Sunday, 30 December 2007

New Year's Resolutions?

Should anyone ever bother about New Year's Resolutions?

Does anyone ever achieve them?

Am I setting myself up for certain failure?

Should I blog about it?

Will you all be bored witless and never read my blog again?

Will I be totally embarrased by it?


So what!

Here goes with some resolutions for 2008 - the ones involving losing weight, eating and drinking and spending less and being more organised are almost definitely not going to happen but I keep aiming for them and we can only wait and see, one day they may actually happen!

  1. Lose weight (ideally about 4 stone!)
  2. Drink a lot less wine! Just thinking about all the extra hours of creatively productive time I would have if I didn't drink wine in the evenings should be a good enough incentive (sadly that doesn't seem to be the case unless I am really really busy!) I think I will aim for only drinking on Friday and Saturday nights for the month of January. That may be achievable and will almost definitely help with the weight loss!
  3. Eat more sensibly - the problem is I tend to binge eat if a diet is around!
  4. Keep the house tidier
  5. Spend much less money
  6. Be organised - get up earlier, get ready earlier, be at school earlier etc!
  7. Spend more time doing things with the children - playing, reading, crafting, cooking etc
  8. Be more consistent with the allotment - I tend to be either 150% or 0% - I need more balance!
  9. Also be consistent with my creativity. I think the blog will help with this as it keeps me in constant contact with new ideas but I do find it difficult to be creative and allotment-ty at the same time - probably because I am a 150%/0% type of person!
  10. Keep my Etsy shop updated - so that I can afford to buy lovely new craft supplies - see resolution no. 5!!!!
  11. Not spend so much time in front of the computer reading about what everyone else is doing and get on with doing things myself!
  12. Finally, try to develop some designs of my own. This one is scary! I never feel like I am capable of designing but I think if I give myself some more encouragement something may come of it!
I hope you all have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR We are going to our very good friends' house with all the children for a fab night of singing and chatting and laughing - my best night of the year!

P.S. One extra resolution - for those of you waiting for your PIF gift from me - I promise I will get it in the post to you soon (well, fairly soon!!!!) I haven't forgotten - Christmas orders just got in the way!


Lesley said...

Good luck with the resolutions Locket!! Hope you have a great time tonight and don't feel too hungover in the morning ;)
love Lesley xx

Patti said...

Good luck with the resolutions. I think New Year would be awfully bleak if we didn't at least try to make the next year better.

Have a good one.

Juliann in WA said...

Oh Lucy - those are some ambitious goals - I will be rooting for you! Can't wait to see all the fun creative things you come up with in the new year.

dottycookie said...

I don't know if this will make you feel better or worse, but your list of goals for 2008 is eerily similar to mine ;-) Good luck with them, and have a fab time tonight!

Monkee Maker said...

My New Year's Resolution is to not make any New Year's Resolutions, but good luck with yours and I shall enjoy seeing how they work out for you.

Have a Happy one tonight


Ali said...

Can I just swipe your resolutions? Only keep them all secret so my failure isn't too obvious!!

Happy New Year!

Yummers! said...

I just want you to know that you are a special person in my life... a gift to myself. You make me laugh so often and so hard. And you provide mental images that I carry through the days and chuckle about in inappropriate spots. People look at me and I just say, "Think nothing of it... I do it all the time".
A blessed new year to you and your family!
PS Add this to your resolutions... to show us a photo of you dear archaeologist.

Kitty said...

I think those are pretty much universal resolutions - only I don't have an allotment. Good luck with them all. Happy New Year. x

Levin (and Emily) said...

my list of new years resolutions are very similar - especially the eat less and spend less and craft more and be there for my kids more - well, to be honest I'm with them so perhaps I should say spend more quality time with my kids!
goodluck - at least you have goals - i think we all need goals!

Jodie said...

Oh Lucy, apart from the allotment I think I could judt reprint your goals for myself...... Goodluck!

anne bebbington said...

Good luck with the resolutions - mine is also to lose some weight but it will have to wait until after this next weekends family get together - and a tidier house would be nice mmmmmmmmm.........

rachelmp said...

Good luck Lucy! I love reading what you are up to from the other side of the world. I've given up on resolutions and do a "face a fear a year" now. You can do it! best wishes Rachel

Gina said...

Lucy - reading your resolutions we share so many so I think a shared goal of "balance" will be perfect.
Good luck to us both! Hope you had a lovely evening last night.
Gina x

the pesky bombolino said...

If keeping those resolutions will make you happier then I'm right behind you. Happy New Year Lucy, I hope it's a good one for you and your family x.

Jane said...

Good Luck with your resolutions Lucy Happy New Year. Jane x

Fiona said...

Oh I can sooo identify with those resolutions ('specially the allotment one as mine would be a jungle if my Dad didn't look after it). Fear of failure prevents me from making any myself. All the best for 2008.

weirdbunny said...

No new year resolutions for me, I'm perfect enough already - well that's my story and I'm sticking to it ! Ha ha. I'd only be setting myself up for a fall if I made any ~ after all I'm the most inconsistant person on the planet ~ love julia x

Leanne said...

Good luck with that very long list of resolutions. I tend not to set myself up for failure so don't do new years resolutions however I'm with you on #1.

est said...

having a list better than none! :)
i'm sure you'll combat yr resolutions with ease, lucy! after what you'd done with yr long list of christmas crafting & to-do list!i've confident in you totally ;)

corry said...

Good luck with the resolutions Lucy! I didn't make a list but if i did it would be similar like yours! Keep up's always a treat to read your posts!

Annie said...

Good on you Lucy - I hear you - Let the fun begin!!

Garden girl said...

Oh dear. I think I may need to steal your list-especially the allotment bit-I am in total agreement that I tend to go madly full steam ahead, scouring gardening books, new seed catalogues and watching vegetable growing TV....or nothing. Am definitely a fair weather gardener and it MUST STOP! I pined for my allotment for so long, waited on a list for 2 years and it is perfect! Just a bit wet and cold at the mo..!I shall concentrate on making ETSY stuff instead until the sun comes out.Happy New Year.

French Knots said...

My list is very similar!More water should be easy to do but less wine....that's tricky!
I'm on the waiting list for an allotment so I hope a few people round here decide they've had enough so I can get started.

Dana said...

If I didn't know better, I'd think that was me leaving that list of resolutions. Good luck. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Drink the wine...what the heck..

I found a picture of a penguin you knitted and a gnomme....could you tell me where you found the penguin son would love one....


I don't have a blog, but I am on Ravelry as Lady Di

Anonymous said...