Friday, 18 January 2008

Friday's To Do List - 3pm Update

3pm Update
Still haven't done anywhere near enough - partly because too busy messing about on the computer!

12 o clock Update
Not doing very well so far - it's already lunch time (although no lunch has been made because I discovered I need to go shopping first) and I have hardly achieved anything yet!

I've been good and haven't made you read my to-do-lists for a while so you will have to bear with me today as I have a lot to do and this is the best way of making myself get through the list!

  1. Make poorly Dorothy some porridge (and me too of course!) couldn't do it- NO MILK!!!
  2. Blitz the kitchen it's pretty good - wouldn't stand close inspection though!!!
  3. Do Loo-sley blog post about my messenger bag - yup it's finished!
  4. Top-stitch appliques on blanket order
  5. Make some soup for lunch didn't do this at all as the local shop had prawns on special offer so I made Dorothy and myself some of our favourite prawn mayo sandwiches - the diet will have to start tomorrow!(to save money and lose weight because I'm going to the Country Living Spring Fair on Friday 14th March - and guess what? I'm going to meet Lesley there! So if you any of you are going let us know - maybe we could all meet up?)
  6. Tidy sitting room well at least you can SEE the floor now!
  7. Tidy dining room it's pretty tidy - just need to sort out my sewing table now
  8. Hoover through downstairs
  9. Cut out pattern pieces for giveaway doll
  10. Stitch doll body
  11. Turn and stuff doll
  12. Type some of Dad's book
  13. Dry lots of washing and put away- still got that bit to do!
  14. Make something decent for the childrens' tea - don't know what yet!
    made their favourite fish pie
  15. Do draw for 100th post giveaway - this is going to have to be a random-generator-job as I really can't face writing out all the names longhand - and announce the winner

I'll let you know how I get on and if you want to be in with a chance of winning the doll there is still time to leave a comment on this post! I will do the draw at about 6pm tonight!


Lesley said...

Is that all you have to do today? You'll get that done easily :)

Lesley xx

AnnieB said...

if I comment again am I in with two chances? (oh pleaaaase)

I will be going to the CL fair too, just not sure what day yet. Am worryingly excited

trashalou said...

HA! Numerically there may be a lot of things on that list but I dragged my poor malarial body downstairs this morning after the troops left and - did a load of washing, hung out another, hoovered the dining&living rooms and the hallway THEN *handwashed* the kitchen floor!

I know! Crazy right?

Dear Missus Locket-pocket, if i promie to not be so boastful again will you please come and make me some porridge?

Ally said...

Well, just to get you all worried, my job for the weekend is to enrol at the local gym ready for the 14th! Now you are really worried!! and I will be making soup for lunch this weekend - he he he.

Ally xx

PS Hugs and kisses for no 1 daughter from her BIG aunty

Kitty said...

Good grief woman, slow down ... you're going to do yourself a mischief if you try to do all that in one day! That's one week's 'doings'!

Sorry to hear Dorothy isn't well - so many horrid lurgies doing the rounds at the moment. Get well wishes from me and mine.

Take care x

ingrid said...

Just reading that list is making me tired. If you get even half way through you deserve a gold star!

picperfic said...

just make the prridge and then do the things that please you!

Ally said...

You've got 3 hours left before time to pick up the children. Just need to prioritise and get the children to help when they get home from school. Child labour with a treat at the end always a winner!

Ally x

Juliann in WA said...

I want to come to the fair and meet up with you! Someday.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness it sound's like soooo much but I guess I do that much but don't have time to write the list out. i was thinking of going to the country living fair and now I might try to go on the 14th too. it would be great to meet people face to face. Hope Dorothy is better soon.

CONNIE W said...

Can't remember if I left a comment on other one so am adding my name. Connie W

Kitsch n Zinc said...

Wow you've been a busy girl!!! Do you have more hours in your day than the rest of us? :o)

Suzie Sews said...

That is one impressive list...

Lesley said...

Have you done it? Have you done it? Who's the winner? Is it me?

C'mon woman, stop tending your family and put us out of our misery!!!!

Charlie P said...

WHOA! I thought my to-do list was bad. You have been busy. Reward yourself with a nice sit down an a cup of tea :) Hope Dorothy is better soon.