Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A list for my sister - UPDATED

  1. Look after poorly Daisy child( poorly toast)
  2. Tidy sitting room
  3. Tidy dining room
  4. Tidy kitchen
  5. Generally make the house look decent because Aunty Mo is coming to look after poorly Daisy child so I can go and watch Fred's christmas play - he was a charming "gift carrier" for one of the three kings!
  6. Finish top-stitching on Princess and the Pea mattresses
  7. (Varnish P and P bed) it needed more coats of white paint first
  8. Watch White Christmas with Daisy while working
  9. (Make Jazi's art bag) - started it
  10. Make Leon's art bag - nope, didn't get started on this apart from turning the handle through
  11. (Make Finlay's art bag) - started
  12. Make a pasta bake for the children's tea using some of massive bolognaise from yesterday
  13. Dry washing and hide it under a quilt until I get time to put it away look behind Daisy in the top photo
  14. Have some breakfast better late than never!
  15. Go to Bernie's house tonight for a fab "Busy Bee Christmas party" to buy some lovely things for ME!
Helen Charlton of Busy Bee Studios
(her website isn't completely up and running yet but will be a great site in the future)
and some of the lovely things she had to sell

I'll show you what I bought tomorrow

If you're good..........


Thimbleanna said...

Are you sick of hearing from me yet LOL??? Lucy dearest, you must slow down -- you're giving me a headache. I'm stuck in pesky meetings all day and you're actually getting real stuff done -- I'm SO envious! There's sweet little Daisy under that quilt from way back when that I love so much. And little Fred's dimples are just adorable! Oh, and I do think that cute Dorothy from a previous post looks an awful lot like her mother! ;-)

Lynette Anderson said...

My goodness Lucy you are just whipping through your 'TO do lists' well done.

ally said...

Well done, are you going to put your feet up now?

Gina said...

Good grief missus... do you sleep??? I'm seriously impressed with all the list crossing off.

Lesley said...

Well Missus - you've done it again! I love your appliques for the bags. Daisy looks very snuggly there - hope today went well for her. Very cute Fred picture too! I can't wait to see the goodies you bought last night.
Gotta go - another stupid cushion to add to the list!

Yummers! said...

Lucy Locket,
You are so cute... you always make me laugh.

If I was a child I would like to grow up in your house. You're a wonderful mummy!!!

I haven't even made a list to cross off things. It scares me to even think of what's waiting to be done.
Love you,

Ali said...

Oh Lord I've had such an unproductive day. Better drown my sorrows in (another) glass of wine.

Hope poorly child is better.

trashalou said...

Dead impressed Missus. Would you like to create a 'to do list' for me so my sister can be suitably awed?

Looking forward to seeing more fabulous creations.