Monday, 14 January 2008

Howdy Pardners!

Now this post has an awful lot of links in (and I thought yesterday's was bad) so I think I deserve a very big medal!!!! (or at least a large bottle of wine!)

Here goes:

1. The names were written on a sheet of paper

2. Cut out
3. drawn by the children and Jonny

and the partners are
Garden Girl (UK) with French Knots (UK)
Thimbleanna (USA) with Jeanette (Finland)
Trashalou (UK) with Vicious Chicken (UK)
denise (UK) with Blossom (AUS)
Tintocktap (UK) with Kae (UK)
Rachelmp (AUS) with Patti (UK)
Dawn (AUS) with Monique (Holland)
Corry (Holland) with Mary (USA)
Kaz (UK) with Lina (Canada)
Leanne (AUS) with Heidi (AUS)
Levin and Emily (AUS) with Sarah's Home (UK)
Heleen (Holland) with Monda Loves (UK)
Kitsch n zinc (UK) with Juliann (USA)
Dotty Designs (UK) with cheryl (USA)
AnnieB (UK) with Jo in Tas
Lissa Jane (AUS) with Laura (Italy)
Nicky (AUS) with May Kristin (Norway)
Stephanie Pettengell (UK) with Sara Eden (UK)
Gina (UK) with Pink Petal (UK)
Linda K (Holland) with Picperfic (UK)
katelnorth (UK) with LucyKate (UK)
Kitty (UK) with Working mom knits
jenny (AUS) with Pollyhope (UK)
Blueberry Lane (AUS) with Lesley (UK)
Beth (USA) with Lynette Anderson (AUS)
Katy (UK) with Fran (UK)

I will email you all over the next couple of days with the questionnaire answers and contact details of your partners - so have fun!

Tragically, because the final number was an odd one I have been left without a partner! This was greeted with wild cries from the children of "I'll be your partner mummy" "No! ME!" and so on! but if anyone would like to be my partner at short notice I would be most humbly grateful............sniff!

So as an amendment to the original plan, the first person to leave a comment on this post expressly asking to join the swap will have the dubious honour of being my swap partner!


Queen Bee said...

I'm so pleased there are no comments yet!! I posted on the original post but you had no way of contacting me - I know, I'm a dope! If I am lucky enough to be included I can be contacted through my blog : and there's a little button to contact me on there :) Hope to hear from you, Queen Bee xx

Stephanie Pettengell said...

I've never been first at anything before, and now I am first to comment I don't event get you as I already have a partner. Thanks so much for all your hard work, brilliant planning, well done.

Jodie said...

Lucy, that post must have taken all day !!!!!!!!!

French Knots said...

OMG that must have taken ages! Linkage galore! I hope you are at least half way down the bottle and recovering, thanks for organising.x

Thimbleanna said...

That is indeed big linkage!!! Thanks for all your hardwork! I'm so excited -- I got a partner that I don't "know" yet -- how fun!!!!

lucykate crafts... said...

i am in awe of the quantity of links in that post, must have taken ages, takes me usually about 20 mins to just get one right!

AnnieB said...

what a lot of work - hope you enjoyed the wine - you deserved it!

trashalou said...

I'll be your partner Lucy Locket-Pocket!

Gina said...

That must have taken forever Lucy! Very excited about this swap.
Gina x

Kitty said...

Oooh, tis exciting! Glad to see you do have a partner now.

I think you should take chocolate and tea for the repetitive link injury from which you must now be suffering. Thanks for all your hard work. xx

Garden girl said...

Hurray!Thanks so much for your hard work, will you be organising an easter one, too?!! (please don't hurt me, only kidding)xxx

Lesley said...

Well done Lucy Locket Pocket on all your hard work pulling this great swap together!
Linktastic post - so glad you don't actually have a life and were able to devote hours to doing this post ;)
Now off to investigate my partner,
Lesley xx

Kae said...

Ohhhh I am sooooo excited :D Thank you so much for organising this swap :D
Hope you enjoyed your wine; after all those links you deffo deserved a big bottle!!

Off to investigate my swap partner now :D


Juliann in WA said...

You do deserve a grand prize for organizing this. Thanks again.

corry said...

Wow, what a did an exellent job!

dottycookie said...

Arghhhh. How did I miss this AGAIN? Well done on the organisation, it's a fab idea!

Anonymous said...

you are a new find for me,loely site.good luck with your swap.

Anonymous said...

you are a new find for me.What a treat. loe your swap. Good luck caint wait to see results.