Friday, 1 February 2008

Yucky Snow

It did snow up here - much to Lesley's disgust - but it was yukky wet and miserable snow that quickly turned into yukky wet and miserable slush just in time for me to splodge through it on the way to pick the children up.

I was on the phone to Lesley when it was falling so had to run outside into the middle of the road to take her a photo so she could feel like she had had some too!

Before the snow really started I had a lovely morning at Patti's house knitting and chatting (although I think I made her lose count a few times - sorry!)

But most of my crafting energy has been used up on this little challenge so here's a sneak peek

but now you need to go here to see in full and to see Lesley's wonderful creation!

Gina's wonderful pink carnation reminded me that I haven't shown you my rag rug yet. It hangs on the back of the front door (which desperately needs painting!) and is one of the things that I can actually say I designed myself.

Many of the fabrics are from the family's clothes (for example, the chicken is made from a tiny tartan kilt) and I particularly like the "straw" under the chicken which I dyed with onion skins.

Finally I will leave you with a sight that really makes me happy (and slightly worried for my sanity at the same time)

Lovely rows of potatoes "chitting" in anticipation of being planted nearer to Easter - it feels like I'm gardening even though the weather is too manky!!!


Gina said...

Fabulous rag rug Mrs Locket - I've got to make one now! Love the bunnies too!

Gina xx

Lesley said...

Don't care how slushy it was at least it starts off white and flaky! Thanks for risking life and limb in the middle of the road to get the snow shots!!!

Your rag rug is gorgeous! Oh maaaaaaaaaan, now I have to get mine out to finish. Can we please have 12 hour school days - then I'd get so much more done!

Nice spuds you crafty chitter you :)


Kitty said...

Chitting? :-O Is that not a rude word? Better not let my son know or he'd spend hours winding me up with that one!

Fabulous rug - you are a clever thing. I've never even tried rugging.


Leanne said...

Tony always tells our kids about yucky snow when they say it would be good to live somewhere where it snowed.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Your potatoes need googly-eyes! They look like little critters.

Jodie said...

Those potatoes are almost scary!

Thimbleanna said...

Your sneak peeks are looking pretty cute! Hey -- is that bunny in the new Sew Pretty Homestyle book I just got? I can't remember and I'm still stuck in an airport so I can't check my book. What your really need is MORE snow so it piles up and is really pretty -- then maybe you'll like it LOL!

French Knots said...

We've had a little sprinkle of snow, not enough for sledging though.
Love the rug, great to have the memories of the clothes it's made from too.

rachelmp said...

Hi Lucy

Thanks for voting for my son Ayden and his Dilbert on the melly and me blog! It really feels like you are the other side of the world when you show snow. Good luck with the bunnies. Best wishes Rachel

Monkee Maker said...

Yucky snow indeed ..... just keep it up there will you? Us softy southerners don't want it (well, this softy southerner doesn't anyway.)

Fabulous rug, dahling and looks like a very cute bunny too. I'd best be off to check it out properly.


Jane said...

Your bunny is very cute, I like the rug too. I went on a one day course and learnt how to make Rag Rugs. Came home full of enthusiasm to make one, and Tony didn't like it!!!!! To be fair its the only thing he's ever taken a dislike to and objected about. Jane x

Sarahs Home said...

Oh we enjoyed the snow here also. Shame it didnt last.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your rag rug...I have a book about them, and always wanted to make easy is it REALLY? Fran X
ps, thanks for the Valentine swap...I'm having a great time boring Katy with my emails...and she's VERY kind (and very nicely too) and puts up with me....

Kaz said...

You really are way too clever for your own good you know!! The rag rug is great and I've just come from seeing the bunnies on the other site. I love the cord material.

Kaz x

Cheryl said...

Your rug is cute. I've just started doing a rag rug myself. What a great way to use up scraps. Sorry about the yucky, yucky snow....that must be no fun! Sweet picture of those taters :-)!

Ally said...

Big snowflakes Missus. We wanted snow but in fact glad we didn't have it. Instead we had a beautifully sunny day for Grandma's big move.

Now need to go and check out the bunnies.

Will comment there in a mo.

Big Sis - Ally x

Knot Garden said...

We had a bit of snow as well but it didn't last long.
Those bunnies are so cute!

Katy said...

We had rubbish snow too - pathetic isn't it?

I can't stop - I need to go and check out that bunny......oh, fab rug!

Big Sis Ally said...

Have you lost your computer to blog with?

Ally x