Sunday, 17 February 2008


I currently have 29 participants in the Bunny-Hop-Bunny-Swap so if anyone else would like to join in please leave a comment on this post and send me your email by 8pm Monday 18th Feb (UK time)

So far in the Valentine's swap I know that 12 of you have received your parcels which is great. Could the rest of you let me know when your parcels arrive and send me a photo of what you received - then I can do a concluding blog-post, thanks. If anyone has any problems with sending their parcel please contact your swap partner straight away and let me know too.

It has been a totally uncreative weekend in Locketsville as we have been doing our regular excavation of the two littlest Lockets' bedroom - it always takes about 3 days to even find the floor and we have had to resort to keeping both their toys and their clothes behind locked doors!!!! (perhaps it would be simpler to keep the children in the cupboards instead????)

We are now going to watch the childrens' half term DVD, Nancy Drew, whilst I do some therapeutic knitting (and wine drinking of course!)


Kitty said...

You mean it's not usual to lock one's children in a cupboard? :-O Crikey.


Lesley said...

Evenin' Locket!!

Just having a quick play on 'Pa's' computer before Lark Rise to Candleford!! All went well this weekend and so looking forward to getting home tomorrow night - for blogging of course!!!!!!!!!!

Speak to you very soon,

Lesley xx

p.s. did you find the bedrooms?

Jennie said...

I'm just about to watch 'Larkrise to candleford' too! I just had to get online to join the Bunny Hop bunny swap before time ran out! (I don't know how to find posters emails on blogs so I posted my email on my comment hope that is okay?)
My daughter wants to see Nancy Drew. I hope you enjoy it!
Love your blog!

dottydesigns said...

if only that were an option!! the cupboard or an on /off switch or volume control!! Wine drinking sounds good.. is that included in your diet Lucy? I have been uncreative too and now I'm too tired. Have fun knitting and wine drinkiing, xx

Katy said...

You've got an award on my blog!

trashalou said...

Oo! Is it called the 'Bunny Hop Swap'? I like that :-).

Am hunting for a rabbit pattern as the ones I have seem too big or too odd! Any clues anyone?

Leanne said...

Hi Lucy,
Wouldn't do the bunny swap - in a bit of a creative slump at the moment need to find my mojo. You deserve a pat on the back for organising another swap so soon. Hope the bedroom clean out went well.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Lucy -- what wonderful participation you'll have for the bunny swap! You're such a sweetie to do all the work. Hope you enjoyed your wine LOL!

Jane said...

hope you found the bedrooms! looking forward to the "Bunny Hop Swap" happy half term Jane x

Anonymous said...

Katy (imagingermonkey) and I have swapped parcels and both received them too...we agreed to send them a bit early as I had to go into hospital for an OPERATION!!! Lovely gifts for me, and you can see mine on her blog...I don't have one so I'll email you some photos so you can show everyone for me, if that's ok? Thanks for organising it, it was such fun I've signed up to do the BUNNY one too! Fran xxx

dottycookie said...

Just emailed you my answers - half an hour late - eeeek! Hope I can plead computer illnes and slip in under the wire ...