Thursday, 13 December 2007

Shopping and sewing

Not a lot of sewing was done yesterday because I went shopping instead and bought a luvverly dress and cardigan from that celebrity designer shop Peacocks (ok, it's only a cheap and cheerful shop but the clothes I got yesterday were very nice)

But my purchase from Marks and Spencers was even more exciting than the cardigan and dress.

My very first pair of Sexy Boots!!!!

I have lived to the grand old age of 36 and never owned a pair of long boots (and we are only talking up to the knee - not Pretty Woman style thigh-highs!)

When I was younger I could never afford them and now I'm older (and they are cheaper!) my legs have always been too, um how shall I put this? Well, fat.

But those bootless days are gone! Yippeee!

I had a friend with a similar leg problem who got boots a couple of years ago and woke up in the middle of the night with sheer excitement at having finally found a pair that fitted!

Now I did promise to show you what I bought on Tuesday night so here it is

I love this sign and will probably keep it up all year (once I have found where I want it to go)

And I know I shouldn't have bought this doll as I make my own but the colours were so jolly and she was really rather cheap!
Finally I got this lovely little decoration for my tree.

So after all that shopping I should really be getting on with some sewing but top of my to-do-list today is

Look after Poorly-Dorothy-Child!

It was her year 6 Christmas Play last night and as I was watching I could see her getting more and more flushed and then she started blinking and looking uncomfortable so I could tell something was wrong. I was sitting in the third row but had two empty seats in front of me and I just wanted to push them out of the way so I could get to her and look after her! The second the play finished and the headteacher finished speaking I rushed up to get her and she burst into tears. Her throat had started really hurting during the play and she was finding it hard to breath and was trying to keep going so she could say her line near the end. So she and I have some nice treats planned for today - like prawn mayonnaise sandwiches and chocolate eclairs (but don't tell Fred and Daisy!!!!)

Now I did mention sewing in my title - but you will have to wait 'til next time for that!


Lesley said...

Oooh dear - very poorly looking Dorothy child. No wonder she needed to stay home today.

Lovely goodies from Tuesday and I particularly love the fabrics that dolly is made of.

As for the sexy boots - fab! Every girl needs sexy boots :)

Now I shall go and eat my prawn mayo sandwich and get stitching.

love Lesleyxxx

French Knots said...

Foxy boots! I have the same calf problem!
Hope your poorly girl is feeling better, chocolate improves most illnesses I think.

Gina said...

Fantastic boots... very sexy! Love the pretty doll too. I always think it is important to buy yourself things that you could have made because if you are anything like me you don't actually ever get round to making them for yourself.
Hope that poorly looking Dorothy is feeling better soon.
Gina xx

trashalou said...

tamvgrkkBrave, brave poorly Dorothy child. Lovely to see that the younger generation are still exhibiting that famous British stiff upper-lippedness.

Shopping t'riffic. Boots fabulous! Look out Mr. Recycled Pocket!

trashalou said...

Oops sorry! did not mean to include word verif.

Monkee Maker said...

Hmmm, I'm beginning to see a pattern forming here. Do you want me to give you some tips on being a cruel and uncaring mother so that your kids would rather be in school? I have a few tricks up my sleeve :)

Fab kinky boots - although I'm sure you don't have fat calfs (calves?) .... bottoms to your legs .... at all!

Patti said...

Poor poor Dorothy. What a brave girl though.

Boots - I loooooove stretchy boots.

Love the dolly and love the sign.

lucy you.

nicky said...

Hope your little one is feeling better soon- at least she has a snuggly quilt to keep her warm!
Those boots are a great find!

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, poor Dorothy. She's looking rather cute with her Santa hat -- it seems you've been keeping her entertained. Maybe modeling your new boots? You're hysterical about your legs -- holy cow, I used to wear heels that high but I'm afraid I'd fall off of them now! I absolutely LOVE your new sign. You've made some fabulous purchases -- good for you!

Lissa Jane said...

I have the same problem, I think its cause of my muscly calves *W*.. my g/f has cankles (ie no ankles) so she can't fit boots either, our DH's thinks it funny.. a prawn and mayo sanga would of cheered me up, so I hope it helped poorly girly feel better.. Just sent a heap of chrissy cards to the Pomgolian Rellies that are in your neck of the woods, Blythe, Shiremoore and Whitby Bay..

take care..
and try to get some sewing done.. I hope you have caught up on your orders???


Ally said...

Like the boots, make sure you take the label off underneath dear, before you wear them!

Hope Dot feeling better now after a thorough spoiling at home for one day.

Is it Fred's turn next? Will we see him under a different quilt with a Santa hat.

est said...

sorry to hear bout dorothy but she sure a tough girl holding on to finish the play.

wow! the boots are awesome!! i never had boots too.

Leanne said...

Mmm Boots very sexy indeed - Lovely sign I agree - cute doll - great decoration well done on the shopping front. I hope poor Dorothy is feeling much better, nothing like chocolate eclairs to fix you up.

emma said...

nice boots aunt do you have the other one that matchs (there was only one in the pic(i think))

hows Dot know? how was dot, dasiy and tom's play?

cya at xmas emma

Lina said...

I have the same leg problem also - I remember some celebrity refering to hers as "cankles" once! I finally found a gorgeous pair of boots a few years ago that I could squeeze my cankles into only to have lost them in a suitcase that went awol a few months later whilst flying to the UK from Canada. I'm still in mourning!!!

Annie said...

Congrats on the boots. I can't believe you waited that long. I always feel very dressed up and special in my boots. Love your shopping.