Saturday, 26 April 2008

Far too much to do - but whose fault is that?????

Once again I am in the situation of having far too much to do but I know I only have myself to blame - and I will enjoy (nearly) every minute of it once I get going.

Daisy has been asked to 4 birthday parties in the next couple of weeks and Fred has one too so I decided that homemade (and therefore free) presents might be a very good idea given the parlous state of our finances!

In my wisdom I decided that I should make a Sock Monkey for birthday no.1 - but the truth is that I really don't actually LIKE making Sock Monkeys and I got very cross with it and myself this afternoon. I was definitely a very Grumpy-Mummy-Locket - but I'm quite pleased with the result and hopefully Daisy's friend will be too.

I'm going to have to go out and buy a bumber-big-bag of toy stuffing tomorrow as I currently have to make
  • 4 more monkeys (if I can bear it)
  • 2 small dolls
  • 2 medium sized dolls with dresses made out of baby clothes for the babies' christenings
  • 2 "Lucy Locket Owls"
  • several birthday presents for Daisy for next month
  • and a larger rag doll (more about that later)
on top of that I have someone wanting a wedding stitchery, various wallet requests and a whole load of wallets to put finish for my Etsy shop - not to mention one or two mini-quilts and two PIF gifts from last year - my 365 days to Pay It Forward are nearly up!

It's a good job I like sewing isn't it???

About the larger rag doll - I have been asked to make a doll to fit this gorgeous baby dress

(size about 9 months I guess) for the little girl's first birthday.

The problem I have is that to make the doll big enough to fit the dress (given that babies are differently proportioned to rag dolls) it will be HUGE - rather like this....................

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, a bit freaky don't ya think?

Obviously it may be better once it gets its stuffing and hair - but I would be very grateful for any HELPFUL suggestions!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Make sure you come back on Monday - not saying why though!

Locket xxx

P.S. Pop over to Barbara's blog as she is having a "name the teddy" competition - I don't really want to tell you all this because I want to win but I am a kind and generous person at heart.........!


Sarahs Home said...

I am sure that the doll will be fine, the dress is beautiful.. You sure sound like a very busy locket at the moment. Hope you are having a good weekend.

Sarah x

Lesley said...

Blimey Missus, you are busy! Just think of the lovely lolly when it's all done :)

That is one eeeenormous dolly!! I hope the baby girl in question is not of a nervous disposition!


twiggypeasticks said...

what a busy lady, all sounds fun though, the dress is sooooo lovely.
twiggy x

trashalou said...

Locket, that doll is quite eerie. Please fill it and repost soonest so I am only kept awake for a few nights.

I'm with Lesley, some therapist is going to make a fortune out of that child trying to understand the recurring dream of a red dress and long limbs! :-P

I know it will be made beautifully and I look forward to seeing it.

Kaz said...

I need a lie down after reading all you have to make! Could you pick up a couple of bags of stuffing for me too please? I got a huge bag from Dunelm and thought it would last longer than this.

Your sock monkey is lovely, as is the dress and I'm sure the rag doll will be great.


Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

It's going to be a hive of activity in Mrs.Lockets house. Have a lovely weekend.
Barbara x

marit said...

Love the monkey, and the "handmade gift"idea too! I try to send mine off too with something handmade, but it's not always so popular:(
Don't get too busy!

Jodie said...

Yikes ! Thats one enormous looking jelly baby you have to create. You'll need a truck load of stuffing !
I think I'd cheat and make the dress smaller .

Leanne said...

I'm with Jodie that doll will take a truck load of stuffing....good luck with that. A little bit of pressure always makes us work more efficiently LOL. Is it just me or are the word verification letters getting harder or am I just getting more senile.

Anonymous said...

What about Rosalie Quinlan's "My Dolly" pattern, it might fit the dress and they are adorable.

Alison Boon said...

I am sure the doll will look better stuffed, but from the photo is kind of seems like the arms and legs are a bit long.
You always do such a great job on the things you make. Busy times ahead I forecast.

quiltdude said...

wow and I thought I had a lot to do, are you sure you can spare the time for a coffee? You'd better bring something with you and we can stuff together!
That big doll is mahooosive, but will be smaller when stuffed. Have you thought about making the dress smaller instead? Don't know what else to suggest.

Jennie said...

I'm not going to enter the teddy bear comp cos I want you to win it ;)(not that I'd win anyway).
Your doll will look fine when she has been stuffed and got hair and a face.
I can't get stuffing here (Used to be able to get it from Boyes but the haberdashery department is rubbish here) so I've been using anti allergenic pillow stuffing until I can get some from Bridlington.

Simone said...

I cannot believe the amount of projects you have lined up. That is a lifetimes worth of work to me. I need to have a lie down now as I am overcome with the thought of it all! I can't wait to see the big doll when she is finished. She reminds me of a giant sausage skin at the moment. :-)

em said...

i know its late but...
good sock money shame you forgot to sy it was ur big sis's birthday!!

is that doll going to be bigger than the child?

em xx