Wednesday, 23 January 2008


I was walking around Asda this morning,

feeling really flat and fed up because I had missed out on MM's monkee sale again

and searching (unsuccessfully) for a birthday present for one of Fred's friends,

whilst talking to Moogsmum

who was having an equally bad time in Romsey hunting for fabric,

when sudddenly...................

I came upon the SALE in the clothing section.

I idly flicked through the clothes looking (unsuccessfully) for something to wear

when suddenly.........................

I spotted the price label on one of the dresses! And then another and another and another (and so on - I think you get the picture!)

this is Dot modelling for me - sadly I would not have fitted into this dress! (maybe not even into 2 of them!)

So of course I had to buy them all regardless of the size (mostly 8's and 6's)

For the fabric of course!

Lots and lots of lovely, potential-filled fabric!

Some were even kind enough to have special buttons on them in hearts or stripes (with extras in case I lost one)
While others had enough pockets to keep even this Lucy Locket happy!

So how much did I pay for each garment?




Bargain-Double-Schmargin me thinks!

To make the day even better my friend bought me this gorgeous tin as a thank you for trying to get a monkee for her daughter! It is teeny-tiny - in fact this photo is about the exact size - and has even more decoration round the sides and on the back

I love it!


The Crafts House said...

never thought of buying fabric that way....great idea!
p.s looking forward to seeing what you make with them

Lesley said...

Yummy fabrics Lucy - I may have to nip over to Asda tomorrow just in case ours has got equally attractive prices!
That tin is beautiful and what a lovely thought - even though your finger wasn't quick enough on the monkee buying trigger!

My fabric order is in the post - how quick is that?

Lesley xx

Kitty said...

I missed out on a monkey too. I wanted the one with pants on. :-(

I must admit, I have quite a lot of fabric which started out in the form of clothing. I peruse charity shops regularly for 'good fabric' ... my kids are used to it, but if one of their friends are with us, they obviously think I'm barking. Which I am, but that's not the point, is it? Well done on your bargains - amazing price! Bet that cheered up your Wednesday. x

Gina said...

You have an amazing knack for a bargain - what fabulous fabrics. Think I might have to go shopping at Asda tomorrow!
Love that little tin.
Gina x

Leanne said...

Wow Lucy what a find I love that pink dress fabric. Cute little tin.

Jodie said...

You are the queen of the bargain and we bow down before you!

dottycookie said...

I did that with a Tesco dress in the summer - I bought it thinking maybe it would fit - oooh, how wrong can you be - but decided that if it didn't I would just chop it up and strip off the buttons. Your haul is a lot prettier that mine though, I must say!

French Knots said...

I often buy jumble sale clothes to chop up, much cheaper than the fabric shop.
LOVE the tin!

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow! What a great way to buy some fabric. Lucky You!!!

monda-loves said...

oooh great fabric. I did this in the summer at Dorothy Perkins too and got some really nice stuff.
Might have to pop into Asda tomorrow on my way home from work and have a peek.
Maybe your next challenge with Moogsmum should be a 'what can you make out of a £1?' challenge...


Di said...

Sal was trying for a monkee too and missed out!

Your bargains are pretty amazing!!

trashalou said...

Very enterprising of you Miss Lucy Locket-Pocket.

A very nice haul and all at such a price that any observing (potentially grumpy) Mr. Locket-Pockets could be easily swayed.

We say - Result!

Anonymous said...

I missed amonkee too, and I was sad but hey ho you have a lovely tin as compensation, I love that tin loads so lucky Lucy X

est said...

gosh! that was a real bargain!!!i'm so jealous!! lol :)

Monkee Maker said...

That's right .... make me feel bad!

Sorry you missed out on a monkee for your friend, but WOW! What a friend she is, giving you a lovely gift for just trying ....

And in spite of the fact that I HATE shopping at Asda (it's so huge and busy and I always forget something vital which is right at the other end), now I simply must make a pilgrimage there in the hope of bagging some fab bargains like yours!


ps. Tell Dot she ought to keep that dress as it looks fabulous on her, dahling!

Patti said...

Ooh. wish I'd been there to see the crazy lady stuffing all the clothes in her basket. I can see you ripping dresses out of little old ladies hands "But the buttons are for meeeee".

Garden girl said...

Lovely fabric, great idea too- I buy up necklaces in the sales to re-use the beads, there are some very pretty ones around if you search enough!
Love the tin too- do you know where your lovely friend purchased such a thing?

Kaz said...

Wow those are such good bargains, well done you!! It hadn't occured to me to do anything like that. I often buy cheap necklaces for the beads, so I'll be doing the same for material now!

Loving that tin.

Kaz x

anne bebbington said...

You wouldn't have got them that cheaply in a Charity Shop - well spotted

Suzie Sews said...

AH so I am not allown...although I have never got a bargin like that...although I did try that dress on in the summer...I buy asdas PJ bottoms/slouch pants and get a big size...there must be about five fat quarters or there abouts to each one and only a £5.0) they had some cool retro prints in the summer and some lovely flannel ones now which is great for stuffies...Mmmm I need to look out for the £1.00 ones... Well done you.

Nikki said...

Love the inexpensive fabric and the wonderful little tin.