Monday, 10 December 2007

Monday's To Do List

You'll have to humour me here as I share my to-do-list for today. I've found this is the best way to motivate myself to actually get the jobs done - if I have you lot waiting to see if I succeed! (and there are rather a lot of jobs needing to be done if Christmas is going to actually happen around here!)

  1. Paint medium doll's shoes
  2. Varnish shoes
  3. Make MD's bloomers
  4. Stitch MD's face
  5. Make Princess and the Pea's nighty (yup she's still in progress!)
  6. Stitch P&P's face
  7. Paint P&P's bed
  8. Make P&P's 7 mattresses
  9. Make P&P's quilt and pillow
  10. Make P&P's bloomers
  11. Finish art bag for Evie
  12. Frame Niamh's picture
  13. Start Niamh's purse
  14. Make Mince Pies with Children
  15. Decorate tree with children
  16. Design angel birth sampler
  17. Tidy kitchen
  18. Put away clean washing
  19. Tidy sitting room
  20. Listen to Amy McDonald CD (notice, I didn't put wine drinking on today!)


Rose said...

Wow, Lucy thats a big list, but im sure u can get it done!!!

pink-petal-designs said...

wow, thats a lot to get done. Hope you do well with it.
Sarah x

ally said...

Well, your not going to do all of that today - at least you can rely on me to tell the truth.

Haven't you also got to take children to brownies this evening. Drop the decorating of christmas tree that can wait 'til the weekend.

You also forgot to put on knitting hand warmers - don't forget now.


Leanne said...

Hey Lucy, I have faith you will get to #20.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Well, add the wine to be number 21 if you get everything done!

Merry Christmas!

tintocktap said...

That putting away clean washing - always catches me out!

Anonymous said...

wow, you will be busy!! Making mince pies will be great fun though!

Katy said...

just reading that list makes me want to lie down and rest!!!!

Ally said...

Well, it is now 2pm - you only have one hour to go before the children are home. So you must be near the bottom of the list and just tidying the kitchen ready to get all messed up with sticky mincemeat and a nice sprinkling of snow (flour) all over that nice kitchen.

Aren't you glad I'm thinking of my little sis while busy at work.

Take care,


Patti said...

Wow - that's a list and a half. I would need to schedule in several "lie downs" in order to get all of that done. You don't need to add "drink red wine" to the list - as if you're going to forget that one.

trashalou said...

That is a serious list! What is the timeframe for all this?

Plus I am loving the prioritising going on. Anything housework related is waaaaaaaaay down the bottom. That is my kind of list!

dottycookie said...

Good grief woman, don't let my husband see this list - he'll wonder what I'm doing with my time, I never get nearly that much done! (did that make any sense at all?)

I though I was doing well - we're having an off school sick day and we did all the Christmas cards and baked and built a gingerbread house ready to ice tomorrow - but that's about it ...

Jo said...

There's never any need to put ' drink wine' on the to do list - who forgets that!!

Hope you are making good progress with the list.x
French Knots

Lesley said...

You don't need to list wine anymore luv, we just assume you'll be doing it anyway!!!
Am I right or am I right????
Good list Locket. I know you'll do it. You are a woman after all and we do perform miracles every day :)
Nice to see your sis has a job that enables her to lurk around on your blog. Hello Locket's Sister!!!!