Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Ok, so I've already failed...............

I have to admit it.

I had a drink on a Tuesday in January!


But we were out for a meal and it was new year's day so that's ok, right?

I have a few cute photos to show you of the children at new year and then one, not so cute, of the allotment in dire need of a lot of work!
Fred and Daisy with their Ukeles on the way to our musical New Year's Eve party!
Daisy and Dorothy looking very grown up and beautiful at the party

A very untidy allotment with a lovely bonfire!

And this is the knitting I have been doing
A hat, initially for Dorothy but now for me because it is the first time I've found a woolly hat that I don't look really awful in (only a little awful in this one!)
My Noro scarf - again kindly modelled by Dot
And this is how far I've got with my first sock.

I bought sock wool and needles for my my mum, sister and sister-in-law as part of their presents and mum has got on really well - Apparently she has already finished the first one and worn it!


Lina said...

I haven't drunk cider in years! But you're OK as your resolution said drink less wine! I love your children's names - their real ones, or bloggy ones?!

Lesley said...

What? Already? I'm not sure it counts as a failure though as you were out for a meal, drank cider not wine, and were not drinking at home. Technically not a failure :)
Great knitting pics missus. I love that sock wool and Dot makes a very good hat model. The Noro scarf is delicious - I do hope you haven't let Dot keep it.
Your allotment pics have sent me on a guilt trip as our garden has been so neglected and I want to get it ready for some veg growing this year. Maybe at the weekend...

If you get snow tomorrow will you take some photos for me? It's pants down here and we'll probably get none.

Keep warm in your lovely new posh woollies :)
Lesley xxxx

Gina said...

Cider's not a real drink... and definitely doesn't count on New Year's Day. Love all the knitting - especially the socks... and great pics of the children.

Patti said...

Resolutions don't start until the second of Jan. How can you start denying yourself on a holiday?

Also - remember Lent is early this year. So if you're too good in January, come 5th of Feb you won't have anything to give up.

(I'm tellin' ya, I can find a justification for almost anything)

Love the knitting. Glad to see you are infecting others also. I made my eldest a pair of socks. Little feet - don't take long.

(PS don't ask said eldest child about his Ukelele. I forgot to wrap it up - so it's waiting patiently 'til his birthday in May. Bad mummy!)

trashalou said...

Hahahahahaha! Please give details on where, how and on what did your mother where just one sock?

trashalou said...

p.s. cider? just grown-up apples juice so really doesn't count.

david said...

There's just too much goodness in this one post to know where to start with a comment!
1. It's definitely ok- I'm not even thinking of new year's resolutions until the kids are back at school!
2. your kids play the ukele- too cute!
3 Both of your girls are beautiful, but I especially love Dorothy's dress.
4. The scarf is just gorgeous!

david said...

ps- it's me, Sarah aka the pesky bombolino- not David- blogger hates me and won't let me post comments as myself!

Monkee Maker said...

Great knitting shots there, Mrs LLP, your stitches are so neat! And Dot makes a fabulous model - she's a natural, dahling!

And fizzy apple juice? That's fine! Why, I have that with my cereals instead of OJ


ps. That was a joke .... honest ....

Kitty said...

Drinking on a Bank Holiday doesn't count!

That sock wool is amazing - I look forward to seeing the finished pair. I'm afraid I've done no crafting whatsoever over Christmas *blush* x

bigbucketgirl said...

I just read domesticali's post on socks and can relate 100% with her woes! I love your sock so far..i've got christmas cash to spend so i'm off in the morning to get sock wool and four needles. If i fail again at socks then I can use them as giant toothpicks or the like! The hat you made is also gorgeous. I've never tried a hat. That scares me. More than socks!

Lissa Jane said...

I made two new years resolutions
1. gain 10 lbs
2. eat more chocolate whilst reading...
I mean, if I break them, not so bad..
I love the socks, I have bought that wool in a few colours and did have a few lessons from mum on 'how to knit on four needles' but my brain didn't work, so now I have three balls of lovely expensive opal wool :O)))
Happy new year to ya!


Ally said...


I've got past the ribbing on my sock and am heading for the heel (not hill but well on the way there too). Looks good now I've mastered four knitting needles at once.

C ya soon
yr big sis

PS Em finished her hand warmers - they look good, picture l8r

Katy said...

one sock? Does your mother have an odd sock fetish? :D
Cider is actually not classed as true alcohol, because it is what teenagers drink down the park with their mates, therefore you have not broken your resolutions at all ;)
Dot looks marvellous in the hat and the scarf, and both girls look fab in those party dresses - I am sure I used to have one very very similar.

Thimbleanna said...

You're SO funny Lucy! I agree with others -- drinking on a holiday doesn't count LOL! Love the kid pics and the alloment looks great for the middle of the winter. And socks -- Oh, I hope you love sock knitting like I do! Stick with it if the first one or two seem slow. Good luck on that resolution #11 -- if you figure out the secret please let me know. I need to do the same thing! Sending New Year Hugs your way!!!

Leanne said...

I think it is unanimous you are forgive for your one indiscretion. Love the knitting your girls look wonderful and very grown up are you ready for the next few years.