Thursday, 6 December 2007

I'm a Celebrity's BLANKET get me out of here!

I am SOOOOOOOO excited!

Really very very very excited!

You will have to excuse the little boast that is about to pop out here because I am so very excited.
One of my patchwork blankets has just appeared on TELLY!!!!!

I'm going to be RICH and FAMOUS
(ok, so that bit was a lie!)

But the rest is true! One of my blankets was on the I'm a Celebrity get me out of Here final program on Tuesday night!

Now I haven't actually watched any of this series but I got an excited phone call late on Tuesday evening from my friend Krisha to say she thought she had just seen one of my blankets on the program.

Now in case you think I am off in Cloud-cuckoo-land, I did actually make blankets for both of Anna Ryder Richardson's baby daughters when they were born (which was pretty exciting and nerve-wracking in itself!)
Anyway, when her husband and daughters arrived in Australia one of them was carrying the blanket I made. I wasn't sure at first when I watched a replay on the computer but at one point her husband is holding the blanket in the back of the car and it is definitely one of my applique designs on it!

I am so thrilled!

Partly because I can show off and say "look at that, I made it!" but mostly because I made something 4 years ago that a little girl loves so much she has taken it with her to the other side of the world!

When I watched the replay more closely the blanket was in practically every shot - on Dixie's knees as she rides on the trolley in the airport, round her shoulders when she ran on to the bridge to hug her mum, on the restaurant table when they are talking to Anna, in the car being held by the dad!

Please excuse me showing off - this kind of thing doesn't happen very often in my quiet little world and you don't need to worry because of course I will still talk to you all when I am a rich and famous "crafter for the stars"!!!!!

Back on solid ground. (well almost!)

Not a lot of crafting has been going on in the Locket Household (at least not of the "need to finish orders" sort) as the days seem to be taken up with concerts and church services and after school activities and that lovely past-time - shopping.

The children and I have been doing some things from their "promises" advent calendar. On the first day we made snowflakes
The next day we went to listen to "Dorothy" singing at The Sage in a christmas concert. She was lovely, and so still and smart sitting in the choir - I was very proud!

And last night we had a cosy evening watching the remake of Miracle on 34th Street.

This evening's plan is to start making Christmas presents for their teachers. Yesterday when I was in Poundland (just wish I could think of a witty designer name for this useful shop) I managed to pick up these scrap book kits for - you guessed it - £1 each. So we are going to see what we can do with them.

As far as my work is going I did manage to get the two rag dolls stuffed and sewn together and I have made this wonky dress (photo for Moogsmum) for the slightly larger doll.

I just need to make myself clear the house up a bit and tidy my work area so I can actually get something done.

I have been far more successful with my shopping however!

So much easier!

Look at my wonderful stamp from this company.

It was designed by Monda's very talented husband and I love it!

And this is the gorgeous picture I have ordered from Belle and Boo. (I'll show you a proper photo when it arrives)

Finally, love it or hate it, I have to admit that IKEA is a jolly useful shop. When I was there on Monday (partly to replace the duvet that I melted in the tumble dryer - now is not the right time of year to do without one!) I found these fleecey blankets for the children for only £2.50! I couldn't even buy half of the fleece for that. They are much bigger than the ones I have made for the children and will hopefully keep them a bit warmer at night too.
(they are only pretending to be asleep - even Charlie is joining in)


Lesley said...

Fab post Lucy!! Fancy my imaginary friend making famous celebrity blankets!!! Watching the clip it is obvious Dixie adores her blanket and takes it everywhere with her. How precious to know that something you made is loved so much.
Very proud of you Locket!!!
Lovely snowflakes the little Lockets have made and I love their pretend sleeping picture.

Can I have your autograph please?

love Moogsmum who is not nearly as famous as you :)

Gina said...

WOW!!!! I'm almost as excited as you are Lucy because I know how excited I would be if it was me!!! (and I don't even know who Anna Ryder Richardson is)Promise you will still talk to us when you are rich and famous? The dolls dress is gorgeous and The beautiful snowflakes made me wish my children were still little when we did things like that together.

Knot Garden said...

How exciting that your blanket was seen on TV! And how nice to know it is still used and loved. I'm so pleased for you:)

Monkee Maker said...

Hurrah!!! Good for you, Lucy, just think how those orders for lovely kiddie blankets will come flooding in now, after being featured on Celebrity!

I'm so annoyed that my pc doesn't have the right equipment to be able to view the film clip ..... I need to see it and I need to see it now!

Your new stamp is groovy too :)

Right, I'm off to download some software .....

dottycookie said...

Oooh! FAME! I am deeply impressed.

We've been doing the snowflake thing here too - lots of glitter all over the floor. And big thank you to the teachers in the interest of scientific accuracy they've tsaught the kids you have to make them 6 pointed, which is all well and good but very much harder to fold!

Donna said...

I have absolutely no idea who Anna Ryder Richardson is or the show she was on but WOW what a story you must be so chuffed. Particularly that the little girl has been carting your blankie around for 4 years. Great post.

trashalou said...

four years! Wow! Know for a fact that anything I had made wouldn't have lasted that long with constant loving. (I'm a youngest-it's always all about me)

You are so famous you can join my famous people who have been on the media' club.

est said...

wow! and wow!! this is so great!! i couldn't watch the clip from my pc here :( but sure this would be so flattering knowing someone adore yr handmade so fondly and from a celeb?!! awesome!!

Jodie said...

I have b noidea who that person is or anything about the show - but i am so excited for you. A thousand pats on the back . That little girl must really really love it. Well done......and um if you have the time an autograph please??

Patti said...

Doh. I missed the show because of a pesky child here being 3 on that day. And my PC won't play the clip.

Can you put some sort of "By Appointment" thingy on your stuff now?

And I'm intrigued - how did you get to make the things for ARR in teh first place? (I know who she is, I was a changing rooms addict)

Leanne said...

Well done Lucy there was never any doubt that you are an extremely talented seamstress. Bath in the glory for as long as you like. Love the stamp.

Jane said...

Its a lovely feeling that the little girls love your blankets so much. Em has a special blanket which is now nearly 12 years old, it was crocheted for her by a friend and it still lives on her bed and keeps her toes warm or is used as a shawl at the weekends when she's watching telly. Lovely stamp. We're making paper stars too.

lucykate crafts... said...

how wonderful to see your blanket is obviously so much loved by its owner. my youngest drags a blanket everywhere with him (think linus from charlie brown!) but it is a cotton cellular pram blanket, not nearly as interesting as yours!, x.

Kae said...

OH WOW!!! YOU made that blanket!!! I did notice it when watching :) Fantastic!


Lissa Jane said...

woohoo @ almost being famous.. what a scoop!!! and how wonderful to know how much she loves her blankie...

You know I was almost thin once *W*
I love Ikea too, shame we dont have one in Newcastle, its on the other side of Sydney, about 2 hours away..


Zoe said...

Well done about the blanket - how great for you.

Suzie Sews said...

I am so thrilled for you, I am really excited by this, imagine the thrill of seeing your work being loved and ised...Fantastic...
Great post lots of lovely goodness to see us through the wet weekend!!!!

sarah said...

How exciting! It must be so lovely to know she loves her blanket so much x
I'm really impressed with the doll's dress- the buttons around the hem are so very sweet.

Yummers! said...

A celebrity!! Singing... "I know a celebrity" That's cool!! I didn't know which clip to watch... there were soooo many.

I love your 'Lucy Locket' stamp. That's a really great idea. I'm looking for some neat labels but haven't found any yet.

Love to you and your little ones... ok, throw in the archaeologist too.

Di said...

Wow - how exciting! It must be the biggest rush to know your blanket is loved!! I also really like your stamp! And I visited Ikea on Friday and came home with a red fleecy blanket yesterday - under which I spent most of yesterday afternoon on the sofa!! Keep up the good work!!

corry said...

Wow, how exciting! Must be fabulous to see something you made on tv! The snowflaces are so lovely and so is your stamp. Great post lucy!

Anonymous said...

What great news!!!! I tried to watch the replay but my silly computer wouldnt let me =( But great news none the less and I can understand you being tremendously excited, thrilled and a little big headed =)

Lynette Anderson said...

How exciting, congratulations. The biggest thrill is definitely that the quilt is so 'loved' after all thats really what making a quilt is all about.
I want to know where the real Lucy picture has gone??? I liked to see the real you, put it back please.

weirdbunny said...

I remember seeing the blanket ! How on earth did you end up making the blanket for her daughter?

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Lucy!!! How very exciting about your brush with fame. I think now you can raise your prices, can't you LOL! I LOVE, LOVE your new stamp. You should be stamping it everywhere!!!