Thursday, 14 February 2008

So much to show you

My ever-so-lucky-streak has just kept going with two more lovely bloggy gifts this week!

I was delighted to hear that I had won the bloggy giveaway on May Kristin's blog, especially when I realised she was sending out some Tilda goodies, but you can imagine my complete amazement when I saw what was in the parcel
loads and loads of wonderful Tilda fabrics and ribbons and a stitchery pattern AND a full kit to make this beautiful angel!

Thank you so much May Kristin - this is an incredibly generous gift and I am completely overwhelmed! I can't wait to start playing with them and I already have an idea of a little something to make to send back to you!

A completely unexpected surprise was this gorgeous Valentine's card from Anna.

I had admired it when she blogged about them but didn't imagine she was sending me one! I love this idea of crocheting around a picture - I really want to learn how to do this! Thank you Anna!

I managed to get my Valentine's parcel sent to Gemma, my swap partner yesterday so hopefully it will be arriving shortly as she lives in the UK.

It has been lovely seeing all the wonderful parcels arriving in blogland - if you haven't already done so it would be great if you could send me a photo of what you received so I can do a big blog post to finish off the swap.

I've been enjoying knitting from my new book

and have nearly finished this doll

This cushion order is for a little girl who clearly loves pink!!!

and I have also been working on this

for this challenge

On a new blogger note, Rachel, who I have "known" for several years (as I used to buy all my Rosalie Quinlan patterns from her Ebay shop before they were available over here), has finally joined us all in blogland so it would be great if you could pop over and say hi. Her work is lovely and I'm delighted to be able to "meet" her properly at last!

Finally, in my madness, I have started thinking of organising an Easter Bunny swap! Would anyone be interested?

Lucy x


Annie said...

Oh yes, you are right Lucy - you are one lucky chick chick! I will go and meet the new blogger. Have a great day.

Lesley said...

Oh my word Locket what fabulous goodies you've got there!!!! Your knitted dolly looks gorgeous, can't wait to see her finished. Your Katie cushion is very beautiful and I'm sure the little pink person will love it!!!
I can't believe you've finished your bit of the challenge - I don't think I've got a hope of getting mine done before we go away tomorrow afternoon!! Can I have an extra few days please???

Have a lovely romantic evening watching Masterchef :)


Lesley said...

p.s. an Easter swap? Are you quite mad? I'll play if you want me to though :)


Monkee Maker said...

Oh wow - I can't believe how many lovely things were in that package!

Your little knitted doll looks cute too.

Happy Valentine's night .... we're watching Masterchef too - oh, the romance!


trashalou said...

Hmmm... whom does one bribe to win all these fabulous things?

Aren't you loving the doll pattern? The one you have done is nicer than the fairy/ballerina one. Plus how much fun to use up scraps of wool in such a lovely way!

Kitty said...

Excuse the drooling, and the going emerald green with envy at those utterly fabulous goodies. You lucky Locket!

No.1 caught sight of that pink cushion - she wants to know who Princess Katie is and what has she done to deserve such a fabulous cushion?

I'm off to check out the blogs of the linkage you gave us.

Take care. x

PS Count me in on the Easter swappy thing :-D

Sarahau said...

WOw so jealous about your loot! It looks like you will have great fun with it all, I know I would

Chookyblue...... said...

wow where to start..........most amazing present from May are very lucky........and so many other bits and peices.........

dottycookie said...

What a wonderful pile of goodies - lucky you! The knitted dolly looks very cute indeed.

Easter swappage? I must be mad (Easter is early this year!), but count me in!

Michaela said...

Having missed the Valentine Swap, count me in for an Easter Bunny Swap. Loving the look of all those goodies, and I don't even sew!

Lina said...

What gorgeous things you're sharing today. That ribbon is fabulous! I keep thinking no more swaps, but I'm just a girl who can't say no apparently! But I am in Canada, does that matter?

Levin (and Emily) said...

lucky you - your pressies are gorgeous.
i managed to send my swap off a whole day early! (that's very good for me). i could probably manage an easter swap. it could be fun.

Blossom said...

Well who is a spoilt girl then???????you are a very lucky girl!!!!

Count me in for the Easter swap.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh my gosh -- that tilda package from May Kristin is awesome! You lucky, lucky girl! I feel honored that my humble little Valentine is among it all. Your little doll is looking mighty cute -- can't wait to see it all stuffed. I'm thinking I'll have to sit out this next swap. I have 3 wedding showers in the next 6 weeks and I've just barely started the wedding quilt which, needless to say won't be done by the wedding! I mailed my Valentine swap today -- must remember to mail you a pic this weekend as I can't show it yet! XO

est said...

happy valentine's day , lucy! that knitted doll is so awesome!! it would be another million for to to learn how to knit like that!

Jodie said...

At least you are under no delusions - you know you are mad!
Great parcel and another great amount of stuff on the go.

Patti said...

Wow! What a parcel. Is May Kristin related to Santa?

Lucky Lady Lucy.

Love the knittin'.

(Don't suppose you'll get too much done today, what with Fred's school being inconsiderately closed!)

Kitsch n Zinc said...

Aren't you a lucky girl?! Those fabrics are lovely!

Are you sure that beautiful cushion isn't for me? I love pink, I'm a princess *snigger* OK maybe not! And my name is nearly but not quite Katie!

I'd defo be interested in an Easter bunny swap!!

Anonymous said...

you are lucky,lucy locket all those goodies. Easter swap sounds good too. count me in please. x

Christine said...

Lovely package of goodies from May Kristin. I would love to be in the Easter swap. Sounds like fun.

Rachelmp said...

Oh Lucy, you are so lucky with that package! Thanks for linking my blog too. I would like to be in an easter bunny swap if you are up to arranging that one too. x Rachel

Leanne said...

Luck you I love Tilda stuff - your knitted doll looks great.