Friday, 22 February 2008

Half term is nearly over

Well the half term holiday is nearly over but we have had lots of fun - mostly doing nothing much at all!

One of the highlights has been the children's radio station "Century P.I.T".

The two girls came up with the idea early on in the week (I knew that hiding the Playstation was a good idea) and then Fred joined in later. The P.I.T stands for the initials of their real names (it's a great acronym because the house is always a PIT or turn it round and it's a TIP!)

Here is where it was located.

Well actually HERE!

Mr Locket and I sat in our comfy chairs and I was allowed to do my knitting while they entertained us with commentary, jokes, music, traffic and a Horrid Henry story!

Dorothy did the main talking
with Fred doing the jingle "welcome to Century P.I.Teeeeeeeeeeee!" and the traffic,
while Daisy was the DJ and story teller!

It was absolutely brilliant and lovely - and is something we will all remember far longer than hours spent on the playstation! The three of them are currently upstairs playing schools with Dorothy setting the other two loads of homework (a very regular game in this house!) They still keep asking if they can have the Playstation back but I am holding out for as long as I can! They only got it at Christmas because I have avoided getting anything like it and while it is good fun it can cause a lot of arguments so it has been hiding for about a month now!

We have also had more time sewing around the table with Daisy and Fred winding my threads onto cards and stitching their cushions while Dorothy "revised" for her SATs in May.

Mr Locket was on holiday yesterday so we had a day out. We headed about 40 miles north to Alnwick - not to visit the famous castle and gardens, but instead to go to Barter Books - an amazing second hand bookshop in the old railway station. You can spend hours there (but wrap up warmly because it is freezing!)

We all got lots of books - Dorothy got the second and third in the Philip Pullman Dark Materials trilogy because she has nearly finished the first, and some Nancy Drew books. Daisy got a large Beatrix Potter book in preparation for our holiday in the Lake District for her birthday and Fred got a gorgeous dragon book and Mr Locket got a biography of an athlete.

My book has to be the best of all (although I think the children would disagree). Mr Locket found it for me (which makes it special in any case) and it is absolutely lovely.

This is my favourite photo from inside (so far!) - this picture made from stamps is just amazing. I can't wait to read it all - and hopefully if I sit at the table with it I will be able to knit and read at the same time!

We have spent this morning with lovely friends that we don't get to see often enough - "HELLO TO ALL OF YOU!!!! Thanks for playing so nicely with the Little Lockets"

and I am meant to be sewing wallets now ready to go into my Etsy shop which is desperate need of an update! I'll let you know when I get them in there!

As far as the Easter swap is concerned, you should all have received your swap partner's questionnaire (it takes ages to get them all sent out but I have finished it at last!) - if you haven't got yours yet please leave a comment on this post as some emails seem to be failing to get through.

I realised today that I had made a mistake with the posting date for this swap. I put March 23rd which is actually Easter Sunday (durr!!!) when I meant to put March 17th. If you can possibly post by Monday 17th that would be best but I don't want this change of date to put people off. As long as you keep in contact with your partner so she knows when to expect her parcel that is fine.

Most of you have received your Valentine's swap parcel but I am still waiting to hear about 15 so could you keep letting me know as your parcel arrives and please blog about it to publicly thank your partner. Do let me know if there are any problems.

Sorry - this has been a very long post - congratulations if you have made it this far!

Have a great weekend. Lucy xx


Gina said...

Hi Lucy,
I'm back... and jetlagged! Sounds like you've had a fun half term - love the sound of Radio P.I.T.
Can't believe I've missed out on another Locket Swap. Never mind... next time ;)
Gina xxx

Kitty said...

Radio PIT sounds fabulous - I'm afraid I ration the Playstation too. Here's a tip though - if you get the 'Buzz' games, they can all play at once and there are much fewer arguments ;-) Our favourite is the Buzz Jungle Party game, but I spied a 'schooly' one in Woolies this week, so may save up for that.

I see Gina's back ... hooray! Lovely to see you Gina - hope you had a fabulous time (let's see your white bits ;-) )


Lesley said...

Your Little Lockets are so funny!!! What a great idea Radio P.I.T. is - good job guys :)

The bookshop looks fab and I love your new book. Inspired choice Mr Locket!!


trashalou said...

Ooer Kitty! Isn't that a bit rude???!!

Hello Mrs LocketPocket, we love those sort of games here too. I am afraid I, in my role as chief mean and evil mother, have NOT have allowed playstations wiiiiis, etc.

How exciting - let the hopping commence! said...

haha, my kids played radio station too a few weeks ago.
There was a Belgian radiostation who did a fund-raising (you had to donate money for a song) and we went to see that radiostation live. The kids loved it so much, that they started playing it at home. I had to pay for a song but then they sang it live, soo funny, because they are only 5 and 7.

dottydesigns said...

Hi lucy, the radio game sounds good fun especially when you get to sit and knit too. Well done for sorting the easter swap too. Have a great weekend. Dottydesigns x

French Knots said...

We went to Barter Books a few years ago while staying in Rock over Christmas - wonderful place, easy to come home with an armload of books!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lucy - I see that the partners have been assigned & I'm thrilled to be a part of the Easter swap :) Since you asked us to let you know, I did not receive any info on my partner yet. I see who it is from the list & I've been over to visit her blog but if you have any more infp tp share with me that would be great! thanks, DianeM

hannah said...

Isn't it lovely when they set aside the computer games and tv and actually do something inventive - i tried to encourage that during our half term too. I even used the kitchen timer to allow my son 20 minutes per day (if he was good!) on the computer, then he had to go off and play with real toys and his imagination!!! It works though. Your radio pit sounds really fun.

Leanne said...

Sounds like the Locket family has had some well spent time together isn't it great - wish I could have come to the book store I just love book stores great choice by Daisy I'm a great fan of Beatrix Potter.

Thimbleanna said...

It sounds as if you're having a lovely half-term Lucy. We loved the Lake District when we visited and our only complaint was that we were only there for one morning -- we used out time wisely though and visited the Potter house -- so wonderful and charming! My swappy post will be coming soon and then pics on their way to you!

weirdbunny said...

I had my keep calm and carry on poster from Barter Books. I didn't go there though but ordered it online. Is it very big ? It's in a railway cariage isn't it ?

Jodie said...

ah Lucy, you and your easter swap have my friend Flower Garden- over the moon with excitement - we talked bunnies all morning!!!

Monkee Maker said...

You're better than me. When the kids used to want to put on "a show" I used to run and hide.

Ok, I didn't, but I wanted to and that makes me a very very bad mother.

And there's rationing here too on our brand spanking new Wii - but only because they can't get their father off it!


Annie said...

Miss Lucy, you are a good mother. I too try and ration the computer type games when I am on top of things. I know my kids much prefer to spend time with me or each other DOING things. We borrowed the movie MISS POTTER yesterday and last night after tea, they all got in their jamies and we watched it together. It was a lovely night and inspired lots of talk which is fantastic.

Patti said...

Ooh. Love playing radio stations. My mum still has tapes of us doing this. Aaargh so embarrasing. Who knew I was so Scottish! (Funny that since I come fae scotland, no?)

Glad they all had a good time. I struggle to keep mine off the computer and they're only 5 and 3.

Love the stamp picture.

Katy said...

yes, your book was the best!!! ;)

Jane said...

Hi Lucy,Just got back before lunch from Dorset. Thanks for your email I am busy working on my bunny, loved your book and the idea of a radio station. Em used to do shows with the dolls and cuddlies as the actors. These days she reads a lot or draws and paints. Jane x

Jackie said...

Hi Lucy,

I just wanted to let you know that I have not yet received my partner's information. I am anxiously awaiting! Thanks.

Jennie said...

The radio P.I.T sounded fabulous!
That bookshop looks wonderful I wish I had spied it when on our holidays we visited Alnwick castle!

Lynette Anderson said...

It sounds as if the children did a great job entertaining you. I stopped all arguments on the playstation by putting the egg timer on the coffee table and each time it goes off its time to switch players. You have to ensure that the kids are happy with the time each player gets, I think 20mins or maybe 30 mins each would work. Its interesting as they police it themselves and no one cheats with the timer! Hope it works for you too.

AnnieB said...

radio PIT sounds brilliant - it's great when they play like that

gotta say too you look fab in that photo on the beach last post - I love going to the beach in winter, but rarely get to do it

Suzie Sews said...

Love the idea of the radio...hope you have had a good day today I bet the house has felt quite!!!

est said...

what a P.I.T fun!! i wish i can do something creative like this with ashley.