Thursday, 31 January 2008

Lovely bloggy gifts!

I've been really lucky with my post in the last two days! And both treats were totally unexpected which made them even more enjoyable!

Yesterday I went to pick up the usual collection of bills and bank statements (and multiple catalogues of course!) and discovered this beauty amongst them:

It was from Kate and she sent it to thank me for hosting the Valentine's Swap!

Thank you so much Kate!

I've always admired fabric postcards but never actually received one so I was delighted to get one and so touched that Kate had thought of sending me it.

It's so fab that you can actually post them without an envelope - they look so lovely amongst all the boring post!

Then today I came home to another bit of "interesting post"

This fabulous corsage from Gina to wear for our Bloggers Convention at the Country Living Spring Fair. I absolutely love it and have enjoyed wearing it today but don't worry Gina I have taken it off now and put it somewhere safe ready for March 14th!!!!

After reading about everyone's fantastic gingerbread houses at Christmas and eating some of BIG sister Ally's, I couldn't resist this "lazy cheat's" gingerbread train kit when it was a fraction of the original price in John Lewis earlier this month.

Mr Locket and the Little Lockets decorated it although I think more sweets and icing went in their mouths than on the gingerbread! Now I've just got to keep their hands off it until after supper!

Finally, a little sneak preview of one of the things I have been making for Challenge No.4. - I know it's not quite what I said I was going to do (although I've done some of them too) but you will have to wait a bit longer for the full display!

Lucy x


the vicious chicken said...

Oh, you little tease, you! That sneak preview of the bunny looks very cute, though... look forward to the grand reveal :o)

The gingerbread train looks like lots of fun, too (and also very yummy).

Lesley said...

Lovely goodies Mrs L! Mr Locket seems to be making an expert job of the train :)
I'd better get my finger out and finish my bunny so that we get to see your lovely knitted one!!
Bunny update: bunster all assembled, facial features done - clothes to be made asap but light not good enough to find right fabric now.

Mrs M xxx

dottycookie said...

Wonderful post - you lucky thing!

And the train is a delicious feat of engineering ...

Gina said...

Wow! A gingerbread train - what a brilliant idea (especially for keeping all the other Lockets amused)

Love the little peek at that bunny... very cute!

Gina xx

Kitty said...

I spy with my little eye something resembling a grey bunny in a pink and blue sweater :-D

You got lucky with your post Missus - very nice!

We have one of those gingerbread house kits waiting to be 'done' - must do it before too long.

Take care. x

Jodie said...

Great post Lucy ! Can't wait for the full reveal of bunny

Ally said...

Well, tomorrow will reveal your little bunnies or are they taking a little longer to assemble. Becareful when assembling bunnies as is you don't assemble them correctly you might find you have more bunnies than you intended - bunnies being bunnies. Saw loads this morning driving through Whitchurch off the A34 always reminds me of Watership Down (as not far away from here)[in case you don't remember].

Carnation looks great and unfortunately being your sister I will definitely have to recognise you now at the show! Guess I had better book my ticket before blogland buys them all up.

Ally x

Ver: jcufrqwa (just how I feel after today)

Lina said...

Beautiful corsage!

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun idea to wear fabric corsages when you have your bloggy meet. You girls are so creative. Are you in icing overload now? The candy's all the fun of the gingerbread houses!

Monkee Maker said...

Oh how I wish I had lovely post like that - the carnations that you and Lesly have received are just gorgeous.

Hmm, that bunny .... come on, Lucy, confess .... you've bagged yourself a LCR haven't you? Please hurry up and show and tell with it!


tintocktap said...

A good week for the post - I love the postcard and the corsage!

Your bunny preview looks good to - I agree with MM - bit of a resemblance to a little cotton rabbit!

Enjoy the gingerbread train - or has it all gone by now?

Suzie Sews said...

lovely goodies