Monday, 7 January 2008

All ready for school....................well almost!

Ok, so Fred only has one mitten so far but I really, really loved knitting it and the other one is started! I am so delighted to have knitted a mitten, however silly that may seem. My mummy used to make them for us when we were young and there is something so cosy and comforting about a hand-knitted mitt! These are from this free pattern and it has a really deep cuff which is great because it will keep his hands extra warm. The pattern is really good because you can knit all sizes simply by changing needle size - easy!

Daisy is pleased to have a hat too and I have decided to let Dorothy keep the original one so now I just have to knit myself one and make a smaller one for Fred (with or without flaps - what do you think, are the flaps too girlie?)

I have been naughtily doing a bit of shopping lately.

On Friday we had to go into Newcastle to get a birthday present for one of Dot's friends and we found a few bargains including this gorgeous owl money box for me to save my crafty funds in! It was only £2.50 and came with loads of chocolate coins too.

I also went a bit mad in Primark after reading Monkey Maker's post about sock monkeys

Obsessive? Me?

Then on Saturday I went up to The Fat Quarters with a couple of friends and bought this wonderful pattern:

And these fabrics to make him in:

I'm also really excited to have discovered this pinking blade for my rotary cutter:

Then yesterday I had to go to the local craft warehouse to get the fleece for a blanket order and found these buttons for only 89p a pack

and this beautiful tin

full of DMC threads, some needles, some aida and some cross stitch patterns (which I won't be using!). It was half-price at £13 which would only buy half of the threads if I had bought them individually! Bargain-Schmargin as one of my friends would say!

So now I just need to get sewing!

Lucy x


the vicious chicken said...

Wow - pretty things overload!! Just don't know where to start with commenting... your hats and mitten are fab (I know what you mean about loving knitting mittens - always brought me lots of excitment too! Although sometimes it's a bit tiresome having to make the second - by that point I'm usually itching to start something else. But maybe that's just me...)

And as for all those socks - there was me thinking you were exaggerating when you said you bought 11 pairs :o) Looks like Primark is definitely the place to head for colourful socks. I especially like the green and black stripey ones - but they all look like they'd make excellent sock monkeys. I look forward to seeing them :o)

Also, that monkey pattern is very cute, and your other new things look lovely (and bargain-tastic)... but I feel I should probably stop cluttering up your comments with my wittering now - sorry about that ;o)

Annie said...

Hey Lucy, all that stuff looks great - that monkey pattern has been sitting on my bench for a couple of months. Been meaning to get into it all holidays. You will inspire me. Love the socks too. I would like to make sock monkeys too. Do you know that I have a monkey mascot in my classroom called Monzie. He is very cute. Happy Sewing!!!!

Lesley said...

That mitten brought back memories of my mum making them for us 5 kids. She used to attach elastic to one glove, thread it up through the sleeve, sew the elastic to the inside neck of our duffel coats then down the other sleeve and attach the other glove. Why, because if we took our gloves off in the playground we wouldn't lose them. Sensible but oh so embarrassing.

Lesley said...

When you shop - YOU SHOP!!! Lovely lovely goodies Lucy, beautiful fabrics and the buttons are gorgeous and 89p????
How's the owl? Is he rattling yet or still awaiting funds?
Your knitting is fab - those hats are great and I am most impressed with Fred's mitten. Maybe you should knit him 3. My two always manage to lose half of every pair of gloves they won!!
I have a feeling sock monkeys are going to be vying for world domination alongside MM's knitted ones!

Gotta go - half way through a camera case and the bread is nearly done :)
Lesley xxx

Lesley said...

P.S. 21h 56m

:) :) :)

Patti said...

Excuse me. Is this the same lady who told me she didn't knit?

Great going there - kids look warm and toasty. Those hats are needed today.

Jealous of your other purchases (not the socks tho'). I do want one of those fab tins with the embroidery threads. I haven't cross stitched for years. Used to do it while travelling for work. I didn't care about embarrasing my macho colleagues.

de vliegende koe said...

The owl looks a bit like Hooty! You bought so much wonderful stuff for a great price!

Kitty said...

Oooh, I am drooling over all those lovely things you bought ... *wipes keyboard* ... I have just finished some sock monkeys - will stick them on my next post. Probably. x

trashalou said...

No way! Leave sewing sitting in cupboard. With your talent, skill and ability for tracking and bagging a bargain I would keep shopping! To where do I post my list?

Thimbleanna said...

My goodness Lucy -- you've got a great haul there! I love the Magoo pattern -- been meaning to make it -- how perfect he'll be in pinks! Love all your knitting too -- thanks for sharing the mitten link. Ear flaps are definitely not too girly here in the states -- all the teen boys love the new trendy hats with ear flaps on them. I've been wanting to order a Susan B. Anderson ear flap hat pattern to make for my boys -- it's pretty cute. Happy Monday!

Gina said...

Wow... fab post Lucy. So many lovely goodies. The hats and mitt are gorgeous.
Those socks are amazing... all I could think was what wonderful sock creatures they would make. And the buttons would make fabulous eyes. And I love that monkey pattern. Can't wait to see him made.
Happy sewing!
Gina x

Lina said...

So much crafty goodness. Love the socks. *sigh* I miss Primark. And that rotary cutter blade, I never new such things existed!

corry said...

Great bargains Lucy! i love the knitted hats, the flaps aren't girly at all! They keep your ears nicely warm. Again a great post!

emma said...


you have done well knitting 1 more hat and a mitten. i finshed my finger-less mittens and wearing them loads. i will send a picture soon. my tortoies purse is really good i went shopping with it the other day!

have a good time at work and have a great time at school 4 the other 3!!

love emma

emma said...

by the way do u have enough socks??????????


emma again!!! said...

oooooo and u have done way more knitting on your sock then mum!!

hannah said...

Mittens are so much nicer than gloves too aren't they, I dont know why, but they just are. well done in your knitting pursuits, I am very impressed. And what exciting shopping you have been doing, I am tempted to jump on a train up north to join you on your next excursion! (oh and thanks for the totally unprompted thin comment, I feel better already!)

Fiona said...

Fab purchases - why is it that buying several little things can often be more pleasurable than the big things we buy?

Monkee Maker said...

I have button envy. And sock envy. And mitten envy. And monkey Magoo envy. And chocolate coin envy.

Lovely goodies there, Mrs Locket .... can't wait to see 11 sock monkeys causing havoc at yours!


Leanne said...

Great shopping Lucy,
I would have snapped up that DMC thread and the very cute tin what a bargain. Love the hats and the mittens.

Lissa Jane said...


dont stress about only one mitten.. just tell Fred he is going 'all retro' and doing a 'Michael Jackson/thriller' thing.. you might need to add sequins though to convince him.. you have been a busy little shopper!


est said...

oh! those hat are really lovely!! love the mixes of colors you used! and the pinking blade!! wish i can find one here.. :/

Yummers! said...

Hmmmmm... do I detect a bit of a shopping addiction? We should start a club and you can be President.

I have to have that monkey pattern... now he is a 'keeper'.

Also love the knitting you've done. Poor Fred... one mitten. He doesn't look too concerned about it in the picture. Probably fiqures one is better than none. Does the archaelogist get a hat or something??

Jane said...

Hi Lucy, you have some lovely bargains, i love your hats and mitten.

Anonymous said...

Too much gorgeousness for one day surely? Love the monkey pattern, and the fabrics.. can't wait to see the result.
(PS. I've gone mad on Primark socks as well :( !) x

Anonymous said...

oh, forgot to say, thanks for the mitten pattern.. I shall start them now for next year!! x

Kaz said...

oh wow!! those are amazing bargains!! I want one of those tins/monkeys/both!

dottycookie said...

Blimey, that's some serious shopping! Good woman!