Monday, 17 December 2007


Before I show you how well I got on with my "little list" (Dad would always write a "little list" at the weekend when we were children to collective groans - in fact he still does and there is nothing little about them) I must just show you what arrived in the post today!

I did succeed in task No.15 and posted Moogsmum's long awaited parcel to her but before I got to the post office another parcel arrived from her!
She had hinted that it might be on it's way so I rang her immediately to ask if I could open the packages as I was desperate to meet a certain someone...............
My very own Rosy doll!

I just love her lop-sided smile!

Lesley had also included some chocolates - one for each member of the Locket family (long gone), and the hairclips I had particularly liked from an earlier post.
What a fabulous friend to have! I only hope her parcel arrives quickly and she likes the contents! I will be sending her one of my dolls in the New Year - we have agreed that my list is a bit too long for a pre-Christmas creation!

Rosy came with me to pick the children up from school and Daisy immediately asked if she could have her - "NO! SHE'S MINE" was the gentle response (repeated later to Dorothy!) - I'm such a kind and sharing type of mother!!!

Ready to go

Whilst we waited in the local cafe for Dot to finish her guitar lesson we introduced Rosy to the delights of apple squash and highly dubious dotty biscuits!
She seemed to enjoy them - a lot.

So maybe Lesley was exaggerating when she said she was used to a healthfood diet!


Patti said...

Rose is just lovely. I hope she helps out with your sewing deadlines. Coming from the house of Moog I'm sure she brings some sewing and list ticking skills with her.

Anonymous said...

What a cute little Rosey doll!!! Very cute indeed!!! ENJOY

Ally said...

Are dolls any good at creating little lists? Or are they good at completing them?

Lesley said...

Glad to see Rosy is settling in well - she looks very posh in your posh bag. So glad the girls like her even if she's not (yet), technically, theirs!

Dear Locket's sister - Rosy has been trained in the art of moral support so will no doubt influence Locket's list ticking abilities in a positive manner, once the initial photographic euphoria has worn off!

Ally said...

Thank goodness for that - I won't be needed anymore for checking her lists are done and what's more Rosy is REAL!!!

Thanks for the chuckle Lesley

You never know one day I may have my own blog.

katelnorth said...

Hey, I'm sure your kids have plenty of toys - they can let you have yours!

Leanne said...

Rose is very sweet - what great friendships are made in blog land.