Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Monday's frantic to do list - Final Update!

  1. Frantically tidy HALL
  2. KITCHEN still need to do the washing up and tidy paperwork
  4. and DINING ROOM (pretty much!)
  5. Write and post 20 christmas cards wrote lots and posted some
  6. Dry loads of washing
  7. Put away loads of washing - those quilts come in very useful!! The piles are sorted and almost folded and then decoratively concealed!
  8. Finish constructing big doll
  9. Paint doll's hair
  10. Dress her and stitch face
  11. Finish Finlay's bag
  12. Make Leon's bag
  13. Start present for Granny and Grandpa Biscuit
  14. Wrap presents for nephews and nieces
  15. Wrap and pack parcel for Lesley and send it by super-duper-fast-next-day-recorded-delivery -because-it-is-so-late-post! Yup it really is in the post!!!!
  16. Cut out bag for Hannah
  17. Cut out present for Emma
  18. Cut out present for Peter
  19. Cut out present for Frances
  20. Frame Niamh's picture and gave it to Louise
  21. Have a cup of tea and I had a prawn mayo sandwich too!
So I got quite a lot done but then had an early night because I had a stinky headache and stiff neck. I'm off to hear Dorothy singing carols in the local town at lunchtime and haven't done any sewing yet so I need to get on with it! At least the end of the orders is in sight and as for Christmas presents - well at least there is another two weeks until they need to be finished. (Isn't there?)


Ally said...

By the way, I have a little list and at the moment it has all the days of the week on a separate page in a a5 notebook upto Christmas Eve and each time I think of something I must do I choose a day to put in on my list! Thought I would share that with you. I also have in my book an ongoing shopping list (food) and a menu list for the weekend when the outlaws are coming!! Must run in the family.

Enjoy Dorothy's carol singing and give her a big hug from me.

Lesley said...

It's obvious that your superior planning skills are genetic judging by your sister's comment!!
Looks like you are doing great to me - your dolly is lovely and her clothes are so beautiful!!
Enjoy the carol singing and hope Fred gets on ok :)
Minx is fed now and may even let me have 5 minutes peace - yeh, right!!

Yummers! said...

You must be the busiest mummy in the UK. I still haven't made a list but then again with no kiddies at home, it is a bit easier. I think your kiddos are so cute... but then again, so are you. Have you ever posted a pic of the archaelogist?? Fred is darn adorable... makes me melt. And that cute name... Fred!
Hmmmmmmm... prawn and mayo sandwich?? How do you make that?? Like a shrimp salad... I wonder??
Sounds tasty!
I can't wait to order my Princess and the Pea after the holidays and the kids are back in school.
Christmas hugs,

Annie said...

I think you need another cup of tea!! I don't actually have a list yet, but my room looks like a tornado has hit. I am still working right up to Friday. I am getting so excited about staying home in the holidays and playing in my sewing room.

dottycookie said...

Wow! OK, I am seriously impressed.

Hope that your neck is feeling better and not turning into anything nasty - we were all felled this week with a lovely virus that started as achy and ended up with 101 degree fevers and hacking coughs. Yuk.

Hope you enjoy the carols!

Monkee Maker said...

I'm a tad concerned that you and Lesly are going to work yourselves into the ground before the big day. I think you both need to step away from the jobs and the lists.

Step closer to the wine / tea / chocolates / cakes / sweets / whatever floats your boat and spend AT LEAST an hour indulging.

Dr. M Maker.

ps. Note the vice I listed first. Mmm, interesting.

pps. Cute Rosy dollie last post :)

Lina said...

Love your lists. I'm learning to let go of mine as they just seem to get longer and longer!! The little elephant applique/embroidery is very cute indeed.

est said...

wow! lucy! way to go! you're so superb!! egg mayo is my fav too ;)

Jodie said...

ummm...Dear Ms locket I do believe you are suffering from some time lapse type Dr Who time travel thingo ...(very technical term I know). You may need to consult a specialist to ensure you understand there are not in fact TWO weeks left until Christmas. In my time zone there is less than one.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Aw heck, ya got lots of time!

You're almost there, you're doing great!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Yeaer Lucy, I really enjoy your blog!

Gina said...

Another gorgeous doll - love her! And the picture is super too. Sounds like you are doing great - so much ticked off again!
Gina x

Leanne said...

Well done on the list Lucy - I love Lollie she is such a cute doll Like Monkey maker I think you need to slow down a bit oh yes and head for the wine.

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Lucy -- I've finally caught up with you! You've been so busy and I'm SO impressed with all you've accomplished. I'd like to send my list to you!!! Love the Santa pics with the children and the pictures of your dollies -- they're all adorable!