Monday, 10 December 2007

Monday's list updated

  1. Paint medium doll's shoes
  2. Varnish shoes she looks a bit confused in there doesn't she?
  3. Make MD's bloomers
  4. Stitch MD's face
  5. Make Princess and the Pea's nighty (yup she's still in progress!)
  6. Stitch P&P's face
  7. Paint P&P's bed just needs underneath painting and whole thing varnishing
  8. Make P&P's 7 mattresses actually made 6, just need to top stitch them now with decorative stitching but machine being contrary right now
  9. Make P&P's quilt and pillow
  10. Make P&P's bloomers
  11. Finish art bag for Evie dreadful photo I know. It's one of those art bags with spaces for pencils
  12. Frame Niamh's picture
  13. Start Niamh's purse
  14. Make Mince Pies with Children
  15. Decorate tree with children
  16. Design angel birth sampler
  17. Tidy kitchen okay, most people wouldn't think it was tidy but it's tidy for me! Then it got untidy again with all the cooking!
  18. Put away clean washing - well, I folded it, does that count? and I really really love the guy who did put them away!!!
  19. Tidy sitting room (see kitchen above!)
  20. Listen to Amy McDonald CD (notice, I didn't put wine drinking on today!) - got so busy doing stuff I forgot to go out to the car to bring it in until the end of the day but listened to it while I did the children's tea
So nearly everything was either done or pretty much done - not bad going for me really!

These are the other things I did today:
  1. Put away shopping delivery
  2. Got very cold
  3. Made huge bolognaise-type dish for the next 10,000 suppers with loads of secret veg that the children won't notice (onions, garlic, carrots, parsnips, celery, mushrooms and tomatoes)
  4. Dried 50 million loads of washing (okay it was only 3)
  5. FINISHED Niamh's purse - rather than just starting it!
  6. Made some yummy mulled wine
  7. Drank it!


QuiltingFitzy said...


Fiona said...

Good grief, woman, you're making me feel inadequate!

Jane said...


Monkee Maker said...

Aha! Glad to see that the wine consumption slipped in there somewhere!

And please can you stop making the rest of us .... ok, me .... look so bad.


of Bristol

Patti said...

Well done you on getting all that done.

Love the dolly with her head in a pint glass. Looks like me at the works christmas party!

saraeden said...

Wow you got sooo much done .... i managed to tick 4 things of my list and i thought i was doing well!!

Lesley said...

D'ya know Locket - when you go for it you really GO FOR IT!!!!!

Ally said...

Well done, can we have your list for today? I love egging you on!


de vliegende koe said...

My dear, you are speedy going through the lists!
Some elfs helping you? How do you manage to blot out text in blogspot. Mine doesn’t have that option.

Leanne said...

Well done Lucy - you deserve a gold star.

Thimbleanna said...

Lucy! Look how much you're getting done -- I'm so impresed. And what a very lovely Christmas tree you have!