Sunday, 16 December 2007

Jobs finished

At last I have some more finished orders.

Firstly the Princess and the Pea! Here she is ready for packaging up and dropping off in Durham.

(The colours in the bottom photo are a bit weird)

I had a bit of a disaster with the mattresses - they were fine when I made them but we were just putting it all together and discovered that three had got marked during washing/ironing so I had to frantically make more at the last minute.

While we were in Durham Daisy and Fred went to visit Father Christmas (a good one too!) but Dorothy decided to give it a miss - I think she is getting a bit too grown up!

I also managed to finish this cushion cover
(it needs washing to remove the pencil marks and the photo isn't great but it gives you an idea!)

and this birth sampler (which needed to be similar to one the family already had which was a print of a Debbie Mumm angel with handwritten details around the outside)
(I will iron it before I give it to them!!!!)

The remaining orders for christmas are
  1. A doll with clothes made from a baby's dress
  2. camoflague bag with pencil strip for Leon
  3. camoflague bag with pencil strip for Hannah
  4. Art bag for Jazi
  5. Art bag for Finlay
  6. Frame picture for Niamh
Then I need to make some Christmas presents.........................

About 13!

And that's after I decided I had to buy presents rather than make them for half of the family so it could have been a lot worse!

Do you think I'll get it all done on time?

I really hope so!


pink-petal-designs said...

wow you have been soooo busy! Love everything. Good luck with your list.
Sarah x

Lesley said...

Oh Lucy it's all gorgeous!! You've been so busy! I love your Princess and the Pea doll and your appliques are fantastic. I can't believe how much you've done in the past week. Good luck with the Christmas presents - you'll get them done, no problem.
love Lesley xxxx

Patti said...

You can do it. I'll be a cheerleader if you want. L - U - C- Y sew those gifts..... erm can't think of a rhyme.

But see me do the splits! wow.

I do think you'll get there. Jobs always expand to fit the time available.

What are you doing reading this? Get back to work!

anne bebbington said...

Oh boy and I thought I had some Christmas stitching to get done - still there's another 8 days left

trashalou said...

You have now guilted me into going and doing some more knitting on the jumper for tiniest borrowed child.

Leanne said...

Your Princess and the pea is gorgeous. Do you make the little bed? Good luck with the rest of your sewing.

Lissa Jane said...

yep you'll get it all done, cause us mums are 'Super Women'..

You know, I think I'd like one of those Princess and the Pea's, they are soo cute.. Well done! You are such a prolific maker!

aka Typhoid Mary

est said...

you still have 7 days to go... ;) i've confident on you! just look at yr list.. i bet you already crossed out most of them!

Gina said...

So many beautiful things Lucy - the Princess and the Pea is gorgeous. As for the rest of the things on the list... no problem ... go for it girl! (you haven't got time to come and do some of my things have you??)
Gina xx

Ally said...

Are you Celebrity name dropping again - making a pencil bag for the winner of the X-Factor?

Good list glad to see your nephew and niece feature in the list for presents - what happened to the rest? Oh r they the ones you are buying?

I have spent the weekend tidying - John is bringing some German colleagues home for tea (fish n chips from the local shop) and they want to eat them in the paper! Good job Mum's not watching!

Dad tells me he has made a little list especially for you for Christmas.

Take care,

Ally (your real sister without a blog!)

dottycookie said...

Oh you are so clever! The Princess and the Pea is just as cute as I thought she'd be and your samplers are gorgeous. Lucky people who will receive them!

I'm sure you'll get it all done - then I hope you'll collapse for a well earned G&T!