Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My Book by Fred Locket

This book is called Beast Quest and is very exciting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Fred typed that bit but then delegated the rest to me)

So what's the book about then Fred?

Well Tom has, well, he has to fight the dragon and he gets the golden chain and in the second one he um had to go under the water to get the chain and get up to the dragon and take that one off too with the special key.

But Mummy, I don't mean you to write down the well and um

But I like it

Oh, ok.

So why is it good then Fred?

Well it's got one of my favourite animals in and it's a dragon. And you get a bookmark in it and cards. He has to free the beasts from Malvel's curse then he gets dragon scale when he frees the first beast and when he frees the second beast he gets a dinosaur tooth.

What else Fred?

I'm going to save up my pocket money until I get £5 and then buy some more Beast Quest books!


Marie said...

Best book review I've read in ages. Sounds like a real page turner ;) Hope you save those pennies soon Master Locket.


Kitty said...

I've made a note of that - thanks for the recommendation, Fred. I think I might invest in one to see if it appeals to No.2! :-) x

Rachel said...

Sounds like a very cool book. And I love all the "ands & ums"! If Fred likes books with cards to collect, has he tried the Astrosaurs series? Both my boys love them!

Kitty said...

Pssst Fred - I've just been over to Amazon - you can get them quite a bit cheaper than £5 from some places, especially if you don't mind if they're not pristine.

Do they come in a certain order? Or are they all 'separate'?


wonderwoman said...

sounds like a good'un!


April said...

what a great review

April xx

Daisie said...

Brilliant, Elizabeth reads every book like it's her last and delights in every image!
She nearly bought some beast quest books in Borders (but in the end opted to spend her tokens on another book) and I can tell you that they are 'buy-one-get-one-free'!! So if you go to borders Fred could have books two and three for his £5!!

dottycookie said...

It sounds like Beast Quest is to Fred what Rainbow Magic Fairies are to Tall Small!

Jackie said...

Oh How lovely to be so captivated by a book.

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

That's a much better book review than you get on places like Amazon and The Book People Catalogue!

Bravo Fred for reading it yourself and not insisting mummy reads it and does "funny voices"

Moogsmum said...

Fabtastic book review Fred!!!

Monster finished Ferno last night and thought it was 'well wicked' (?!)

He was most excited when he came downstairs this morning to find Daddy had left him 'Arcta The Mountain Giant'.

katelnorth said...

Thanks for that - essential to know what a book that gripping IS! After all, there are children who read in this house, too...