Sunday, 6 April 2008

Mini-quilt Swap - LIST NOW CLOSED

(Janet Bolton mini-quilt made by me from My Grandmother's Patchwork Quilt)

Encouraged by all your lovely comments about my swap-organising abilities I have decided to go ahead and organise Swap No. 3 (I know, I must be mad!!)

A Mini-Quilt Swap

The inspiration for this swap comes from Wee Wonderful's stunning "quilt wall" that she created for her baby's nursery. Ideally I'd like you all to make a mini-quilt just for me but that sort of defeats the object of a blog-swap doesn't it???

(I have included some photos of examples of mini-quilts to inspire you!)

(image borrowed with permission from Kajsa at Syko)

The rules for this one are as follows

1. To make a mini-quilt that
  • measures no less than 7 inch x 5 inch and no more than 14 inch x 12 inch
  • Is fully bound
  • Has loops or a sleeve for easy hanging
  • Is labelled with your name, the recipient's name, the date and "Lucy Locket's Mini-Quilt Swap 2008"
(image borrowed with permission from Rachel at Four Wise Monkeys)

Your quilt can incorporate any form of textile art - applique, stitchery, patchwork, needle-turn applique, embellishment - anything you like, but please take into account your swap partner's colour preferences when you design your gift.

(Janet Bolton's lighthouse design made by me for a friend's birthday)

2. You should also include
  • a card/letter for your partner (this does not need to be handmade)
  • some craft supplies either bought or from your stash but not worth more than £2/$4 (some buttons, ribbons or thread etc)
  • but NO CHOCOLATE or SWEETS (to keep the Customs Officers happy!)

3. The parcel MUST BE POSTED ON OR BEFORE SATURDAY 24TH MAY 2008 (unless a serious reason arises to prevent you from posting within this deadline in which case you MUST contact both me and your swap partner immediately)

4. please take a photograph of what you are sending

(mini quilt by Moogsmum - and now owned by ME!!!!)

5. Obtain proof of postage from your Post Office when you post your parcel
(image borrowed with permission from Monda Loves)

6. then email me and your partner when you have posted your gift

4. You MUST email your partner as soon as you receive your gift to thank them

(image borrowed with permission from Kajsa at Syko)

5. You should then Blog about what you have received as soon as possible to publicly thank your partner (unless you do not have a blog - in which case please send me a photo straight away so I can blog it for you)

(image borrowed with permission from Monda Loves)

I am going to close the list when I feel I have a manageable number and reserve the right to choose who can take part.

Please do not sign up to this swap unless you are sure you can fulfill all the requirements. I don't want to seem too harsh but it is such a shame when these things don't go right and people are disappointed and it makes organising it a complete nightmare when participants don't follow the rules.

Also, my job as swap organiser stops at the point of gathering names, arranging partners and keeping track of who has received what - the responsibility of what you send and when you send it rests with you.

Crumbs, that sounds really strict - I don't mean it to - I just want to make sure it runs smoothly so EVERYONE is happy!

Hope I haven't put you all off

Lucy xx


trashalou said...

Ooooer Missus Locket! You were surely a boarding school headmistress in a previous life!

Well, you know what they say, first in best dressed. Count me in Missus, I shall figure out something!

monda-loves said...

crikey blimey - I'm going to seriously have to learn how to do proper edging and not just do my usual 'on the fly' style. Well count me in because this way I'll learn and I'll get something nice in return too.


Lesley said...

Me me - pick me!!!!!

I'm in....

....if you hadn't already guessed!

1. I can't believe you posted that thing I made as a mini quilt!!

2. can't believe how good it looks on your blog - I'm fab me, aren't I?!!

Going then......

Don't want to hold up the rush of eager swapsters....


MM1M xxxx

dottydesigns said...

Hi Lucy I would love to take part and I promise to adhere to all the rules. I am a good girl! x Thank you

Kitty said...

*Kitty wanders in, with a face as long as a wet weekend, and hands Mrs L-P a note ....*

Dear Mrs L-P

I'm really piffed off to have to give this swappage a miss :-( Life is doing a 'life happens' thing, which means, sadly, I cannot commit to being able to do the deed.

However, I shall look forward to viewing all the other swappings, and please can I throw my car keys in the bowl for the next swap you do? ;-)

Ta muchly

Kitty xxx

quinn said...

Such lovely examples! I wish wish wish I could join this swap, but I've just begun a second job and haven't even been able to knit for nearly two weeks :(
I will be good and *not* sign up and risk disappointing...
maybe next time?

syko kajsa said...

What the heck! Count me in! I can't resist! I promise to behave!

monda- I think on the fly style is great for edging!

Gina said...

Gosh... you sound so strict and scary! But I know you are lovely really so count me in too! (I've never made a quilt in my life and having a clue about edging!!!)
Gina xx

anne bebbington said...

Yes please Mrs Locket - I'd love to do this one too :o) Anne at Quiltingbebbs

Anonymous said...

Me too, please! :)

dottycookie said...

Hello Mrs Locket! I'm in if you'll have me though heaven knows what it'll turn out like!

marit said...

This one is tempting...but there are unfortunately several reasons for not signing up:-(
1: I've never done a quilt.
2: My sewingmachine went to pieces 4 (yes- FOUR) years ago, and has still not been replaced!!!(I blame it on Hubby...and his "need" for screwdrivers or powertools or tractors or...)
3: DS2's confirmation is in May- which involves a fair amount of tidying, cleaning, baking- all stuff that would happily have been replaced with quiltmaking!!!

I will follow the swap/ quiltmaking with an eager eye!

Rachelmp said...

Yes please Lucy - count me in!

Leanne said...

Count me in and the bit about the no chocolates made me laugh .... that is not to make the customs men happy. That bit is for US who are desperately trying to loose weight don't have to give the thing we love the most to our children RIGHT.

Stephanie Pettengell said...

Goodness, now this one I will really look forward to if you will let me play. I love making quilts large and small. Shame about the chocolate.

Working Mom Knits said...

*placing left hand on bible and holding up right hand to state plegde*

"On my honor I do solemnly swear to adhere to the rules as stated."

ps: Sign me up please

Anonymous said...

Please can I join in....I promise to uphold the law of swappage and be a good girl! (and send in my blogless photos much more quickerlee next time, Miss!) Fran

SewToBed said...

Can I join? I've just got into quiltmaking so would love to design a little one.

Kylie said...

Oh please please let me play in this one Lucy - I hope I was good enough last time - LOL

hikebikekayak said...

I'm new to your blog, but via Moogsmom, heard about this swap. I'd like to join in, too! My due date is May 24th and i'm on bedrest until then - this will be a great project to work by hand while stuck on the couch! And it will give me ensentive to get it done early, just in case.

Katy said...

Go on then, you twisted my arm!!!

I pity the poor person that gets me...but I do need to learn this quilting lark (and I promise to practise and try really really hard!)

Sarahs Home said...

Crumbs.... Yes count me in, I would love to join in. I promise promise promise to stick t the rules promise..
Pick me pick me!!!!

Sarah x

quiltdude said...

Hi I'm also a newish visitor and would love to join in the swap and promise to stick to the rules :)

Suzie Sews said...

You must be mad, but Ipleased you are... am in!!!
SUzie Sews

Kitsch n Zinc said...

Awe I'd really love to join in, the last two swaps have been fantastic but I think a quilt is a bit beyond me having never made one *sigh*

I don't think you're being strict either - your game and your rules - only fair if people play nicely.

Kitschy x

Michaela said...

When you said 'mini quilt', I thought you meant single bed rather than double bed size! I can't quilt. I'm not good at sewing, but go on then, you've tempted me. Count me in... (but no chocolate? Really? Not even a bag of chocolate buttons?) And what's all this scary stuff about different edgings?

Brownies honour - I promise that I will do my best!

AnnieB said...

Dear Mrs Locket...I would like to try...if you'll have me that is

you are a swap organising goddess, you know that don't you?

Jodie said...

Ahh Miss locket, you know how to twist a girls arm..... I'm in .

Marie said...

Oh no! I posted a comment but it's not there so it looks like I've missed the sign up.

Bummer :(


hilde said...

I would love to say: count me in! Because I would love to receive a mini-quilt!! But unfortunately I've never ever made a quilt before, so I don't want to ruin the swap by making a total disaster for someone, and so I don't sign in this time...
And secondly, I have so many things to do the next few weeks, I shouldn't take too much...
Oh yes, and the list is closed now ;)
But nevertheless I think you are a great swap-organiser!!!

Charlie P said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I saw the list first thing this morning (fabtastic swap idea by the way) and thought I'd have a walk to the craft shop for inspiration before taking the plunge. I found the most amazing fabric and decided I definitely had to go for it and now it's closed :( I'm off to sulk in a corner now...let that be a lesson to everybody- seize the day...or in this case seize the minute.

saraeden said...

Oh no ive missed it too !!! I have been busy doing work instead of reading blogs ... well that will teach me !!

Sara x

Jackie said...

I echo Charlie P...NOOOOOOOOOOO! I just logged on this AM and saw that it was closed!! BooHoo! If you reconsider, please count me in I would love to join!!

Kae said...

*Comes out of hiding* List is closed... phew! Lol. Dear Mrs Locket, I love love love your swaps :) But this one is way beyond my sewing abilities. I wouldn't have wanted to subject anyone to some hideously sewn 'thingy' of mine lol. Shall keep an eye on all the loveliness that you talented people come up with :) ...And wait patiently (yeah right...) for your next swap :)


Thimbleanna said...

Wow! That was FAST!!! I hope you all have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see all the swappy goodness!

KicsiKató said...

Oooooh, is it really closed? I'd like to join, pleaaase... If not, maybe next time I'll be more quicker:))

Marie said...

Hi Lucy

Just to say I've emailed you about the swap.


Simone said...

That must have been the quickest sign up for a swap EVER!!!!!

Carin said...

I can't wait to see what everyone posts!!

PhatSheep Textiles said...

Aww what a shame I missed the sign up deadline:( I'm really looking forward to seeing everybodies creations, what a lovely swap theme, and hope I'm in time for the next swap!

twiggypeasticks said...

Oh have fun everyone, I would have loved to have joined in, but I'm too chicken. so will enjoy looking at your lovely finished quilts instead.
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

Lucy LocketPocket:

This mini-quilt swap idea is so nice! I must admit I am afraid of my sewing machine and have kept looking at it for many years but this idea of you is ab-so-lu-te-ly charming and tickles me, yes... it's really a teaser (hope my spelling is right!) for one's creativity. ;)


fede said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fede said...

am I too late?? looks like it!! boo hoo....if you have an extra openning I've love to be in it :)

muffin said...

I don't understand what's going on. What's happening? How do you take part? And what is a fly stitch edging?