Thursday, 15 January 2009

Colour Blast

I've been working on a couple of things lately that are so BRIGHT and beautiful that they are the perfect antidote to the cold, dark, damp January days we have been having lately.

The first of a planned series of mahoosive cushions in my Christmas present Amy Butler fabrics (from the Daisy Chain range (apart from 3) - see the Etsy link on my sidebar for where I bought them)

The cushion is 24" square and just looks fab on my new second-hand sofa.

The sofa came from one of my big brothers and is donkey-years old, second hand to him from where he used to work, but very expensive when new - it's just a shame it took over an hour to get it into the house and involved taking off two doors and part of a door frame!

It is extremely comfortable and very deep which is great if you want to flop but not so good if you want to sit up and sew/crochet/knit, so I bought 6 24" feather cushions for the bargain price of £1.99 each - now I just have to cover them all!

The other fabulously colourful thing I have been working on is this hexagon blanket from Lucy's tutorial. I love doing my ripple but you can't really carry it round with you whereas I can pop little balls of yarn in my handbag so I can make hexagons anywhere (including at work in my lunchbreak!)

You couldn't feel cold or miserable looking at this colour burst could you? I ordered some more cotton yarns (orange, red and gooseberry green) from Barbara at Ring-a-Rosie - have you seen that her website is up and running?

Another exciting crafty project in the pipeline is Rosalie Quinlan's Little Patchwork Village

I'm so delighted to have been able to get the pattern in this country already. I ordered it from here on Tuesday afternoon and it arrived the next day which is amazing these days!

Other exciting crafty things are in the pipeline and I heard yesterday that I WON'T be getting a load of A'level Archaeology teaching to do over the next couple of months - which is a shame as far as the money and "playing at being a grown up again" is concerned but a HUGE relief in terms of workload - I'll have so much more time to play!

So why, oh why have my stupid elbow and wrist started to hurt again??????

So unfair!

But it's funny how it hurts so much more when I am using the computer at work than when I am crafting!

Edited to say - Oh BUM, the above sentence is not true at all! I've been trying to crochet this evening and my elbow hurt so much I only managed to do the very central ring of a hexagon. I'm so fed up :o( A whole evening ahead of me with no crafting - what a stupid waste of time!


Gina said...

Beautiful cushion Lucy and I like the hexagon crochet. I can see me having to try that... it looks a bit addictive!

wonderwoman said...

a very welcome burst of colour there Lucy - its absolutely chucking it down outside! so snuggling up crafting is mandatory!


Kitty said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear about the pain. Mum gets a lot of pain in her thumb from hand-quilting and swears by rubbing arnica cream on it. Would it be worth trying on your shoulder and/or wrist? Hope it gets better soon. (((hugs)))

That cushion is one of the loveliest cushions I've seen in a long time - gorgeous!


Rachel said...

Poor you, hope your hand/arm feels better soon. Sounds like you have been very busy though - lovely cushion, and the crochet looks gorgeous too, such pretty colours.

Katy said...

oh you poor sausage. :(

LOVE the cushions, pray tell - £1.99 for a 24 incher? Where? I need to find me some £1.99 cushions that are feathery and not polyfill.

twiggypeasticks said...

ooo Lucy your cushion is gorgeous and all my favourite colours. Sorry your hand and arm are hurting you :(
Twiggy x

nicolette said...

Love the cushion Lucy!! Pretty fabrics and lovely colours!

Annie said...

I LOVE that colour blast. That cushion is lovely. Nice to have a new/old couch. Shame about the renovations to get it inside!!

est said...

gorgeous fabrics on a very neat cushion!!! i love how you make the closure at the back! nice job!

get well soon! :)

Bovey Belle said...

Hi there - I followed a link from GTM's blog and like what I see. I love crafting too and am busy doing several things in the evenings now - knitting dishcloths, doing another hexagon quilt, about to knit a hat for no. 1 son etc. I learned to crochet last year and would LOVE to do a ripple throw. The hexagon blanket is GORGEOUS - love those bright colours. I've not done hexagons like those before, but I would love to try. The colours of your cushion are so serene too.

rachelmp said...

Love your cushions Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Loving your new cushion!! Sorry to hear that your elbow is giving you trouble. Darn frustrating when you have time to craft and then can't do anything!!! Anyways, my boys (son and hubby) are lining up for a hair cut - better go!!! Hope you're feeling loads better! :)

nicky said...

Oh Lucy! What lovely cushions and hexagons. I will follow the link, I have been trying to make a hexagon crotchet blanket too with not much success so I will check this out. I know what you mean about the elbow/ wrist. That happened to me on Wednesday- I had to have a 24hr break from quilting and it was tough!
Hope you're back up and running again, nicky xo

Moogsmum said...

Your cushion looks gorgeous Locket! Beautiful fabrics and colours.
Not sure they'd look so nice on my sofa - covered in dog hair and drool!
Your hexagons are lovely too and you've done so many already! No wonder your elbow/wrist hurts! Let's hope a night of rest sorts it out for you.
You may have to stop lifting those heavy glasses of wine ;-)

Poshyarns said...

I hope your elbow heals quickly. The cushion is lovely, beautiful fabrics.

dottycookie said...

Lucy - I have only one word for you - PHYSIO! I had my first session this morning and it was fab. If you've got tennis elbow, please, please don't wait as long as I did before doing anything about it. She's got me melting ice cubes on my sore joints and it is nothing short of miraculous.

That said, your crochet is very, very pretty!

Sarahs Home said...

Lovely cushion.. Where on earth did you find the cushions at that price?
I hope that you are somewhat better today, sounds like you need to get something done about it.

Sarah x

BIG sister Ally said...

love the cushion, the colours go really well together.
there should be a new post on 'i did really love my little sister' soon, not long to wait hopefully.
em xoxox

Michelle said...

oh lucy it happens to me all the time when i crochet and the pain is horrid...i havn't done any now for 2 years because of it...they said it's carpul tunnel (sorry about the spelling)and it only goes away when i stop crocheting...and i have crochet ever since i was about 5...
thats why i stick to sewing now

sewkalico said...

Lovely cushions, but that elbow-wrist thingy is NOT good! I know rest is often the only way to relieve it, but what about those elbow and wrist guards and maybe something from the chemist like a tonic or joint-something?? Desperate times call for desperate measures!!!!
Get well soon!

Leanne said...

That is a colourful array of projects.....look after that elbow.