Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Rosalie Quinlan Dolls

(from the My Dolly Bekkie pattern)

Just a quick and probably very sycophantic post about how much I love Rosalie Quinlan's doll designs!
(adapted from A Bucket Full of Angels pattern)

Rosie is the Me part of the Australian sister duo Melly and Me and I have been making her designs for a few years now.
(adapted from A Bucket Full of Angels pattern)
About 90% of the dolls I have made have been from her designs or adapted from them so I can safely say she is one of my all-time favourite designers.

(adapted from A Bucket Full of Angels pattern)

(I think these ones were adapted from a pattern in a magazine for an angel garland)

(Bunny from My Dolly Lolly)

(Adapted from a magazine pattern for a bag with an angel brooch - now a pattern)

(from My Dolly Lolly and My Dolly Bekkie)

Even the Princess and The Pea doll is just a reduced version of one of Rosie's dolls (again from the Bucket full of Angels pattern) - although the bed was designed and made by my clever next-door-neighbour and the mattresses and quilt are my own idea.

Since teaming up with her sister Melly the designs have changed (although she still brings patterns out in her own name as well) but I still absolutely love them and have a few little projects planned for the children's Christmas presents - which I can't show you yet for obvious reasons! But to get an idea have a look here and here and hopefully next year I will also be making this and this (the patterns are here and just waiting for me to try them out along with several other Rosalie Quinlan doll patterns)

Finally a photo of a non-Rosalie Quinlan doll but now a much loved family member! Here she is tucked up in a bed made for her by Daisy.
And for those of you who haven't realised it already this a panicking-person's-prevarication-post!

The orders are now finished (Hooray!) but I've still got 14 family Christmas presents to make from scratch and only 5 days to do it in (along with all the other wrapping, sorting, packing, organising etc)



Lesley said...

Lovely lovely dollies Mrs Locket. Your craftswomanship is so beautiful and I mean that in a totally non-sychophantic way!!
Your little Daisy girl has made my day making that pretty bed for Rosy doll :) What a clever girl!
As to the 14 presents issue - I know you'll get there wonderwoman!
Lesley xxx

emma said...

great dolls aunt. you should have done the christmas presents and put the pics on your blog!!!!!!!lol
cya @ x-mas
luv emma

corry said...

Wow, so many lovely dollies! I adore the dollie angel in the polka dot dress. Good luck with finishing all the presents on time!

trashalou said...

Aaaah! Missus Locket-Pocket. Come in sit down. Now then (adjust spectacles so as to look over the top in faintly supercilious manner), my suggestion is a swift intake of radioactive spider venom such as may have been ingested by a maksed superhero, I wouldn't like to comment on personal proclivities.

This arachnid injection apparently endows the victim with superhuman reflexes and capabilities ,[such as it may take to get to the end of this comment!].

Just a slight prick Missus Recycled-Locket and all will be well. There, see, nothing to worry about. (patronises some more and sits back on swivelly doctor seat.)

** Pah! Christmas is six more sleeps away - you will romp it in!

Lissa Jane said...

Love the dolls, love Rosie's stuffs too..

you seem to be stressing?? why are you stressing?? LOL I am stressing cause a death in the family AND then shingles and the other christmas crap (ie parties, concerts etc) has put me WAY behind.. I would love to see the top of one of my dining tables before christmas, but somehow, I dont think its going to happen.. gave up on the handmade stuff, I am off to target tonight to BUY crap...

take care...


Kitty said...

Hi ... I've been reading your blog for a little while now, but have been tempted out of the comment closet by those lovely dolls (and rabbit). Can't wait to see Pocket and Floss and the giraffe when you've done them - it makes me want to 'have a go'! :-) x

Patti said...

Lovely dolls. Those presents will be finished in plenty of time. Don't feed the children and don't sleep. Think of all the extra hours you'll have.

I think I've found a blog for you and Moogsmum

Some of these even put your lists to shame - and that's saying something.

Ally said...

I see my daugter has tried to get a sneak preview of her present by putting a comment on your blog. I think she thinks you were born yesterday - unlike her mum!

cya @ xmas (as Em puts it)
Ally x

emma said...

no, i dont think u were born yesterday, i just want to c some presents like mine and peter's and everyone else's
LOL LOL!!!!!!
cya @ x-mas (like i said and mum)
luv emma

julia said...

How busy have you been, your fingers must be bleeding! Great presents, lucky recipients, what more can I say, apart from have a fantastic Christmas!

Julia xx

ps. You've ALREADY cleaned the living room - now I'm panicking!

Gina said...

Fouteen presents? You can do it Lucy - no problem. The dolls are all so beautiful.
Gina xxx

Yummers! said...

Have a glass of wine and all your anxiety will fly out the window.
Love your dolls!!!

anne bebbington said...

Oh my word 14 present still - good luck with that!

julie said...

wow - gorgeous dollies! I love Rosie's patterns too (although being rubbish at sewing means I only admire them from afar!) Hope you get everything finished and have a well-deserved restful and happy christmas!

the vicious chicken said...

14 gifts left to make, eh? Not a problem - just keep munching on the denial cake and all will be fine!! That's my philosophy anyway, and I'm sticking to it. Apart from anything else, it's nice and warm with your head buried in the sand :o)

Good luck though - I'm sure it really will be fine.

Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeous doing a post about my dollies even if it was in the middle of panic! Thank you for your beautiful comments. Dont worry as there is going to be alot more Rosalie Quinlan Designs soon. I have told Melly that I need to work on some stuff on my own for a while. Have some lovely stuff designed but have to decide if they should be a book or a number of patterns. Would love to do a book though. Have a gorgeous christmas. It sounds like you have a really fun family when I read the cheeky messages they are leaving you!

The Fat Quarters said...

The dolls are lovely, so nice to see Rosalies pattens. Have you seen there new patterns? We will have them in he New Year at The Fat Quarters.
Have a merry christmas and I hope to see you soon.

Annie said...

Love the dollies - great work - but get busy on those other things now!!!

Juliann in WA said...

What lovely dolls. Hope you have time to relax with your family over the next week. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Monkee Maker said...

So ..... how's it going, with the 14 gifts??

I must apologise for the lateness of this commment .... I thought I'd already commented, but bearing in mind that I was on holiday this week and may have had a couple of glasses most nights, it's no wonder I was confused.

Anyhoo. Beautiful dollies, and I very much enjoyed the commentary between your Sis and her daugher :)

(Hope you have a fab Christmas x)

ps. Word verification : syrfcwds .... Serves You Right For Commenting While Disfunctional Silly??

Thimbleanna said...

Oh My Miss Lucy! FOURTEEN??? Well, it's now only two days -- I do hope you've made it. Have a very Wonderful Christmas!!!

fiona said...

see i told you i was on my way over!wow what amazing dolls, i love that you adapt them to suit you!i do that too! rosie and mel live around the corner from me here in aus!glad to had such a lovely christmas, hope you got everything done!...nice to meet you!