Tuesday, 22 January 2008

What I've been doing

Monkee Maker asked what I had going on the needles that was stopping me from sewing so I thought I would show you.

But then I thought about the amount of new photographs I would have to take in the dark and decided she would have to wait - I have lots and lots of lots of different projects on the go at once because I am such a butterfly brain.

The unifying factor is that they are all very small!!! Even if I have started knitting again I can't see myself being drawn into doing big things - they just take too long.

I am definitely still on the baby-slopes as far as knitting is concerned but it is very relaxing.

"Baby-slopes" is my attempt at a subtle link to this instead:

The knitting I did for Dorothy when I was pregnant.

I initially started knitting a few of the squares for this blanket as practice pieces to see how to make pictures in knitting (from Debbie Bliss' Farmyard Knits) and then I liked them so much I decided to do more and sew them together into a blanket (I can see now that they are not very good but considering it was a first attempt at intarsia I think I did ok!)

The blanket was swiftly followed by this cardigan from a magazine pattern (something like Prima I think) I remember some of the mum's from the aqua-natal group I had belonged to being horrified that I would dress a baby girl in such bright primary colours rather than the more fashionable (hmmmmmm?) pale pink and beige (yukkkk!)

She wore it to come home from hospital and it became a family tradition that each of the baby Lockets had to have it on when they made that first trip home.

Here is a picture of Fred on his way home via Granny and Grandpa Biscuit's to pick up Dorothy and Daisy.

I love this shot, where a day old baby is left by the back door with the shoes!

If you look closely you will be able to see that I had also made a little knitted bear with a jumper to match the cardigan. ( I was going to photograph this separately but it would have meant tidying the children's bedrooms to find it and I couldn't be bothered - I wanted to be able to publish this post sometime this week!!!)

Finally, a bit of madness for you.

The raspberry canes I mentioned yesterday arrived just after I had published my post. My friend Alison had ordered them for 4 of us to share and as they were bare root plants we needed to get them planted as soon as possible.

This meant rushing up to the allotment this afternoon after school pick-up. It was freezing cold and dark with the two of us plodging in soggy mud on our respective plots trying to plant as quickly as possible! Unsurprisingly no-one else was there!

I'm back in the warm now with the fire lit and a nice glass of red wine.

If you want to see what I have been sewing today you need to pop over to the Loo-sley Blog later!


the vicious chicken said...

Aw... what a lovely photo of teeny-tiny new Fred, left out with the shoes :o) I like your knitted blanket, too.

PS. I've checked with the NBM, and apparently blondies are just like brownies, except that there's no melted chocolate stirred into the squidgy bit (but there are chunks of chocolate added, so it's not choccie-free entirely - unless you wanted it to be, in which case you could leave them out). Anyway, the lack of melted choccie gives it an overall effect of a blonder... erm... look. I think. Clear as mud, eh? ;o)

PPS. laughed like a loon at your Duster gag - very funny indeed :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh I think your fred looks so cute in a bright cardi, i went the alternative route with colours with my babes too. Don't be a sheep be unique. X

Patti said...

Awww. What an ickle wickle cutie.

Love the knitting too mrs I-don't-knit.

Love the thought of you planting in the dark. Hope the rasps are worth it. Jam tarts later in the year?

Kitty said...

Ooh, No.2 had exactly the same baby carrier! Same cover, same everything. He didn't have the same cardigan though, obviously. My two both came home in the same cardigan and hat though - knitted by moi. :-D

I love the blanket and cardi - wonderful colours. x

Jane said...

Lovely knitting, Fred looked very cute. Al came home in pale green and Em in pale pink - yes i know but i like pink! I love the idea of planting the Rasp canes in the dark, they won't notice the difference at the moment..... hope you planted them on the right plot hehehe. sorry i'll go now.

Lesley said...

Firstly Locket - very cute Fred photo!!! Monster came home in a Winnie the Pooh ensemble. Minx didn't come home as she was already there but did get dressed in the same ensemble as her brother!
I love the 'novice' blanket you made.
I also have to admire your pluck and determination for getting your raspberries planted in the dark. Look forward to seeing the fruit of your labours!
Did you notice that very very clever play on words?

Night then,

Moogsmum xx

Gina said...

I love that picture of Fred so much! Ah! the downside of being a third baby... believe me by the fourth you even forget where you left them... only joking!!!

Love the multicoloured cardi - I never went for pastels either.

Gina xx

Blossom said...

pic of fred in his capsule is just precious!!!
I love the cardi!!!!!

I have just got back to knitting and crochet......I'm loving it...even tho its summer here in OZ..but VERY cool temps were we are

Monkee Maker said...

Some lovely bright knits there, LLP, but now I really want to see more of the knitted bear in the teeny tiny top ....

.... go on .... nip upstairs, turn the lights on .... route through all the toys .... the little Lockets won't notice, honest!

And just admit it .... that whole planting in the dark thing was just a rouse to rush back home for a warming glass of velvety smooth red, wasn't it? I'm on to you, missy!


Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Lucy, I'm just getting caught up and you've been so busy I can't keep up with you! What adorable pics of Fred -- both as a tiny babe and drawing Kitty's name with his eyes closed -- what a cutie! And raspberries -- I LOVE raspberries -- we had a patch in an old house and I adored them. I went back later to find the new owner had ripped them all out. How COULD she -- they were prolific fantastic producers! SOME people LOL!!!

Yummers! said...

What a cute tradition... you know how I love TRADITIONS... to have each child come home wearing that cute, colorful sweater. Save it for the grandchildren Lucy!

anne bebbington said...

I also loved the idea of leaving the baby with the shoes - that photo raised huge aaaaghs from my two girls - not for Fred sadly but for the teddy in the matching jumper :o)

Leanne said...

I opened you post and just skimmed down it I had to gasp because I didn't read properly and thought you were saying you were pregnant. Hee Hee. Love the bright cardy.

julia said...

How I wish I could knit!
Love the photo of Fred. When we brought our new baby boy home he was so small you couldn't even see him under all his layers!
Julia xx

Juliann in WA said...

That picture of the baby amongst the shoes is too funny!