Thursday, 1 January 2009


So 2009 is here already!

Time just flies so fast - I must be getting old!

Christmas has been and gone and we all had a lovely time with super family and brilliant pressies and lots and lots and lots of delicious food and wine! But more of that another day!

We are back to that special day of the year when I aim to be different.

When I plan to have a complete personality transplant and become a "new" and "better" person,

In other words, it is time for my New Year's Resolution List.

a new list for me to completely ignore over the coming 12 months!

So what will this year's resolutions be, bearing in mind that I am not going to look at last year's list until I have written this one?

  1. spend less
  2. be more organised
  3. lose lots and lots of weight
  4. spend more creative time with the children
  5. do more exercise
  6. drink less wine
  7. make full use of each day rather than wasting time
  8. get up early in the morning
  9. be much tidier
  10. do more housework!
  11. blog more regularly - not because I think you necessarily want to read more, but so I have an on-going record of Locket life to look back on
So how does it compare to last year's list?

Fairly similar!

Scarily similar infact!!!!

Although I was obviously feeling more talkative last year - perhaps because it was typed before New Year's Eve and the late night partying rather than after!!!!!!

I hope you all had a lovely New Year's Eve whether you partied or not and I really hope that you have a truly fantastic time in 2009!

Lucy x


April said...

Good luck with the resolutions Lucy, but don't beat yourself up if you lose your way - as long as you and your family are safe and happy that is the most important thing.

Happy New year

April xx

Gina said...

Good luck will all those resolutions Lucy. It sounds a pretty tall order to me (although I secretly share several of them) and as you are lovely just as you are I wouldn't worry too much! A very happy new year to you all in the Locket household - we waved to you all as we drove past on Tuesday!

corry said...

Happy New Year to you too lucy! Good luck with the resolutions...hope you can follow them through! And if not..there always will come a next year (lol)

Moogsmum said...

Happy New Year Locket!!!!

Maybe last year's resolutions were just so great and effective that you just had to repeat them this year?

or not....

Whatever happens with the resolve, here's to a truly fabulous 2009!!!


periwinkle said...

hope you do better with your resolutions than I do with mine... happy new year to you and all the lockets
lisa x

Annie said...

We all have that similar list in our head. Thanks for putting it out there Lucy. I will endavour to ignore mine as well. and so the new year begins. We are definitely getting older!

Ali said...

Your Christmas looks very happy - full of hugs and smiles. And I wish you a 2009 with an abundance of both.

Katy said...

Happy New Year, Locket!!!
Good luck with the resolutions. Maybe stick to the one? Don't overload yourself with hundreds ;)

Michaela said...

Hey they look just like my resolutions! (Apart from the Etsy shop one cos I don't have an Etsy shop, but maybe I ought to have one so we can be the same in most respects!)

Four stone you say? Totally agree there but think maybe 4 pounds is even a tall order. Oh sod it, pass me another chocolate.

Happy New Year to all the mad crazy Lockets!


Leanne said...

That is a very impressive resolutions list.
Happy New Year

nicolette said...

Happy New Year Lucy!

Good luck with the resolutions!

I make new ones every week!