Monday, 17 December 2007

Monday's frantic to do list!

Sorry! Another list for you guys to help me through!

10.15 UPDATE

  1. Frantically tidy HALL
  2. KITCHEN still need to do the washing up and tidy paperwork
  4. and DINING ROOM (pretty much!) before 10 when my friend is coming round (it's already 9.15!)
  5. Write and post 20 christmas cards
  6. Dry loads of washing
  7. Put away loads of washing - those quilts come in very useful!! The piles are sorted and almost folded and then decoratively concealed!
  8. Finish constructing big doll
  9. Paint doll's hair
  10. Dress her and stitch face
  11. Finish Finlay's bag
  12. Make Leon's bag
  13. Start present for Granny and Grandpa Biscuit
  14. Wrap presents for nephews and nieces
  15. Wrap and pack parcel for Lesley and send it by super-duper-fast-next-day-recorded-delivery -because-it-is-so-late-post!
  16. Cut out bag for Hannah
  17. Cut out present for Emma
  18. Cut out present for Peter
  19. Cut out present for Frances
  20. Frame Niamh's picture
  21. Have a cup of tea


Lesley said...

As you long as no.15 gets done I couldn't care less about the rest!!
That, by the way, my stressed out friend is, in fact, my idea of a joke!!!

the vicious chicken said...

I particulary gravitate to number 21 when my lists are as long as yours (which is often, becasue I'm not as good at crossing things off my lists as you are!)

In fact, I think you should probably sandwitch 'having a nice cup of tea' in between every other item on the list :o)

VCxx (tea fiend extraordinaire)

French Knots said...

I think you need to add ' eat biscuits' to keep your energy up while getting through so much!

the pesky bombolino said...

It's too much! You're making me feel very very lazy with my to do list which has ironing on it and nothing else. Mind you it is an leaning tower of ironing x

Monkee Maker said...

I'm very alarmed to see that No.21 hasn't been crossed through yet .... watch out you don't get dehydrated, Mrs Whirling Dirvish!!

Lesley said...

Glad to hear from you that no.15 has been accomplished. I should think a no.21 is now in order!

est said...

lol! oh my! lucy.. lucy.. i agree with the others.. i think it's a wise step to jump straight to no.21 for a cup of maybe extraordinary supper cup of tea for extra super boost of energy!!! :)