Friday, 2 January 2009

Crafty Christmas

I didn't manage to make as many presents as I had hoped this year but it has still managed to be a fairly crafty Christmas.

Our next door neighbour made Daisy's mahoosive dolly Beatrice a new bed so I made the bedding to go with it (but I still need to paint the bed which is why it isn't properly in the picture!)

and Granny Biscuit knitted the squares for this blanket for Beatrice then Aunty Mo sewed them together and crocheted the border and the lovely flowers.

Another of Daisy's other presents from us was a sewing kit with fabrics from my stash so she can learn to make a patchwork quilt for Beatrice.

I made Fred some of Jodie's fantastic "racing snails" although I didn't have time to make a fabric race-track so I did one on the computer, added some fabric leaves and then laminated each sheet.

It's such a fab game to play - especially as the spinner I made to act as a dice has lots of minus numbers too so the snails go all over the place - just like in a real snail race!

I knitted Mr Locket a hat that I finished on Christmas Eve and plonked on his head - only to discover it was too small/strange :( so Fred ended up with a "cool skater dude" hat instead!

I also knitted my mummy a cowl/snood type of scarf-ey thingummyjig complete with the odd hole where I knitted it in the dark at the cinema while watching Wall-E with the children - but I reckon that just adds character and provenance to the finished item. Don't you?!

I made Dorothy three crafty kits in these lovely suitcases.

The top one has a basic sewing kit, the middle one has some lovely felts and perle threads and The Cute Book, and the bottom one has a selection of wools, a crochet hook and the Kids Learn to Crochet book.

But even before she got these presents Dot was busy making gifts for her little brother and sister.

She made Daisy this beautiful Betz White style cupcake pincushion

with a matching needle case

to go in her sewing kit.

and for Fred she made a Mrs Perkins Giraffe by Melly and Me

and although she didn't win the card making competition at school, I thought her design was so lovely that I got it made into a proper Christmas card at Vistaprint

And then I got loads of crafty Christmas presents too!


knitting needles

and lots and lots and lots of lovely Amy Butler fabrics!

So although I didn't get EVERYTHING done - it was still a really Crafty Christmas chez Locket!


Daisie said...

Oh, I do love a carfty Christmas!!

Dot's gifts are so beautiful and she obviously put such love and care into them, a daughter to be proud of me thinks!! Wonder where she gets it from??!!!

Happy New Year!


Ali said...

I had much to say, until I saw your knitting needles and now I'm just drooling and jealous.

Rachael Rabbit said...

Those racing snails are just 'A'dorable!! And quite a fantastic stash of Amy Butler fabrics you got there!

Moogsmum said...

Gorgeous crafty doings there Locket! I love the bedding on B's bed and the things that Dot made are superb - she's obviously a chip off the old block :-)

Your books look just like mine - although I haven't got the crazy Aunt Purl one - aren't they fab ?!

Great idea on the snail race track. I may have to copy that for my Aussie nieces and nephews. I have a number of snails in various stages of construction.

Here's to a happy and crafty new year :-)


Kitty said...

OH my, I have severe knitting needle envy - don't they look gorgeous?! And I have fabric envy, and lots of other envies too. Looks like a lovely crafty Christmas. x

Gina said...

Sounds like you got lots done Lucy - and all of it fabulous! My favourites are the snails! Dot is obviously very talented like her mum!

Jane said...

Perfect christmas then,and i love your racing snails and Daisy's cupcake. Happy New Year. Jane x

periwinkle said...

i love the fact that people clubbed together to make the bed things .. is the crochet book any good as I was thinking of getting it? Santa definately spoilt you :-)
lisa x

dottydesigns said...

Happy New Year Lucy and the rest of the lockets. Are you going to upholster your sofa with Amy Butler? that would look FABx

Jodie said...

Looka like a very crafty christmas for the lockets...ours was less crafty but funa nayway - your snails are totally awesome!!!!

Cass said...

I love your snails they are great.

trashalou said...

oh my word locket! there was some serious crafting going on pre-Christmas Chez Locket!

Loving the Amy Butler fabric A LOT!

Sarahs Home said...

WOW ! you have all been busy. I had such plans for a crafty christmas but I never seemed to get round to it. This year perhaps...

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous Christmas! Just love the craft suitcases, such a brilliant idea. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

JuliaB said...

Hi Lucy what a great post! I think those xmas cards are GREAT!! and the pin cushion .. oh and everything!! Happy New Year to all of you too! x

Annie said...

Fantastic crafty christmas Lucy! Love what you did with the snails, and those suit cases are just adorable. Happy days to all the lockets over there is coldville! We're looking forward to meeting Trash VERY soon!

Rachel said...

Wow, what a lot of crafty presents! Sounds like a good Christmas was had by all. (PS. Joe was particularly eagle-eyed and immediately spotted the gogo book in the pic of Fred!)

Thimbleanna said...

It looks like a wonderful Christmas was had at the Locket estate! Dorothy is becoming very accomplished -- I love the gifts she made Daisy and Fred! Good Luck with your New Year's resolutions -- I tend to make very generic ones with smaller risk of failure LOL!

dottycookie said...

Fabulously crafty Christmas goodies, Mrs, but what exactly are you planning with all those knitting needles ?!

twiggypeasticks said...

My goodness Lucy your children are as talented as you. Lovely stuff, I've said it before but can I come and live at your house please, it looks good fun.
Twiggy x

Rhiannon said...

Glad you had such a lovely christmas
Also, I'm amazed with the cake things Dot made - they look like something you'd buy!

Leanne said...

There is a lot of goodness there...there must have been some very impressive cards if Dorothy's didn't win...I think it is fantastic.

wonderwoman said...

wow - lots of crafty gorgeousness!
lovely pics and such pretty fabrics!


Cele said...

Lucky you your presents look lovely.
The fabric is divine.
Thought I'd pop by and wish you and the Locket household a very Happy New Year.

monda-loves said...

wow, Dot is really following in her mum's footsteps isn't she. She will probably end up being the new Amy Butler when she get's older. Speaking of Amy Butler - I have total fabric envy! Happy new year :o)


est said...

miss dorothy really become so crafty! love all her creations! so thoughtful of her to make suck loving presents for her sis n bro! :) and i love all her dotty suitcases which you gave her! aww..
and wow! all those knitting needles?! and fabrics!! so so SO great! :)

Jenny said...

What a lovely lot of Christmas creafty goodness and happy faces at the Locket house-glad you had fun and a very happy new year to you!

Marie said...

Fabby craftiness all round! I totally love the racing snail game. Too cute.

I also just drooled on my computer keyboard at the sight of all that Amy Butler. Which would be okay, except I'm in work and it's a little uncouth - even for me ;)

Happy New Year to all the Lockets.


sewkalico said...

Wow it was a wonderfully crafty Christmas at yours. Happy New Year to you and Family Locket - hope it's a good one!!

monkee maker said...

Hi Lucy,

Happy New(ish) Year! to you and the Locklets! It looks like you all had a fabulous craft-filled holiday, in spite of not making as much as you wanted to!

And blimey - did you ever score well on the gift front - I too have needle and fabric envy!!