Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mini-quilt Partners and other Sewing-y things

The Mini-Quilt Swap Partners are:

lucy and leanne
trashy and kitty
lesley and kajsa
monda and jodie
dottydesigns and sarah
gina and katy
anne and susie sews
dottycookie and rachel
she quilts and hikebikekayak
stephanie and fran
wmk and annie
sew to bed and lissa
charlie and nicky
kylie and michaela
quilt dude and kitschy
annieb and marie

I hope this suits everyone - I can't wait to see what you all produce for each other!

I will be sending the questionnaires you have completed out to your partners on Wednesday so can anyone who hasn't returned theirs yet get it to me as soon as possible.

Once you have your partner's details please send them an email to say hello. You might also want to see if they have any particularly "mini-quilt requests"!!!

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I really wanted you all to make me a mini-quilt so I could have a whole wall full of them - very greedy I know!

I had already to do a direct swap with Lina but then this morning (in a mad moment) I decided to contact my "Ballarat-Bloggy-Buddies" Jodie, Lissa, Annie and Rachel (accidentally making Lissa move home in the process - I thought they all lived there!) and have arranged to do direct swaps with each of them too. The deadline is much looser than with the general swap but it will be fun to see what different quilts get made.

So if anyone else would like to do a direct swap with me (so I get my really big wall full of mini-quilts) then feel free to send me an email (as long as you don't mind giving me a bit of time to get yours made and can cope with the fact that I am not a very skilled quilty person!!!)

My other sewing news is that the Little Lockets and I have been having fun this holiday with Lynette's free Noah's Ark block of the month stitcheries . I enlarged the design by 141% for Dorothy and by 200% for Daisy and Fred whilst I am stitching it at the original teeny tiny size.

I even got them winding my threads for me - love this technique to stop it tangling!

This is how we are doing so far:




and mine

They are really excited about choosing their fabrics to add the borders. It is a really good sized project for them - big enough to keep them interested and small enough to be manageable. Thanks Lynette we are going to have lots of fun!

Lucy x

P.S. Thought you might like to know that this is my 149th post..................................


Marie said...

Oooooooo 149th post. Can I smell a giveaway in the air? ;)

I totally missed by 150th post so decided to postpone a giveaway until my blog anniversary. Assuming I can make something in time for then!

Off to check out my swap partner's blog to see what gorgeousness I have to live up to! LOL.


Kitty said...

Woohoo I get Trashy!

Well done on more top class facilitating Mrs L-P - both for the swap, and for the little Lockets :-D


quiltdude said...

Look at your little lockets sewing, that is so fantastic, you must be really proud of them.
Well done on sorting out the swap partners so quickly, you are a star.
Off to check out my partners blog now........

Stephanie Pettengell said...

I thought I might just wait until tomorrow to say thanks for arranging the quilt swap and I could do another one for you. 150 posts, what a milestone. I don't know if I will ever get that many, I am not a good blogger.
It's lovely to see the little Lockets joining in.

Simone said...

The embroideries look fab! I especially like the colours chosen in the top picture. I would love to a swap with you one day but need to brush up on my sewing techniques first!

dottycookie said...

So excited about the swap! And well done on 149 posts ...

Kaz said...

Those projects look great. It must be fun all sewing together.

I'd like to do a swap with you, but I have never done anything like this so will spare you a crappy one that you feel obliged to hang!!

Gonna keep my eyes peeled for number 150 ;)

Kitsch n Zinc said...

Partners already - wow you're on the ball Ms Locket!

Your little Lockets stitcheries are just fab I'm most impressed - well done kids :o)

dottydesigns said...

Love the sewing everyone in your house has been doing, they really are lovely. Please can I do a quilt swap with you? hope it's a yes. X

trashalou said...

Hey Whiplash! I grew up in Ballarat, does this make me a 'Ballarat Blogging Buddy' by default?

katelnorth said...

direct swap - yes please - especially with extra time! Same guidelines as your mini quilt swap? Let me know, I'd love to swap - not at all bothered about your quilting style or skills, I just want to trade :)

cmoon said...

Glad you decided to go ahead with another swap.You work so fast I blinked and missed the start! but seeing your little ones sewing the Noah's Ark animals has inspired me to do the same.

Annie said...

You're on the ball Lucy!

French Knots said...

Goodness I missed the quilt swap!You are a gluton for punishment - well done for all the organising.
Love the little locket pictures, what a great idea to enlarge them.

Leanne said...

Ohh my goodness what pressure I have making something for you, however I am really happy that I get an original Locket creation for MY wall.
What talented children you have I could never get Lucas to sit longer than 1 minute to do any thing like that.

SewToBed said...

Partners all sorted already - you really do work quick.

I've checked out my swappers blog -and Oh My does she look like she knows how to quilt!!

If you don't mind my dodgy sewing I'm happy to do a direct swap with you too.

Looking forward to entry number 150.

Lissa Jane said...

I am giggling here...

nope no where NEAR Ballarat, well ok, same continent, different state and about 12 hours drive, maybe a little more! I wish I lived there only to meet up with my bloggy buddy Jodster!

Can't wait, already have yours nearly done, and will get busy once I check out what my swap partner is 'into'..

thanks for organising this and I can't wait to see what I get..

Charlie P said...

Whoa, you're quick and organised! I'm now TERRIFIED as my partner seems to be a quilter extraordinaire and I just use iron-on applique to hide my lack of skill :) It's still exciting though!

p.s. I love how you're creating a crafty army of little lockets :)they all have really impressive sewing skills.

Katy said...

flipping heck - sorry Gina, you've got me!!! I'm off to feel incredibly unworthy and shake in the corner, hoping for a miracle of inspiration and skill to come upon me (unlikely, I know, I know)

JOinTAS said...

Look what happens when I go offline for a couple of days, missed out on a fun swap so I'd be more than happy to do a direct swap with you Lucy. Let me know the details!

Rachelmp said...

Thanks again Lucy! Lots of offers to swap with you too. The little Lockets are doing a great job x Rachel

Alison Boon said...

Does that mean there will be a surprise soon. Darn it I missed the swap, Probably just as well seeing as I can't really sew.

Jodie said...

Gulp !!! have you seen who i am swapping with - she is like a total professional- I have just read about and hour and ahlf of her blog.....I better get practising!
I wish Lissa lived in ballarat too!

Gina said...

What beautiful stitching from all the little Lockets (and Mummy Locket of course!)Thank you for organising another fabulous swap... I'm very excited! Might take you up on that one to one swap if you're not quite so worried about the deadline!
Gina x

eileensattic said...

Hi Lucy, I am so happy you are continuing the swap stuff, even though I am not participating. i think it is so much funt o watch though. Hope it goes smooth.

Ok.. part two of this comment.

I'm tagging you. (Yikes! Scary!)Check my blog for the rules. And if you have recently been tagged, sorry!.. but I don't know very many people yet in blogland, and this is my first time to play!

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh! Look at all the little Lockets sewing -- how fantastic! What a good Mummy you are Lucy. And how on earth are you going to get all those little mini quilts done??? You're a busy, busy girl Ms. Lucy and we love watching it!!!

Lesley said...

Just look at you - I go away for a couple of days and what happens - two posts, both full of loveliness!!
Rather excited about my lovely swap partner :)

I can't believe just how many tiny quilts you are going to have to make, you mad woman!!!

Gorgeous photos of industrious mini Lockets and they have done such a fantastic job on their stitcheries!!

Well done on arranging another fantastic swap Locket - you are a star!!


Lynette Anderson said...

Hello Little Lockets, I am very excited to see you all working on my Ark design, you are doing a wonderful job, such neat stitching. Keep up the great work.

Juliann in WA said...

Look at all that lovely stitching the little lockets are doing. What a great mum you are!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great to see your children stitching - what a terrific job they are doing. Great idea to vary the size according to their ability!

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Lucy,

Happy 149th post!

Have you considered appearing in the next series of The Apprentice?? I think Sir A could really use your in his boardroom, with you fabulous organisational skills!

.... and you could take the little L's with you as they don't seem too far behind ....

In answer to your question, my tablet is like an electronic sketch pad type thingy. I don't know how to do links in comments but if you google wacom tablet you'll be able to see loads. If you want to. (Although mine's not actually a wacom.) (But really that's beside the point and not worth mentioning.) (Ahem.)



Hi Lucy, so manycomments! hope you see this one! Takr a look on my blog - you've won a PIF if you will kindly email me your address I can send you your goodies!
x Vicky x

hannah said...

another swap i have missed, and i love miniquilts! never mind though, i am really too busy right now or would be if this baby would come out! you have such great ideas for swaps, and I love your famliy stitcherys!

nicolette said...

You did a great job organizing this swap Lucy! Good luck and I hope to see lots of wonderful mini quilts on the participants’ blogs!

Rachael Rabbit said...

I'm sad to have missed out on such a wonderful swap idea!