Thursday, 17 April 2008

Too tired to blog????

Nearly, but not quite!

As the weather has picked up a bit over the last couple of days (i.e. only raining for half the day!) we have been able to get up to the allotment again.

It has been getting me quite stressed thinking about how much there is to do there and how far behind I am getting with all my seed-sowing etc. so I am really pleased to have been able to achieve some good stuff lately.

I'm now going to bore you all silly with photos of soil - hang in there as there will be one little crafty photo at the end!

First up are my two main potato beds after their second digging over - they are quite big too so I'm rather proud of my work here.

next you get to admire my lovely trenches with artistically placed spade and beautiful shadows

Then you get to see the potatoes in situ (I know how to make my blog interesting don't I?)

and here is today's digging achievement - quite heavy clay-ey soil that has been dug, de-weeded, manured and planted with the (almost) last of my potatoes - first earlies of Rocket and International Kidney (Jersey Royal) and main-crop Pink Fir Apple.

I have to say that every muscle in my body is aching now and when we were rained off at about 3pm today I was too tired to even sew when we got home!

Moving away from potatoes (although I know you find them very interesting) I thought I would show you two "pond-y" things

First one of my new tadpoles

Kindly donated by a fellow allotment holder. (Someone else complained that I was "messing with nature" because I put the tadpoles in the pond but I replied that I had already "messed with nature by digging the pond in the first place.)

And finally one of the willow plants that I grew from a bunch of willow branches that I bought from a florist when Daisy wanted to make fairy teepee's in a fairy garden one birthday.

I've just moved them so that they are either side of the pond to provide some more shelter and interest.

Now I promised you something crafty so here it is
a tooth pouch for a little girl who has to have some teeth removed today.

I will leave you with a "little Locket photo" of Fred hard at play

I'm always interested in how he likes arranging things - a lego domino rally inside a circle of cars............

If you are still here then please come back tomorrow to see the lovely PIF gifts we received from Vicky at Anglesey Allsorts and to hear about "The Ladybird Club" - I promise not to show you any more photos of soil...........................


Kaz said...

Oh but I like pictures of soil and seed potatoes!! Reminds me of days spent on my dad's allotment as a child. Veggies always taste better when you've grown them yourself.

Love the tooth bag which must make her feel better after a nasty trip to the dentist.


trashalou said...

hmmmm..... nope.... can't do it. Have been trying for ages to create an acronym for Ladybird Club but figure it may actually be about ladybirds!

Will definitely be back tomorrow to check.

Sarahs Home said...

If I were you i would have a nice soak in the bath, perhaps with a little glass of something. Nice to see the pictures of playtime, looks just like something my son would have set up.

Sarah x

Gina said...

I know how you feel when you say you are too tired to blog... but I haven't the excuse of digging!
Very pretty tooth bag!
Gina x

Lesley said...

Blimey Missus - well done on all that digging!! It will be worth it when you are able to eat potatoes at every meal ;)

I love the little tooth pouch. I'm sure it will help it's little owner feel a lot better!

Now go and have yourself a nice long soak in the bath and don't forget to rub your joints with the horse linament.....ask me about it tomorrow...there's a tale to be told!


Sal said...

Crikey, I am well impressed at your knowledge of 'spuds'!
And that tadpole looks really big ..what've you been feeding it?LOL.
I'm wondering, is the 'Ladybird Club' about books?
I'm intrigued. ;-) Sal

Thimbleanna said...

But I love your pictures of soil! If I ever make it over there to visit, will you promise to show me your allotment??? ;-) ( COULD happen! ;-) )

Monkee Maker said...

Hmmm, still trying to get my head round how you've messed with nature with the tadpoles .... are they not natural??

Word verification :- gizaa .... gizaa clue about the ladybird club!


dottydesigns said...

Firstly in response to your comment on my blog, I will be interested to see what I will do with the origami paper, without origami-ing it. I think I might use it for scrapbooking. Secondly, I am now asleep. zzzzz


Hey! sexy looking soil! I love soil, the smell the feel of it - I have wild this week and bought myself a new spade and fork! I feel quite posh digging the beds with my stainless steel - usually I am trying to wield a spade that Paul has used for concrete, and not claened off!
Well done with the digging - you will feel it tomorrow.
x Vicky x

est said...

the tadpole sure look cute!! nice work lucy! and i'm waiting to see yr progress on your 20s mini quilt! *pressure* lol

Kitty said...

You have lovely soil - all weed-free and ready to grow 'stuff'!

The tooth bag is gorgeous - might help ease the trauma of having to go in the first place?


quiltdude said...

Photo's of spuds and soil are fine by me. Love the tooth fairy pocket, it will certainly ease the trauma a little.

JuicyFig said...

hmmm, feeling kinda sad now - just haven't got time to do anything on our allotment this year, and the lovely people on the next plot are using ours temporarily, but it isn't the same!!!
but those trenches are just perfect! you shall have splendid spuds from them!


Charlie P said...

Don't WW count gardening as one of the best forms of exercise?
Love the little tooth pillow, it's a great idea and am most intrigued about the "Ladybird Club".

French Knots said...

I'm on the waiting list for a plot, seems to be taking forever to get one!
Hope you had a nice Radox soak to ease your aches.

Angela said...

Hannah's tooth fairy bag is lovely, and I am sure it will help to make her feel beeter.
Wonderful digging it will be worth it when those potatoes are on your plate.
Looking forward to hearing about the Ladybird Club.

hilde said...

you brave girl, not being too tired to blog when having done all that work!
Love the picture of Fred too!

Lucy @ attic24 said...

oooo very exciting, I am missing my allotment (I have moved house so had to sadly leave it behind), can well remember last years excitement of getting spuds in the soil.
Love your blog, I am gutted I only just "discovered" you and am too late for the mini quilt swap as I would have loved to do that, you a re a great organiser!