Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A list for my sister!

I've just received a comment from my big sister asking for another list as she so enjoyed nagging me yesterday! So here goes

  1. Look after poorly Daisy child
  2. Tidy sitting room
  3. Tidy dining room
  4. Tidy kitchen
  5. Generally make the house look decent because Aunty Mo is coming to look after poorly Daisy child so I can go and watch Fred's christmas play
  6. Finish top-stitching on Princess and the Pea mattresses
  7. Varnish P and P bed
  8. Watch White Christmas with Daisy while working
  9. Make Jazi's art bag
  10. Make Leon's art bag
  11. Make Finlay's art bag
  12. Make a pasta bake for the children's tea using some of massive bolognaise from yesterday
  13. Dry washing and hide it under a quilt until I get time to put it away
  14. Have some breakfast
  15. Go to Bernie's house tonight for a fab "Busy Bee Christmas party" to buy some lovely things for ME!
Is that good enough for you Ally?????


Patti said...


just popped on the pc to apologise for not being able to meet up today. Poor Daisy - though she does look lovely and snug with Charlie and others.

Keep going on the list.

Free friday morning?

Anonymous said...

So that's what happens to poor poorly Daisy after her Aunty (me) made her talk to her yesterday. It would make me poorly for a week!! Hope she is feeling nice and snug under her quilt and soon feeling better. Like the list - esp Aunty Mo coming round (have just had a nice long chat with her and told her to look under the duvet's and in the cupboards for all the things you haven't tidied away properly. I could never get away with that with my Father-in-law as he always walked around the house opening all the doors to see what was behind them - luckily he never commented when all the washing and ironing tumbled down on top of him!

Bet you haven't managed to do much on the list though.

Hugs and kisses, ur big sis

dutchcomfort said...

This looks like a familiy blog-battle! (LOL!)
Ally has no blog? Such a shame...

Mrs Moog said...

Crikey Lucy! Another massive list and blogging too! I obviously need a bossy older sister as they seem to work wonders!

I am most impressed with the frenetic activity going on in Locketland. A little of it has rubbed off over here today but no bloggage yet.

Poor poorly Daisy child - hope you feel much better very soon :)

Gina said...

Lucy, I'm worn out just reading your lists... and so impressed that you've ticked off so many things! I love the Princess and the Pea doll... just gorgeous.
Get better soon Daisy!
Gina x

trash said...

Right there is a reason for my sister not knowing my blog address. I get nagged enough without her doing it in virtualness too.

Carol said...

well you are like me with your lists and updated lists.....
I have just put one next to my hubby side of the bed....he is ignoring it!
Carol x