Thursday, 21 February 2008

Easter Swap Partners

Okay, so the partners have been allocated and this time because I ended up with an odd number I have decided to partner myself with two of you! I hope that is okay with everyone.

Hopefully I have managed to get everyones' posting preferences right and haven't doubled up on the Valentine's swap.

I will send out your questionnaire details to your partners tomorrow (hopefully!) - half term makes things a little unpredictable!

So here are the partners:

Monda and Saraeden
Kitty and Suzie Sews
Katy and Gigi
Kitsch n zinc and Diane
Moogsmum and Est
Lucy Locket and Rachel
Tillyboo and Trashalou
Hannah and Jackie
Weird Bunny and Joy Michelle
Dotty Designs and Kae
Michaela and Working Mom Knits
Pollyhope and Stephanie
Jenny and Two Crofters
Blossom and Electric Daisy
Heleen and Jane
Kylie and Sandra
Sew to Bed and Levin and Emily
Annie and Fran
Jennie and Dotty Cookie
Tantehilde and Lucy Locket

AND LOOK!!!!!!!!

look at all the lovely goodies that arrived from my Valentine's swap partner Gemma!

this gorgeous stitched picture -
I am having to fight off the two girls who both want it in their bedrooms!

this beautiful handmade book

full of lovely poetry

and these wonderful heart earrings - I put them on as soon as they arrived!

I also got lots of lovely crafty goodies: a stamp, brads, beads, clips, hearts and stickers

and I would have shown you the sweets but the children got there first!

Thank you so much Gemma - the whole parcel was wonderful!

I now know of 33 Valentine's swap parcels that have safely arrived - but if any of you have received yours but not yet blogged about it or sent me an email to let me know, could you do so as soon as possible so I can keep track of how the swap has gone. If there are any problems could you also let me know - I don't want anyone to be left without a Valentine's parcel.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part - it seems to have been very successful!


dottydesigns said...

LOVEly valentine goodies Lucy and well done on all your 'matchmaking'!! I look forward to the next swap. x said...

Oh great we are swap partners!

Lina said...

Congrats on the swap doing so well and good luck with the next one Lucy. My parcel arrived today, yay! PS have just bought myself a 1/4 foot thingy for my machine, why oh why did I not know about these before?!!

Jennie said...

Thank you! (must get working on it now!)
What lovely goodies you got!!

. said...

Oooh, lovely parcel! Gina is back tomorrow so I shall be dropping my unofficial one off this weekend.

Thank you for the swap details - I should be off to bed but I'll just pop & say hello to Jennie ...

Rachelmp said...

Hi Lucy. How exciting - I've got you! I've got my thinking cap on but how can I match those LOVELY gifts from Gemma. x Rachel

Kitty said...

Gosh what a lovely parcel you received - I've enjoyed seeing the parcels others have received (almost) as much as getting my own!

Yay! My swapee is Suzie for the Easter Bunny swap ... I'll email her later today. Thanks so much for organising it.

:-) x

Lesley said...

Beautiful Valentine goodies Lucy - I love the teddy picture it's so pretty.
Well done on more fantastic organisation with the Easter swap!!

Jenny said...

Thanks for organising both swaps-the Valentines one was great and I am sure the Easter one will be too! Great parcel you received!