Sunday, 13 January 2008

Valentine Swap Admin! Updated8.30pm

Ok, so I'm a softie and I didn't close the list at 50!

I now have 60 participants but I still need these people to contact me by this evening.

  • Marian
  • Janet
  • Pollyhope
  • Queen Bee
  • Jo in Tas
  • Becky
  • Blueberry Lane
  • Heidi
  • Bronwyn

You are the ones I have no means of contacting so I really need you to email me soon
- my email address is on my profile page - but leave me another comment if you have any difficulty accessing it. If I do not hear from you today I will have to assume you are no longer wanting to take part.

I also need to hear back from Monique. I have left a message for you on your blog.

The final people in the swap will be those I have heard from by 11pm (GMT) tonight
(I have amended the cut off time having looked at the time differences between here and Australia - just giving you all time to wake up!)

The swap partners will be drawn tomorrow evening (Monday) so I must have all questionnaire replies back by then.


Jane said...

Hi Lucy, Please pop over to my blog as I have given you a "You make my day award" Jane x

Kaz said...

Oh wow! 60 people wanting to take part?! How fab is that?! Well done for the idea.

Garden girl said...

Hi Lucy, just wanted to say thanks for having such a great idea in the first place, but also for working so darn hard to make it work-I'm sure we all really appreciate it!x

Thimbleanna said...

Oh goody goody -- parners coming soon!!!

Juliann in WA said...

Now I have something to look forward to after a long Monday at work! Will see you then.

hannah said...

ick, I dont visit anyones blogs for a few days, then return only to find I have missed out on a swap that sounds really fun! Julia will be cross too, as she is looking for a valentines swap to join, but her computer is down right now!

anyway, have fun with your swap girls!!!

Lesley said...

Crikey Locket that's fab!! You've been hiding your organisational light under a bushel. Can't wait to see who my swap partner will be and thanks so much for organising this :)
Lesley XX