Saturday, 9 February 2008

Super Saturday!!!!!

Today has been super-dooper-diddly-ooper!

Our normal Postie brought me two parcels - one from Lissa and a DVD I had ordered for the children (but don't tell them yet - it is for half-term in a week)

This is what Lissa sent

Inside were loads of chocolate bars for the Little Lockets. I have never seen Caramello Koalas before - the children thought they were wonderful- especially as they had come all the way from Australia!

And I got lots of lovely mini pegs and some really beautiful buttons and miniature spools - I can't wait to incorporate these into some of my work. Thank you so much Lissa!

So I was absolutely delighted with my parcels but a bit fed up at the same time that my book hadn't arrived, and a bit concerned about the whereabouts of Waldorf.

So you can imagine how delighted I was when the Postie-with-the-Van arrived!

Jonathan had taken the children to their swimming lesson and I couldn't find the key for the front door so I had to unlock one of the windows to grab my parcels off him. It's probably a good job I couldn't open the door or I might have needed to hug him!!!!

Postie-with-the-Van had two parcels for me too!

My book!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is even more wonderful than I had dared hope!

And a parcel from Vicious Chicken

And look who was inside
Waldorf of course!!!

And some more sweeties for the Little Lockets

I think they are beginning to realise that Mummy's Blog is a very good thing indeed!

Thank you VC - Waldorf is wonderful and soon made himself very much at home.............

"Hey Little Guy! Can't you see whose cup of tea that is?????"

In fact, Waldorf made himself so much at home that I discovered him in my handbag when I went to Ring a Rosie's for more wool (well, you need more wool when you have a new book don't you? And I hear you went too Patti!)

He soon made himself comfortable and was keen to advise me on my selection, but things got a bit out of hand when he spotted Barbara's cup of tea

After that he decided to play hide-and-seek, Where's Wally style (or should that be Where's Waldy?)
There will be a non-existent prize for those of you eagle-eyed enough to spot him!

At least with this photo I'll be able to choose my wool online..................... "It's in the third row of the second column Barbara......!"

And I'll leave you with a gratuitous shot of all my loveliest lovely wool (the less lovely, lovely wool is in another box!)
So who said I wasn't a knitter????

(oooops it was me!)


Michaela said...

Posties are great! That's one heck of a lucky haul you got today. Found Waldorf in the picture... what's my non-existent prize going to be then?

Living the Dream said...

Hi Lucy Locket, stumbled across your blog through my daughter's, clarabellesprinkles. You are such fun and I love reading it. I am very new to all this and I think it is great. I am a quilter and a knitter but at the moment we are renovating an old farmhouse in France and I am without a sewing room. Drat. I want to stroke my fabric and find my wool. I will certainly be back. Good haul from postie. I got a bank statement today!!

Lesley said...

Seeing as you are not buying wool at the moment you did very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I spotted Waldorf and therefore claim my non-existent prize!

Enjoy your knitting :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy, I just love it when the postie brings goodies, I can't wait to see all the valentine swaps too. Lucky girl! x

Jodie said...

Thats a lot of wool for a non-knitter!

Patti said...

Ah. Erm. Yes. Well. I did visit said wool shop, you honour. But I did only buy 1 ball of wool and that was because I didn't have enough to finish my jumper. So it wasn't really buying new wool so I haven't broken my promise.

Loving the parcels. And love the picture of you hanging out the window to catch the postie. Almost as bad as when I flagged the parcel van down on the way to school - now my kids ask if every parcel van is for us.

fihzlpzt - my kind of word verification!

Kitty said...

How sad am I? I clicked on the picture to spot Waldorf more easily ... found him too :-D So ... one non-existent prize for me, please :-p

Fabulous yarnage. x

Anonymous said...

What a great mail day!! I just love days like that!! And Waldorf is just too adorable!!! I hope your glee has gone through the weekend and that you have had an amzing tim enjoying all your new goodness. Ps - Caramello Koalas are my fave!!!!

Katy said...

I love the postman - mine brought me a present today too, and he'd sneaked it through the letterbox when I wasn't looking. How fab!
Waldorf is looking very happy in his new home. I think he needs his own mug though ;)

Lissa Jane said...

my postman only brings me bills (the Ba$tard), glad you liked the the runner up giftie!

hanging for when her postie brings her things other than window faced envelopes!

Leanne said...

Isn't it great when you get something other than bills from the postman. The knitted toys book looks interesting. Tell the Locket children I love Caramello bears also however they are not in the weight watchers point book sadly they go off the scale.

Blossom said...

Well....I found him wheres my non existant prize????LOL

I love Caramello koalas...........yummmy...however they are NOT in my diet anymore!!!

Glad Waldorf finally made his way safely to you......

trashalou said...

Oo! Oo! Oo! I have that book!!

Start with the mice! Sooooo easy and fun. And then you could do the dolls - these are the ones I made at Christmas (and birthdaysad infinitum)and then when you are feeling reallly brave go tackle the dog. I have him sitting upstairs waiting for some eyes.

The joy with him is if (like some of us) following ALL of the instructions gets a bit uninspiring you can just make uhis spots up as you go along!

You are going to love this book!

Also hey to Waldorf!

Jane said...

I found Waldorf too, a non-existent prize for me please. Love Waldorf he's very cute and your book looks good too, happy knitting non-knitter Lucy. Jane x

Annie said...

Glad you liked those Caramello Koalas - they are one of my favourite chocs.

Kaz said...

Helloooo Lucy! It was lovely chatting the other day (I'm on my parents pc). I'm glad your book finally arrived and all those other goodies. I wish my postie brought me chocs!!

Kaz x

dottycookie said...

Wow. WOW! That is quite a haul for one day! I'm glad to see you're buying the good stuff - but it's a dangerous slope, you know. You'll never be satisfied now with the £1 per 100g acrylic stuff that squeaks when you bite the ends off. Oh, does everyone else use scissors then?

clarabelle said...

What a haul!! I had my lesson today - and guess what? I have a machine! I was given an old Singer 4525c, so now look forward to some trial and error. I also had a knitting lesson - learnt knit, purl and moss?!? I have posted a pic of my machine and also the rest of my haul - Thanks for the comments by the way.
Clare xxx

Knot Garden said...

Don't you love postmen when they bring you something nice? Especially postmen with vans!
Love the picture of all your wool:)

tintocktap said...

I had a good couple of days with the postman at the end of last week! Don't deliveries like that really cheer you up?

the vicious chicken said...

Hurah! It's fantastic to see Waldorf living the dream surrounded by all that wool - and all those cups of tea! (although I'm very sorry that he tried to steal yours... hope you set him straight there.)

And also, your local wool shop looks fantabulous... you're a very lucky non-knitter ;o)

Monkee Maker said...

Mmm, yeah, I really think you count as a knittist now, Lucy, come out of the closet once and for all.

Loving the shots of Waldorf, especially the Where's Wally one - it took me AGES to find him - even after I'd clicked on the bigger picture!


Thimbleanna said...

Yay for pressies! And that little Waldorf is adorable. I spotted him right away and had to blow up the picture to be sure my old eyes weren't deceiving me. When I saw the first pic of Waldy in the yarn, the thought that raced through my mind was "Wow! Look at all that nicely organized yarn Lucy has" LOL!!!

janet clare said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Good luck with the diet- I lost 3 stone after my second child with Weight watchers, a long, slow dull process but VERY worthwhile, so stick with it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy I notice you have now lost 6 pounds, well done, you must be being very good. X

Anonymous said...

waldorf is gorgeous! I want one!!! (rolling on floor throwing tantrum!)

weirdbunny said...

Parcels through the post are just so exciting aren't they !

est said...

lucy! :)thats really some super day!! :)
love the wool yarns! we don't have much here..

nicky said...

Waldorf is SOOOO cute! And i thought that Fredos and caramellos were just boring chocolates because we have them all the time over here for fundrasers and things! Its funny, you forget how things are different around the world.

Nicey said...

Do you also make fluffy bunnies and wicker baskets ????