sewing for the craft fair - ring me anytime!!

Sending you a hug and some sewing vibes :)


Lesley said...

p.s. gorgeous bird cage from Jodie!! I have bird cage envy now ;)


julia said...

No need for apologies, nobody has time to reply to each comment. Enjoy you're sewing for now, we all know you're still there checking in.
Julia x

Leanne said...

Hey need to aplogise .....take it easy... remember "do one thing each day that makes you happy"

Rachelmp said...

Hi Lucy. Good luck with the stall and I hope it all goes really well. The birdcages are just so cute and so ric rac-cy! Looking forward to seeing your wabbit x Rachel

Sal said...

Hi again..lovely blog as always,Lucy.
The Torquay Ware is fascinating.
I had a lot...and then sold it..all with cockerels on!!
You did well with your bargains!
Have a good week ;-)

French Knots said...

You fit so much into each day, remember to have a bit of breathing space too.
Lovely little strawberry-inspired purse!

dottycookie said...

Oh blimey - it sounds like you need a bloggy break! I can't imagine anyone is offended by your not mailing or commenting - your to do list is always either scary or inspirational ;-) Recently I've been so slow at replying to people I'm quite sure the reply makes no sense at all when it finally arrives ...

Carin said...

You are so lucky with the strawberrys! We have a racoon that is stealing ours just as they ripen.

JuicyFig said...

Wishing you the very best with the craft fair!
and don't worry, blogs are for yourself before they are for anyone else (if that makes sence?)
and finaly - digging spuds has to be one of the most satisfying activities in the world - it is better than panning for gold!


Jenny said...

What a lovely blogging friend Jodie is. That birdie looks very happy in your tree. Good luck with getting everything finished:)

Kitty said...

Lovely gift from Jodie - her gocco'd cages are fab, aren't they?

You get on with your crafty orders and sale (good luck with that, by the way) ... we'll all still be here when you get back.

Take care. x

Annie said...

Lucy those potatos looked great. I just LOVE digging up potatos and then eating them. Keep working and look after yourself. I'm glad Jodie's parcel arrived and there are little birds on the other side of the world now.