Thursday, 7 February 2008


I've been busying along this week but can't really show you anything because it has either been for this challenge,
or for my Valentine's swap gift,
or just isn't finished!

But to stop my big sister thinking I have fallen off the planet I thought I'd better blog about something!

I went to Weight Watchers on Tuesday morning and had lost 2.5lbs which is an okay start although I had hoped to have lost more. I just need to get my head into the idea of losing weight slowly and permanently!

The eagle-eyed among you may have already noticed my new weight loss counter over on the side bar - nice and spring-like!

I've been really overwhelmed by the lovely swap parcels that have been arriving across blogland - it really puts the pressure on me to come up with something good for my partner!

As a quick reminder, you need to send your parcels on or before Thursday 14th February and it would be great if you could blog about what you receive to publicly thank your partner (if you have a blog that is!) and could send me a photo of what you receive so I can do a big swap blog-post after the event.

Finally, I'll leave you with a photo of a new family friend

Mr Plug,
courtesy of our local electrical shop - how cool is he?!


Lesley said...

I love Mr Plug!!!!!

Those are some lovely tantalising pictures Mrs! Well done Ally for nagging 'til she broke:)

I'm going now as the pressure to comment whilst talking to you on the phone is too great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Working Mom Knits said...

He is TOTALLY, Without-A-Doubt COOL!! And if I weren't having so much fun with Kitty I'd beg you to ditch your partner and be mine so you could send him - or a passable faxcimile - to me :)


ps: mailing my package this weekend - thanks for the reminder to take a pre-mailing pic.

Gina said...

That is the coolest plug ever! Well done you for the 2.5 lbs - slow and steady is best!
Gina xx

Kitty said...

Awww, Mr Plug is fabulous. I see WMK has been over here already - I must get a move on with her stuff - I want to post it this weekend.

I bet whatever you're making will be fabulous. x

Thimbleanna said...

You two are hysterical -- always talking and commenting at the same time! The rest of us are just jealous. Very intriguing sneaky peeks!

trashalou said...

Mr Plug?! Hahahahahahahaha......

I think this post may make you a craft tease! ;-)

monda-loves said...

can I just say 2.5lbs is a great start (especially as you don't eat those pre made packet meals).

You should be jolly proud of yourself, some wise person once said 'Rome wasn't built in a day' or in your case 'Lucy Locket wasn't unbuilt in a week' so stick at it and in a few weeks you'll be feeling tip top I'm sure.
That little counter is very sweet too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy is that a little peep at your valentine swap? looks interesting, Well done you for losing weight and I LOVE mr plug too. He is so cute. Keep up the good work x p.s still haven't worked out how to leave my name to link

Kitsch n Zinc said...

Very well done on the 2.5lb weight loss!

Absolutely loving Mr Plug!!

Jodie said...

Mr Plug is very handsome and well done on your start with the weight loss-

French Knots said...

Sitting here eating chocolate digestives and thinking ' yes I need to loose weight too'!
Keep it up Mrs!!

corry said...

Mr Plug seems like a nice little man! And you lost 2.5lbs..yeah! Your sneak peek reminds me...I better hurry up with my valentine gift!

Leanne said...

Well done on the weight loss it is amazing how easy it is to gain and how hard it is to loose.

Ally said...

Well done on your 2.5lbs if they were feathers you'd have lost thousands! (That will make you laugh).

I was too busy to blog last night as cooking our parents a nice tenderloin fillet of pork stuffed with sage, mushrooms and prunes wrapped in bacon - yum.

Can you advise what Mr Plug does? Is he useful to have around the home?

Big Sis Ally x

Patti said...

Ok Ok. I promise to knuckle down to my Valentine Swap. I will get it finished photoed and posted.

Doesn't February just sneek up on you? I thought I had ages to go.

de vliegende koe said...

Good for you Lucy to loose 2,5 lbs!! The Valentine stuff looks all so gorgeous. Love Mr Plug. I wonder what Mrs Plug would look like! (LOL!)

Jane said...

Well done Lucy for losing 2.5lb, love Mr Plug. Looking forward to reading all about the swap and who made what. Having said i can't come to the show now i can and i've bought my ticket, yipee!

Colleen Eskridge almost formerly of South Africa said...

Just catching up on some of my blog reading from the long trip home. Love the rag rug. You are a clever girl. Colleen back from South Africa

Garden girl said...

2.5 lbs is a brilliant start- you would be disappointed if you lost half a stone this week and then just 1 next- slow and steady is the way to go! Well done you -keep us posted x