Friday, 8 February 2008

Finish Off Friday!

As I said in yesterday's post, I've got lots of crafty things on the go at the moment and not many completed items! Fortunately I managed to finish off a few things today (although sadly the housework wasn't one of them - oops!)

This sock-monkey was for one of Dorothy's friend's birthday presents and is a few days late but apparently she really likes it - although stuffing it at yesterday's sewing night with my friends caused rather a lot of hilarity!

My friend Alison had seen my knitted bunnies and asked me to make one for her daughter which I did, but then I decided it wasn't good enough because you could see the stuffing around the nose because of the different wool, so I knitted another and here she is.

My other completed project was part of my Valentine's swap gift so I can't show you it yet.

But Kitty will be pleased to know that her doll is now sewn together and just needs a trip to
the dress shop,
the hairdressers
and the beauticians (to put her face on!)

I'm very fed up with the postal service though because I ordered this book from Amazon and it was apparently dispatched at the beginning of the week and due to be delivered on Wednesday - and it STILL isn't here! I am so excited about it and have waited in for the last three days! Grrrrrr!

But what the postman did bring was my postcards from Marianne at Applehead

and then a wonderful package arrived today for Dorothy with a lovely note about how much she had enjoyed seeing Dot's pictures inspired by her work.

Inside the package was a fabulous selection of old papers for Dot to use for future pictures - and I am SOOOOO jealous! It's going to take a lot of self restraint to stop me from playing with them!

Thank you very much Marianne - Dot is delighted!

So let's just hope my book arrives tomorrow so I can get knitting again and hopefully this little fellow will appear on my doorstep too - I can't wait!
(and it's okay Waldorf, the kettle is on and the tea is ready and waiting for you!)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Lucy x


trashalou said...

Oh Lucy I am so sorry. The postman actually has instructions to bring Waldorf here so in error he may also be bringing the rest of any lovely post up the hill as well.

Again sorry :-(

Lesley said...

Your little grey rabbit is my favourite so far - maybe it's the outrageous ears that do it or the cute jumper - lovely :)
Sock monkey very lovely too. I swore I'd never make another but that one sort of makes me want to give it one more go.....
Those postcards and papers are fantastic - lucky you and lucky Dot - can't wait to see what she makes with them!!

It's so sad that you and Trashalou are deluding yourselves about Waldorf. I bet he's heading South to Moogsville as we 'speak'!!! OUR kettle is ALWAYS on :)


Kitty said...

I agree with Lesley - that latest rabbit is the cutest so far. The sock monkey is fab - I know what you mean about the stuffing though - makes your eyes water just thinking about it, doesn't it? ;-) x

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy, I love that rabbit, I see all these knitted lovely toys but I can't knit, I can do many crafty things but sadly knitting isn't one of them, so I shall just say clever you and gloat instead. Have fun X

Thimbleanna said...

What a loaded post! That rabbit is adorable -- very, very cute. Hope your book gets there soon -- it looks very intriguing -- I'm going to look for it at my local bookstore. Love your sock monkey. And how very kind of you to have the tea on for Waldorf. Poor think, looks as though he's been traumatized by that thing that was eating him! Have a great weekend!

Leanne said...

Love your little bunny I agree post can be so unpredictable it amazed me when I posted my quilts to Honnington they took 6 days. Post within Australia takes longer than that.

Jodie said...

you sure got some great post Lucy.
You seem to get so much done I am begiining to think you are super-human

Gina said...

That grey rabbit is so cute Lucy. What fabulous papers and postcards in the post - lucky Dorothy (and you!)
Gina x

clarabelle said...

Hi - love your blog. I seem to have arrived after an evening of chain linking to different blogs - but what a lovely evening it has been. I am kinda knew at this - and am just loving all the catching up, gosh what I have missed. I am also a new crafter - and having some sewing lessons on the basics from my Nan! Will return soon
Take care and thanks for a nice read
Clare xxx